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Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Sheet Pan Savory Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin with Hasselback Potatoes and Stuffed Mushrooms and the Swirled Orange Cheesecake Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake!

Happy Sunday TKW Family!  How was your Thanksgiving? Did you survive Black Friday shopping? Our Thanksgiving was really nice; just the two of us, in our pajamas eating like royalty. I did have a minor issue in the kitchen when a 20 pound butcher block board fell smack across the top of my foot rendering me with a hobble for a few days. But eh, the holidays must go on, right? My foot hurts but it’s odd as it hasn’t really turned black ‘n blue where, if you know me, I turn bruise if the wind blows too hard. But I’m a tough ol’ bird I suppose.

As for Black Friday shopping, there is not enough money to get my butt out at the butt crack o’ dawn to stand in line hundreds deep in hopes of getting one of the 4 ridiculously priced items in the store. No thank you. I was perfectly content shopping from the comfort of my bed sipping hot cocoa while the Hallmark channel was on and I was nice and cozy. I’m not one that likes huge crowds of people and let’s face it, people are just flat out rude and mean in those lines. I mean Black Friday is black not for the sales but for the hate and rage it brings out in people. Sorry but I don’t roll like that. I’m not a mean person and I certainly don’t have rage. But some y’all out there that get that way shopping, you need to chill out and apologize for being jerks to those that are genuine and kind that remain classy while shopping. No tv or toy is worth being a butthead.

As for us we did partake in some sales on Black Friday. I bought another Instant Pot but the 8qrt one. OMG did you see the judicious price Amazon had it for?  $81! People that’s INSANE! I bought that one and will give Mama Fantabulous my 6-quart one as she said “I know that one works as I see the foods you create in it!” lol We also picked up 3 office chairs, 3 new desks and 3 floor pads for under our chairs.

Do you make freezer meals with your leftovers?

Pittsburgh Style Grilled Cheese n’at

Being from the ‘Burgh (that’s Pittsburgh for all of you non-‘burgers), we have our own way of life here.  We bleed Black ‘n Gold, Sundays are for God and the Steelers, we worship our Penguins, love our Pirates, LOVE PNC Park, Heinz Ketchup is a way of life and we put fries on almost everything.  And just like every city, we have our own colloquialisms when it comes to communicating.  I could go on and on and on about our Pittsburghese dialect but probably the phrase “N’at” is one of the most common ones (well okay, next to ‘Yunz’). I recommend checking out Pittsburghese Glossary.

N’at is pretty much defined as “in other words”.  Here we would say “Yunz going dahnthan n’at?”  If you said that to any Pittsburgher they would know exactly what you said.

Well another thing that is iconic to Pittsburgh is Primanti Bros. who put themselves on the map for their simplistic, but delicious creations of taking 2 thick cut pieces of bread, your choice of meat (with optional fried egg), cheese, vinegary slaw, tomato slices, fresh cut fries and calling it a sandwich.  This sandwich I swear tasted the best at 2am, after the bars closed and you were with your friends ‘dahnthan’. It was just magical.

Sadly, even though I still live in the Pittsburgh it’s a hike for me to get to that original store in the Strip so I needed to come up with my own version when that craving struck.  It took me quite a while actually to perfect my version of it.  The breads, meats, egg, fries, so forth were simple.  It was that slaw that threw me for a loop.  See most people, when they think of slaw think of a creamy mayo based one (kind of like KFC which I LOVE which is odd considering I despise mayo!).  But here that wouldn’t work on this sammich as it would make the bread soggy as well as the fries and that is just horrible!  Kind of like if you grew up poor your family couldn’t afford real hamburger buns and you had to eat that greasy hamburger between 2 slices of white bread that inevitably fell apart because the grease and ketchup ate through it! LOL

FINALLY the other day I felt that I finally perfected the Pittsburgh Slaw thus the sammich.  And what perfect timing!  I mean it’s National Grilled Cheese month so I had to put a spin on this dish and turn it into a grilled cheese adaption!  Brilliant, right?!

This was so just.. perfect!  If you’re from Pittsburgh or have had one of those famous sammiches you are going to FALL IN LOVE with this!  Whether you an hour from the ‘Burgh or 4,000 miles this will Bring You Home!

This sammich is Pittsburgh!


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Valentine’s Dinner Combos for your Sweetheart!


With today being Valentine’s day, instead of going the typical roses, box of chocolates and jewelry route why not skip that and make your sweetheart a scrumptious dinner AND do all the clean up!

… Wait, did I just say SKIP JEWELRY??? OUT LOUD???  Oh no no no.  *DISCLAIMER… this does NOT apply to Mr. Fantabulous.  Remember Read the rest of this entry »

Most awesomest Fajitas… EVER!


Make this for dinner

Really… MAKE THIS!

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Better than restaurant quality New York Strip Steaks…

So as you all know there is this on-going bbq battle in my house – going on what 3, maybe 4 years now.  I’ve finally given up on getting a new one.. for now.  While it’s a nice-to-have-a-new-one it’s not a necessity for me.  Almost everything you make on a bbq, I can make either on the indoor grill (word to the wise, make sure you have a great exhaust fan) or oven.  From my baked corn and baked sweet potato to baked russets I’ve got a good grip on making it just as fabulous, if not more, indoors.  Well the one thing that always besieged me was steaks.  Oh how I truly love a fat juicy steak (with ketchup…  yes with ketchup!  SHUT IT, don’t judge!  I like ketchup!) sadly the steak doesn’t like me. My stomach says “OH HELL NO!”… that’s all I’m gonna say ’bout that.

So juicy. So tender. So AMAZING! Go get your forks for this!

Now Mr. Fantabulous loves his steak!  He’s a true carnivore.  Now I always thought an amazing steak could only be had via a grill of sorts.  I tried in the past, numerous times, trying to make it indoors but it never EVER worked out. It was either tough as shoe leather, raw or I would end up smoking us out of the house using the indoor grill.  Okay truth be told, maybe I did make a a bit more smoke than normal (I figured if I kept smoking him out of the house that he’d get the hint and we’d go get a new bbq)… sigh.. he just turned on the big exhaust fan and helped fan out the rooms.  Oh gee.. thanks honey.  Damn it! 🙂

It wasn’t until I was watching Hell’s Kitchen a few ago did I actually pay attention while they were making steaks.  Pan seared then in the oven.  Hmmm… me thinks they were on to something 🙂

Fall in love with steaks in the oven!

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