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Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken and the Garden Sweet Potato Veggie Burger!

Well we made it one week into the new year. Be honest, for those of you that had to go back to work this week, how was it? For me it was ROUGH to say the least. I had so much time off from Thanksgiving throughout Christmas that working even a short week last week was rough. I have no idea what I’m going to do this week when I have to work 5 whole days… IN A ROW! AND one of those days I actually have to put on real pants (and a bra!) as I have to go into the office. LOL But let me tell you folks that think working from home is a breeze; it’s not. Oh sure it has its perks – no commute, your own bathroom, no need to wear dress/work clothes, heck you don’t even have to brush your hair if you don’t want to.

But there are major drawbacks; at least I think so. It’s really hard to ‘log off’ as you’ve essentially brought your work home with you. I can’t tell you how many times at night Mr. Fantabulous has found me on my work computer working because I figured out a way to fix something or realized I forgot to do something. And you don’t really have the personal interaction with office folks. I miss going to lunch with my friends and just getting out of the house in general.

However if I had to choose one and only one for the rest of my career, it would be working from home. This whole wearing real clothes is rough. Give me pajama pants and my pig slippers any day over a suit and pumps!

This past week I didn’t get a chance to post very often on the website. Sorry about that. Getting back into the work routine was tough so I was more tired than usual. Then we got SUPER busy with the house. Then I was having my website migrated to a dedicated server as my site traffic went up 500% in the past month ( THANK YOU!!!) . Next I owed my Brand Designer a bunch of tasks that were due for her to start on my website redesign. And then lastly Mr. Fantabulous had my computer tied up for most of one day swapping out video cards and setting up 2 freaking AMAZING professional photography monitors (more to come of this later). I did give a few sneak recipes on Facebook (which is something I almost never do) just because so many of you were asking for my No Knead Orange Cranberry Raisin bread and a few others.

This week I was super busy. My new tripod (Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Aluminium 3-Section Tripod kit with 405 Pro Digital Geared Head with Rc4 Rapid Connect Plate (410Pl)) came in so I was setting that up with my new camera. Working on client shoots, helping him run new cable and phone wires in our new office (we’re moving our office downstairs to one of the newly finished rooms) and shopping for supplies. Literally Saturday was non-stop! Today we’re *supposed* to go see Pitch Perfect 3 (which I really, really hope we can) but we both have so much work to get done that I’m not sure. Have you guys seen it?  Thoughts?  I LOVED Pitch Perfect 1 more than 2. I’ve heard mixed reviews about 3 – some love it while some say it was ‘ok’ but wish it had more singing. So we’ll see. All I do know is if we do go, I’ll need to take my big purse with me so we can stop at the dollar store and buy that man snacks for the movies. I am NOT paying $8 for a teensy box of candy at the movie theater. No way Jose!

Let’s look at what happened on Instagram last week:

Well we FINALLY hung that dart board we made. It’s gorgeous but I’ll never do it again!

Since it’s butt-cold here all I want is warm, comfort food. This Oatmeal with bananas and honey was absolutely perfect.

This is a touchy subject for me when people say “Blogging is cheap, all you do is snap a few pics, post and you’re done.” Um no – it’s an investment in a business. This simple post of 2 cameras and 2 lenses that I use for my shoots cost over $10,000 and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. HOWEVER the best part – Canon has been messaging me since these posts! I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with them from a food and blogging perspective!

This post is a behind-the-scenes action shot of my camera in use. Seriously LOVE this camera!

Anyways I need to get my butt to the store. I have a shoot I HAVE to get done today and I don’t have all of the supplies I need. Plus I think we’re supposed to get a buttload of snow tomorrow so I might want to pick up milk as well. With that, have one fantabulously amazing week!

♥ Monday – Italian Tomato Tortellini with Spinach & Artichokes in a Grana Padano Cream Sauce
♥ Tuesday – Sheet Pan Smoked Kielbasa with Herbed Potatoes and Green Beans
♥ Wednesday – Cucumber Ham Rollups
♥ Thursday – Garden Sweet Potato Veggie Burger
♥ Friday – Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Prosciutto Pizza with Balsamic Drizzle
♥ Saturday – Pressure Cooker Honey BBQ Boneless Chicken Thighs and brown rice
♥ Sunday – Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken
♥ Dessert of the week – Aunt Nettie’s Orange Cranberry Nut Cake

2 Responses to “Weekly Menu”

  • LeeAnn says:

    Just stumbled onto your recipes via Pinterest. I’m looking forward to trying many of your recipes. Gonna make your loaded potato soup later today. I would love to be put on your newsletter if you have one.

    • TKWAdmin says:

      Hi LeeAnn,

      Thank you so much! I just sent you an email to subscribe. There’s an issue with viewing my site on a tablet/phone – you can’t see the subscribe button. BUT the good news is it’s being re-designed and it’ll be a non-issue in the near future.

      Best Kitchen Wishes!

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