Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Baking Essentials This Holiday Season

If you’re a holiday baker, you’re going to stock up your pantry with some of these holiday baking essentials!Baking Essentials This Holiday Season!

So let’s be real here for a minute – when it comes to holiday baking, how many of you make extra just for you? Or better yet, what’s your stance on eating cookie dough? Is it a “nope” or a “um DUH!”? I’m all about the cookie dough. Here’s a little tidbit about yours truly – I actually prefer raw cookie dough than a baked cookie. Thing is, I prefer to taste the batter as if the batter rocks, then baked it’ll be mind-blowing.

Now this list is just a small subset of baking essentials. If I didn’t stop, this post would be pages long and I don’t have time to do that and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go through pages of stuff. So instead, what I’ve done is go in and updated my Amazon Influencer Store with all of the items I recommend.

Do you have a favorite holiday cookie or baked good?

For us, it depends on my mood. Some days  I want warm and spiced so I’ll go for a cinnamon gingerbread and other days I’m all about that big ol’ fat chocolate chip cookie.

  1. Chocolate Extract – So if you’re a chocolate lover or chocolate dessert baker then I have a bakery secret for you. Don’t use vanilla extract but instead, use chocolate extract. You’ll amplify the chocolate flavor and make your dessert more rich.
  2. Silicone Pastry Mat with Measure – This is great for when you need to roll out pie crusts and cookies without having it stick to the counter. Plus with it having built-in measures there is no guessing on the size!
  3. 16 ounce bag of Rainbow Sprinkles – Seriously, no Christmas cookie is complete without pretty sprinkles!
  4. Cookie Press – Spritz and pressed cookies are holiday staple!
  5. Non-Stick baking sheets – This set of 3 are incredible and one that I trust my cookies to!
  6. Food Coloring Gel – Forget using the liquid stuff to color your frostings. Use this gel-based coloring for a more true coloring without watering down the frosting and glazes!
  7. Coarse Sugar Crystals – bakeries love using these coarse sugar crystals to give baked goods that diamond look crust as that sweet crunch.
  8. Espresso Powder – This is another bakery secret. Just a small bit of espresso powder to your chocolate desserts will make your chocolate flavors pop!  I hate coffee but by adding this to your dessert, you do not taste the coffee. What you will taste it a more rich, deeper chocolate flavor!
  9. Vanilla Bean Paste – all the amazing flavors of vanilla extract but thicker and with vanilla beans inside the mix. If you want a truly amazing vanilla flavoring dessert, you’ll love this!

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