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Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Cowboy Meatball Sliders and the Delicious Pressure Cooker Beef Barbacoa Taquitos!

Happy Sunday TKW Family!  I’m tired. Like did you ever get so tired that you’re lying in bed, that the thought of getting out of bed to go to the bathroom is something you actually contemplate? No for real. Like you know you have to tinkle but your body is like “but this bed is soooooooooooo comfy and you ache ALL OVER. Ignore that urge, it’ll go away”… and you actually think you can ‘fool’ your bladder. You do the leg cross, then you roll over and start to ‘rock’ yourself thinking about everything else BUT the fact that your bladder is going to burst. That was me this morning. Like I legit laid there in bed, rocking myself (actually I think I got in a pretty good core workout), ‘ignoring’ the urge… yeah that lasted about 3.2 seconds. By the time I took 4 steps I knew there was no going back to bed for this girlie.

<deep sigh> Perhaps it’s for the best as I have so much to get done today. 4 new recipes I HAVE to create today and take photos. Oh yeah, Mr.Fantabulous also said that WE need to go to Home Depot and Lowes because WE need a date day. Um… no, I’m breaking up with you then as I don’t want those dates. LOL Actually I do need to go out that way as I need a few things from Sam’s Club to which I did say “Honey, while you’re out there can you just stop in and get the stuff?” The man looked at me like I had 3 heads them simply said “Oh no sweetie, I could never cheat on you and go to your store without you.” LOL such a brat!

So how was your week? It was a ‘Week of Mondays’ for me last week. It just never seemed to end. And just when I thought I was finally ahead of the whole work thing more crap came my way. But I do love what I do so I can’t complain too much ya know? Do you like your job/what do you do for work? I’ve been fortunate as I truly love the work that I do – between my ‘day’ job and TKW. I’ve never worked a job that I hated; a company – not necessarily hate but I was rather happy when I left.

So the Fantabulous In Laws spent most of the weekend here again. It was such a great time as always. Mama Fantabulous made her meat sauce (Mr. Fantabulous likes hers better than mine but loves my Sunday Gravy better than hers – we call it ‘dividing the love’ lol). It’s funny as there are only 2 differences between her recipe and mine is oregano and water. She doesn’t add oregano at all (which is odd to me but whatev) and she adds waaaaaaay more water than I. I like a thicker ‘gravy’ sauce but as long as he enjoys it so be it. I can make both sauces (mine version for me and her version for him).

Friday night, as you know, is pizza night in my house. However this time I made 2 – regular plain cheese for him (how that man doesn’t like toppings on his pizza kills me) and a white pizza for the rest of us plus a side salad and sherbet for dessert. Folks Papa Fantabulous ate 4 pieces!  Now you have to understand something, this maybe MAYBE eats 2 normally but to eat 4 huge slices I was floored (and beaming from ear to ear). Literally after his first bite he exclaimed “Oh Lori, honey my GOD this is amazing! You really need to open up a pizza shop or your restaurant soon and sell this. You’d make millions!” and he just kept giving more and more praise after every bite.  When the 4 of us are together you’d swear we were all in our 20’s for how we act. I mean what other 80+ year olds do you know that stay up until 2 and 4am??? These 2 do when we’re together!  Mama Fantabulous and I turned in a little after 2am while the boys were in the kitchen bs’ing til 4am!

Now if you saw on Instagram, you saw the incredible gift Mama Fantabulous gave me. It’s a muffin pan that has been in her family for about 100 years. When her mother ran their store she used this very pan to make her cupcakes. When she handed me this pan I literally burst into tears. It wasn’t that it was a million dollars but the fact that she gave it to me as a ‘daughter’. Of course as I cried, she cried then she whacked me for making her cry. LOL But look at this gorgeous pan! I’ve never seen an 8-cup muffin pan!

So Saturday morning I got up around 8:45 and decided I NEEDED to make something in that pan. Luckily I had some really ripe bananas on the counter so I made a batch of banana muffins. As I was filling the muffin cups with batter Mama Fantabulous came out to the kitchen, hair all over the place, mis-matched jammies. As she leaned in to kiss me she saw what I was doing, that I was using the pan she put her hand on mine, squeezed in and I could see tears forming in her eyes. I said “Ma, you have no idea what this truly means to me.” She said “Honey I’m so happy you love it as much as I do. I have another and when I pass it’s yours.” I said “Pass? Lady please you’re going nowhere! I told you I have a broom stick and Miracle Grow. You’re sticking around forever!” LOL

She also gave me this pumpkin… She said “I saw this and thought of you! It looks just like you!” LOL gee thanks Mom! Love you too! hahaha

Saturday the boys worked on the 2 bar tables Mr. Fantabulous built (wait until you see the pics!) and hung the pool table light. So for years when they stay with us I make my Breakfast Birds nest Cups with eggs, ham and cheese. Well over the years I’ve switched from using hash browns to Tater Tots. The outcome is way better! Saturday since I was so tired (and lazy) I didn’t want to go downstairs and get the muffin pan so instead I made one giant one in a tart pan (with removable bottom).

This is the pan I used:

Lastly, on every post you’ll see this below image. I want to see pictures of my recipes you make. Every week I’ll put together a montage of your pics and tag you and publish it on my accounts!

Have one fantabulously amazing week!

♥ Monday – Pressure Cooker Wings with Bourbon Honey BBQ Sauce
♥ Tuesday – Delicious Pressure Cooker Beef Barbacoa Taquitos
♥ Wednesday – Butternut Squash Chicken Pasta Bake
♥ Thursday – Cowboy Meatball Sliders
♥ Friday – Herbed Prosciutto Tomato Onion White Pizza
♥ Saturday – Three Meat Stuffed Italian Banana Peppers
♥ Sunday – Cherry Chipotle Cola Pork Tenderloin
♥ Dessert of the week – Boozy Peachy Pear Streusel Coffee Cake

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