Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – How to clean wooden cutting boards

If you’re like me you have a variety of cutting boards in your kitchen. Some specific for chicken usage, some for breads, others for meat and cheeses. But do you know how to properly AND safely clean your wooden boards?  Let me guess, you wipe it down with a kitchen towel?  Or better yet you use soap and water?  Oh wait my favorite is the ones that use a dish rag, you know the same damp thing you use to wash dishes sitting in your sink, to wipe it down?  *GAG*  I won’t even go into how much bacteria is festering on that thing.  No, today on Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer I’m going to share with you how to properly clean wooden cutting boards.


  1.  So first, rinse it off as soon as your done (or if you’re like me, as you cook). No, do not submerge it but rather rinse it with hot water.  That’ll help remove the surface chunks.
  2. Next pour hydrogen peroxide over top swishing it around with a clean sponge and let it fizzle for a minute.  Then wipe it down. Repeat this is it’s particularly nasty.
  3. Now if it’s stains sprinkle coarse salt across the whole surface and rub it into the wood using a half of a lemon (squeeze it a tiny bit first). This trick rids the board of any stains and residual odors.
  4. Lastly wipe the board dry and when it’s totally dry, rub some mineral oil into the wood to keep it nice and healthy.

For me if I’m using my cutting board for extended periods of time (i.e, multiple times during cooking a single recipe) I’ll wipe the board down first then spritz it with vinegar. The vinegar will neutralize odors while working as an all-natural disinfectant.

Then about once a week or every 2 weeks, depending on how frequent I use my boards I’ll sanitize them with a deep clean. This is really important after working with raw meat, fish or poultry. Just add 1 tsp of bleach to 1 quart water and flood the board with this solution. Let stand for a few minutes before rinsing with hot water. Then I wipe the board dry and when it’s totally dry, rub some mineral oil into the wood to keep it nice and healthy.


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