All-Clad’s Factory Sale – December 6th and 7th 2013

Santa is coming!  Santa is coming!  Santa is coming… er I mean it’s the December All-Clad Factory Sale!!! I get absolutely SO excited about the All-Clad Factory Sale!

By now from on herehere, here, here and here, plus Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest you all know I have a deep love for All-Clad. More importantly I have respect for them and their superior product.

Twice a year All-Clad has what’s called their ‘Seconds Sale’. This is all their stuff that they either have too much of, has been discontinued or deemed irregular. They come fully back with All-Clad’s warranty. Now the whole ‘irregular’ may cause concern but trust me, there is NO CONCERN! There may be a blemish – small scratch, logo off center, something that causes it for the big department stores to not want to sell it. In no way shape or form does it lack in quality or performance.

When: Friday, December 6th and Saturday, December 7th, 2013
Time: Friday is from 9am-7pm | Saturday is from 9am – 4pm
Where: Washington County Fair and Expo Center | 2151 North Main Street | Washington, PA 15301 | Phone: 724-225-7718 | Website:
Directions: if you’re close to Pittsburgh
Things to know:

ο They accept cash and credit card (at least they did the last 14 times I’ve gone).
ο Bring a friend and a bag to carry all of your stuff!
ο There is no better day to go though if really want something, it’s best to go on Friday morning.
ο The past few times people started lining up pretty early (like 6am) but I go later in the afternoon and there is always a boat load of product left.
ο What is so awesome about this sale is that through out the entire 2-day sale, the wonderful folks of All-Clad keep replenishing the products.
ο If you buy more than your vehicle can fit (trust me, you will buy and buy and buy!) in the past they have offered UPS shipping.
ο The sale is in-person only; no online ordering. Take the trip and visit – Pittsburgh is GORGEOUS this time of year and it truly is a site to see!
ο The All-Clad employees that work at this event are SUPER nice and extremely helpful!
ο There are no shopping carts but they have provided heavy boxes that you can either pull around or carry.
ο If this is your first time going, be prepared to be amazed!
ο There will easily be 150k-200k people that will flow through this event.
ο If you’re going and they have their 20 qrt stock pot.. leave it, it’s mine! I NEED it! *wink*

And if they ask how you heard about it, tell them The Kitchen Whisperer sent you.

28 Responses to “All-Clad’s Factory Sale – December 6th and 7th 2013”

  • Tammy says:

    I just subscribed to your news letters… will you be sending one out to remind people of the June sale??

    • TKWAdmin says:

      Hi Tammy!

      Welcome to the TKW Family! Yes as soon as I know when the May/June sale is I’ll write up a post regarding it.

      Best Kitchen Wishes!

  • TKWAdmin says:

    Even today there is a ton of new stuff!

    • Gail says:

      How long did you wait in line today? Due to the weather and a three to four hour road trip each way plus wait time, and a office holiday event this evening, I decided to wait till next June.

      I hope you will pictures of your finds and what items sold for. I look forward to being at the event next June.

      I’m kicking myself for not going yesterday.

      Thanks again for your updates.

      • TKWAdmin says:

        Hi Gail,

        I didn’t wait at all in line. As Christina said, there were actually a couple of rude shoppers that seriously needed an attitude adjustment by way of a shopping cart up their butts! But you’ll have that sadly. The folks at All-Clad were awesome as always and they kept bringing more and more stuff. Plus they kept dropping prices. I only got a few things as honestly there’s really nothing I needed. What I was so excited about was they had their 7qrt slow cooker there with the cast aluminum insert! That is hands down THE BEST crock pot EVER!

        Yes, please be there in June! We can shop together 🙂

        Best Kitchen Wishes!

  • Christina Ball says:

    There was a ton of Copper Core stuff. Actually there was a ton of everything from what I saw & they had a very large room full of stuff to restock. I would say you shouldn’t have a problem finding what you want.

    • gail says:

      Thank You for your valuable information and your time responding back to my question.


  • Christina Ball says:

    Said they were sold out of some things for the day. Remember seeing the Porcelain Baker w/Stainless holder for $49.99. They had tons of the Stainless & Nonstick Griddle pans & Roaster pans. Had some gadgets & utensils. There was some Krups stuff like coffee pots, grinders etc. the Nonstick Digital Crockpot was $119 I think. As far as 70% off stuff they said that goes 1st thing. Someone told us that for years there have been 2 guys that get in line @ 5am & buy everything on that table.

  • Christina Ball says:

    This was my 1st time so not sure about the crowd. There was a lot of people & some were rude. Running into you w/ shopping carts, grabbing stuff in front of you,for the most part everyone was nice & courteous. We got the 10 PC Stainless Set for 399.00 (retail $799.00).The big oblong stainless roaster for 199.99 (retail $600 I think).All purpose steamer w/lid for 34.99 (retail $59.99). 10 PC Nonstick Set for $299.99 (retail $599.99 so 50% off).8qt Copper Core Stock Pot for $149.99, lid was $9.99 (retail $460.00 & 45.00 so 78% & 67% off).2 PC (8 &10 in) B3 Nonstick Fry Pans for $39.99 (retail $ 59.99). 12 qt Multi Cooker w/2 steamer baskets & lid for $99.99 (retail $149.99 so 33% off). They will haul stuff to car for you. Have raffles too.

    • gail says:

      So sorry you had to deal with the rudeness. Sounds like quite a few good buys. Was there still a good selection of copper core pieces? Should I bring my small rolling cart? The All-Clad VIP online sale was postponed due to technical glitches. There were 32 items mostly fry pans saute pans and stock pots. Sounds like you had a successful day.

      Best Wishes

  • Christina Ball says:

    They are up to group 54 now. They have people onstage talking about their experiences @ sales & with the products.

  • Christina Ball says:

    If anyone would like to put their email on here, I will send a picture if the Factory Sale Specials flyer that they passed out.

    • gail says:

      Thank you for the updates. Are there more people than usual at this sale? It is 1:40 PM, hopefully you are now shopping.

  • Christina Ball says:

    I’ve been here about 30 minutes, am in entry group 61 & they are on group 43 & 45 right now.

  • MAP says:

    Does anyone know how long the lines are right now at the fairgrounds (friend on phone or someone with smartphone!)??

  • Christina says:

    The freezing rain has held off. They are saying it will start around 3-4 pm this afternoon and supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow overnight. I’m not sure about the pans or the Online Sale. I am heading to the Fairgrounds in an hour or 2, if I see them I will gladly check prices for you.

  • gail says:

    What are the road conditions today? I had plans to travel today but see there is a chance of freezing rain this AM as reported by the weather channel. My trip is about 3 hrs from Northeast Ohio. So bummed out this AM.
    Lots of planning and research for the pieces I am planning to purchase.

    So I have received a email via All-Clad about the Online VIP sale. Are the deals as good as being at the sale in person???

    I have my eye on a few exclusive Williams Sonoma Copper Core Pieces:
    2.5 Qt Copper Core Grain/Rice Pot
    3 QT Saucier

    I also need a 7QT insert for my D-5 pasta pot.

    My husband did promise to go tomorrow to the sale. Will it be too late to find what I am looking for?

    I am grateful for any information you can provide. Have a wonderful day at the sale.

    • TKWAdmin says:

      Hi Gail,

      The roads here are fine but I’m not attending the sale until Saturday. Christina is right about the rest of the weather however it’s Pittsburgh and our weather is so erratic. Just be safe when driving! I can’t speak to the online sale.

      Attending is part of the experience in my opinion! I’ve typically seen the insert at almost all of the sales. Same with the 3qt CC Saucier. I can’t recall the grain/rice pot, sorry.

      Unless we get a blizzard I’ll be there tomorrow. For me it’s about 1.5 hours away and well worth it.

      Best Kitchen Wishes!

      • gail says:

        Thanks for the info.

        I almost changed my mind to venture out today, but will wait till Saturday. The VIP sale is up, but looks like limited pieces for sale. I got on the website sale once but the website seems overwhelmed with other buyers that I cannot get back on.

        Williams-Sonoma is also having a sale buy more save more sale till Sunday 25% off $500 or more. Williams Somoma will give a 10% discount for military that I can use. I have been in Williams Sonoma several times in the past couple weeks.

        The grain/rice Copper Core retails for $199.00 If I spend over $500 plus military I can get the pot for

        The Copper Core saucier is now $249. Discounts would make it $168.75

        Thank your kind reply

  • Christina Ball says:

    Getting excited! Trying to get my list together & I am curious, do they have complete sets for sale or just separate items?

    • TKWAdmin says:

      Hi Christina,

      They actually have both – full sets and individual pieces. I am so excited about this sale. Even though I’ve been going to it every year, twice a year for years now I still get giddy over it!

      Best Kitchen Wishes!

  • Melissa says:

    Based on the sales you have been to, what are the prices like? What does a piece typically sell for? Just want to know if, even with this discount, All-clad is in my budget!? Thank you!

    • TKWAdmin says:

      Hi Melissa!

      Check out the last image on this page That shows the price tags and discounts. Overall I saved close to 70%. All-Clad pots are expensive retail. They are the best however we all have a budget. So if a pot retailed for $400 in the store it could be at the sale for $120. A fry pan could retail for $125 and you could pick it up for $25. I’ve gone there and just bought a few things and walked away spending a little over $100 and have walked away at other times with a trunk and backseat shelling out over $1300. Again, times are tough and I, as well as the company recognize that.

      However I look at it like this. You’re not getting just a pan, you’re investing in something that is going to last. Sure you can buy a full set of something say at a store for $50 but you get what you pay for. The Engineering quality is subpar and most likely you’ll replace that set or a piece of it within a year. The way it cooks is uneven and the overall design is well.. less. All-Clad is a lifetime guarantee and worth the investment.

      I can put on my Engineer’s cap and go into deep explanation regarding how the metals are forged and how the design creates a true even heat disbursement. However from a home cook, there is nothing better.

      Let me know if you have any further questions and I hope to see you there!

      Best Kitchen Wishes!

  • BETTY FUNK says:


    • TKWAdmin says:

      Hi Betty!

      I don’t work for All-Clad. Typically in the past sales they have had these though there is no guarantee. It’s worth the experience (and HUGE discounts)! It took me going to 3 sales to get one item.

      Best Kitchen Wishes!

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