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Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Kitchen Pantry Must Haves For Soup

Here in Pennsylvania we got the news of 6 more weeks of winter. It’s time to stock up on soups!  These are some of the best soup kitchen pantry must haves!

So that *&^%$#@! groundhog apparently saw its shadow which means it’s another weeks of winter here in the ‘Burgh. Now full disclosure I have zero actual faith in the accuracy of a rodent determining the weather here for the next 6 weeks. If that were the case why even have weather people right? Or more so,  why have weather channels or applications? But for whatever reason, it’s a big deal.  It’s cool; it’s another excuse to party…in the cold…in the winter…in a really small town.


That being said I’d say the ONLY good thing about another 6 weeks of winter means more soup. Oh sure I make soup all year round but in the winter I make it at least 2-3 times a week. Heck last week I made 24 quarts of soup for us…and it all went! Soup is comforting, homey and just relaxing.

Do you have a favorite soup?

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Thanksgiving Gobbler Pizza and the Chunky Shrimp Burgers with Avocado Aioli sauce!

Happy Sunday and happy almost Thanksgiving TKW Family! So are you ready for turkey day? Have your menu planned?  Yeah, me neither! For those of you that are ready, want to come help me? So here’s the thing, even though Thanksgiving is only Mr. Fantabulous and I, I still go all out. Now granted I make things on a much smaller scale but regardless I still make a good bit of food. But I’m at least one up this time of year as I have my turkey already. Which reminds me I need to put it in the fridge to thaw and then brine it for 24 hours. Do you brine your turkey? OMG if not, you really should do it. The flavor is INCREDIBLE!

But that’s about all I have for Thanksgiving. I still haven’t made my cranberry relish. I haven’t made the rolls yet (seriously make THESE!). Heck, I don’t even have the bread for the stuffing or the potatoes!  I did, however, go to Walmart Saturday morning at 8am and OMG the place was a zoo! I mean you would have thought they were giving stuff away! I did get some stuff (like the cream cheese for his cheesecake and mushrooms for the green bean casserole stuffed mushrooms but that’s it. Please tell me I’m not the only one so far behind.

So today I have a TON of work to get done. Yesterday we had friends over which meant all of the TKW work I would get done on Saturday has to get done today leaving me only to worry about this post and the upcoming posts for the week, today. But today I have to try to cram and get everything done in one day. Oh yeah, and get to bed early as I have to head into the office tomorrow which means I’m up at 4am. Ugh… why can’t I be Oprah rich instead of so damn sexy? LOL

Which do you think is better, turkey on Thanksgiving or leftover turkey?

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Whiskey Pulled Pork Shepherd’s Pie with Cheddar Biscuit Crust and the Thick ‘n Creamy Loaded Potato Soup!

Happy Sunday TKW Family! WOW, can you believe that Halloween is next week? I honestly forgot about Halloween. I mean I go shopping a few times a week and see the decorations (hell, they’ve been out since July) but for some reason I thought it was weeks away. It wasn’t until I was on Facebook and I started see posts from parties or parades did I put two and two together. Old age I guess. When you were little, did you have a favorite Halloween costume? I mean we’re talking as soon as you got it from the store you wore it weeks before Halloween, maybe slept in it and then a few more weeks afterwards til your parents begged you to take it off? I did. It was Barbie and it was beautiful.

I begged my Mom to pretty, pretty please buy me this Barbie costume for our 4th grade Halloween parade (hey this was a big deal!) and then to go trick or treating in. Now this costume was, by today’s standards, pretty lame. It had a blue silk skirt, a red sash and white button down shirt, a tiara that had daggers on the end of it to make it stick into your skull and a plastic mask of her face. Now let me talk about this mask for a second. It was hard plastic that went over your face and the only thing that held it on were these white stretchy thin bands that always, ALWAYS got stuck in your hair and pulled out every friggen baby hair you had when you tried to get it off. The eye holes NEVER lined up and the mouth had a hole the size of a straw. This mask made me look like a homeless beauty queen that had been stuck in the gutter for years, makeup all smeared, bright red lips and blue eye-shadowed eye lids.

…and I loved it!

Since I was chubby the skirt was snug and that white shirt was a no go but I still wore that costume with pride. I wore it everyday, around the house, to the store and even to bed. That costume made me feel like a Princess. When I go to the stores now and I see little kids wearing their Spiderman costumes or Princess Jasmine ensembles I can’t help but smile and remember my plastic-faced Barbie costume.

Do you sneak your kid’s Halloween candy?

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Thick ‘n Creamy Loaded Potato Soup and the Mexican Baked Beef Short Rib Soft Tacos!

Happy proper Sunday TKW Family! I’m just drained – physically, emotionally and whatever else “ally” word there is. So much has happened this past week, heck these past few weeks that I don’t even know where to begin. So as you recall we flew in super late last Sunday and Monday I ended up rushing Mr. Fantabulous to the ER as he became gravely ill. That ER doc was a complete joke and could have killed my husband.  Thank God when I called the Infectious Disease doctor’s office in the morning the nurse told me to immediately rush him to another ER. I drove mock-speed to the that ER and he was admitted immediately. He had lost a good portion of his vision, he would break out into critically high fevers/sweats and then immediately start to shiver. His cognitive functions were extremely slow, his eyes were painful to the touch. His chest would seize upon any movement and he couldn’t take but a few steps without being completely winded. While not all of the cultures are back (this will take weeks to grow) the doctors are leaning towards it being Coccidioidomycosis or Valley Fever. He contracted it while we were in Arizona. It’s a fungal infection in the lungs that can, if not treated immediately, be deadly.  Since we weren’t in the dessert or hiking, most likely they feel it was contracted by the construction that was taking place on site where we stayed.

He stayed in the hospital all week and I was finally allowed to bring him home on Friday night but with several restrictions – no exertion, short distances, breathing treatments, high antibiotics, and a few other items for the next 4 weeks. Thankfully his vision has started to return and his headaches have seemed to subside though he still gets the fevers/chills and winded. Since Monday is a holiday, I’ll have to wait until Tuesday to call all of his doctors to schedule follow-up appointments. So needless to say I didn’t sleep more than maybe 2 hours in 4 days.  However Friday night, once I knew he was in his REM sleep, sleeping like a baby, I finally slept. I’m still not fully with it (i.e, I’m having dreams about Charlie Sheen. WTH?)


So yeah, this past week has been hell. But I did get some good news, my shoulder surgeon did release me to go back to work (limited duties and restricted driving). I have to have an EMG test though to see why I have weakness in my right arm/hand – like I can’t even pop bubble wrap with that hand. I’ve heard that that test is not pleasant and kind of hurts a tad but if I must, I must.

God, when in the hell did we get….old?
There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed!

TKW’s Favorite Winter Comfort Foods

As a kid I absolutely loved winter.  It meant a long Christmas break from school, Santa visited and tons of snow days. It meant hot chocolate after a long hard day of playing in the snow, red runny noses, snowball fights and Mom’s comfort foods.

As an adult.. yeah, I hate winter.  Well okay hate is a bit harsh.  I like the ‘thought’ of winter and the pretty snow…on tv. Now, being in my 40’s the winter means achy bones, the WORST drivers in the world on the road, bitter cold temperatures that seriously make you question your location – “Do I still live in Pittsburgh or did I get relocated to the Arctic Tundra overnight?”, road salt stains on the bottom of every single pair of pants you own and comfort food. Okay fine, there is a silver – an oh-so-delicious-silver lining from winter… COMFORT FOODS!  I don’t care how bad my commute home was, how many idiot drivers I encounter on the roads or the fact that I did some incredible ballerina-like move on the ice while walking… in front of all of downtown Pittsburgh.  Knowing I’m coming home to one of my favorite winter comfort foods… WORTH IT!

winter comfort foods

Now if you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where you don’t feel the wintery wrath of Mother Nature well… can I move in? *bats baby blues*  I’ve become one of those folks.  I’m not a weather complainer per se, but let’s just say I want sun, warmth and no more -15F days.  However comfort foods shouldn’t be reserved for bitter cold days.  Heck if that were the case folks in say Arizona may never eat these types of foods and that’s just a crime.  You NEED these recipes in your life… and in your tummy!
Come get comfortable with me!

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