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Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Baking Essentials This Holiday Season

If you’re a holiday baker, you’re going to stock up your pantry with some of these holiday baking essentials!Baking Essentials This Holiday Season!

So let’s be real here for a minute – when it comes to holiday baking, how many of you make extra just for you? Or better yet, what’s your stance on eating cookie dough? Is it a “nope” or a “um DUH!”? I’m all about the cookie dough. Here’s a little tidbit about yours truly – I actually prefer raw cookie dough than a baked cookie. Thing is, I prefer to taste the batter as if the batter rocks, then baked it’ll be mind-blowing.

Now this list is just a small subset of baking essentials. If I didn’t stop, this post would be pages long and I don’t have time to do that and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go through pages of stuff. So instead, what I’ve done is go in and updated my Amazon Influencer Store with all of the items I recommend.

Do you have a favorite holiday cookie or baked good?

Right now all I want is cookies and milk!

Soft and Tender Pumpkin Spice Lofthouse Cookies

Happy Pumpkin Everything season people. Yep you guessed it, it’s the first day of Fall. Man this summer flew by. Thankfully this summer in the ‘burgh wasn’t too bad weather-wise. We didn’t have too bad of a rainy summer though it was hotter/more humid than the norm. Global warming? Perhaps. “Lor you’re just getting old.” Most definitely. LOL

So did you do anything fun this summer? This was the first summer in a long time we didn’t; not even a vacation. This house remodel has taken every single spare minute of our life. All I know is that in our next house, where ever that may be I’m not remodeling/painting/stripping/installing/plastering/grouting/anything-that-involves-me-going-to-HomeDepot ever again in my life! HELL TO THE NO! LOL I know way more about home remodeling than any woman (yes I just pulled the girl card) ever should. And the worse part, we are nowhere near done. UGH… Wanna come help install hardwood flooring? I’ll feed you!


And since it’s pumpkin everything season I’ll be sure to make you a batch of these Soft and Tender Pumpkin Spice Lofthouse Cookies! Seriously this “type” of cookie is one of my favorites! It’s so soft and tender that they practically melt in your mouth. And OMG the pumpkiny-flavor is soooooo good!
These cookies are going to be your new Fall Favorite!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – TKW’s Holiday Foodie Gift Guide: The Baking Ingredient Essentials

Oh how I love shopping for Foodies! Happy Tuesday TKW Family! On this week’s edition of Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer, I’m going to be sharing with you what I deem the baking ingredient essentials every foodie needs. Today we’re focusing on the essential ingredients to make their holiday baking a breeze and DELICIOUS. So while you’re making out that list for your favorite foodie, let TKW’s Holiday Foodie Gift Guide: The Cooking Essentials help you out and stop you from racking your brain on what to get them.


So far I’ve already shared with you my Holiday Cooking Essentials and my Holiday Baking Essentials which, if you’re shopping for a foodie, you’re welcome *wink*  Often I get asked “TKW, what do YOU use?  What ingredients do you love and what is really the best stuff out there?”  Well here ya go!  I’ve put together a Top 10 list of baking ingredients must halves!

Let’s start baking!

Best Ever Chocolate Lofthouse Cookies

So like 3 years ago (man has it really been that long??) I posted my all time FAVORITE sugar cookie recipe – the Lofthouse one. This is that cookie that you see in every grocery store all covered with frosting and sprinkles.  The flavor remains the same – vanilla base with a vanilla frosting and only the sprinkles change per the season. And if there is one thing you may or may not know about me is that I LOVE sprinkles.  Wait no, I’m from Pittsburgh and we call them Jimmies.

Popular legend has it that the Just Born candy company in Bethlehem, PA began producing sprinkles in the 1930s and, since a gentleman named Jimmy ran the sprinkles machine, the product was naturally nicknamed after its maker.  Some people maintain that sprinkles are multicolored and jimmies specifically refer to the chocolate variety. I guess I’m more of the latter. Rainbow ones are sprinkles and the chocolate ones are Jimmies.

Chocolate Lofthouse3

Anyway I had always wanted to make a chocolate variety of these and had tried a few times but was unsuccessful.  See it’s not a simple add cocoa to the recipe and voila! No doesn’t quite work that way.  Lofthouse cookies have a very specific texture to them.  They are cake-like and tender but not cake-ish at all.  They are totally a cookie but more of a pseudo hybrid texture.  These are the cookies that seduce you with like a 1/2″ layer of frosting, a bajillion and 1 sprinkles on top and dear God that melt-in-your-mouth texture when you sink your teeth into them.

Go pour yourself some milk, I’ll share!

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