Weekly Share A Smile

Somewhere out there someone has lost their smile. Share a pic on our Facebook page today of what makes you smile and help give a smile to someone who needs it! #tkwshareasmile

I started this movement a few weeks back on Facebook where I needed help smiling. I lost my reason to smile. The result was incredible. The outpouring of love from you all was truly overwhelming. Then what surprised me, and moved me to tears, were the private emails and messages from folks thanking me for this. They, too, lost their smile. Some are battling cancer, some a heart-crushing loss of a loved one, some that just are down on their luck.

That’s when it made me think. If a seemingly, selfish act (my post) can help me and so many others than this needs to be a regular posting on my site and Facebook. In a world where there is so much hate and negativity, let’s help give others hope by simply sharing a smile. Post a pic on Facebook of what makes you smile – it can be your kids, your fur babies, a saying, sunrise, or just a plate of crispy bacon. Everywhere I’ll capture some of those images and compile them into a collage to share with those of you that aren’t on Facebook.

The images are just so heartwarming as are the stories that posted with them. From the birth of a newborn to teaching a grand-daughter how to make pizza. This is what makes me smile. It’s the simple things in live folks.

How can you not smile at these images??? The Oprah meme that someone posted as they had a 3-day weekend makes me laugh. And the pig.. seriously you post a pic of a pig and I’m ALL SMILES! The image Tina shared of her grandson holding her hand as they watched a movie is just priceless! And Dea’s fuzzy blanket and socks where she’s just chilling makes me smile (and kinda jealous). lol To a mother’s love and pride as her daughter is inducted into National Honor Society (way to go Taylor!). And just look at those adorable, squeezable cheeks on all those adorable babies and little kids!


Smiles are free and unlimited to give. Spare one of yours for someone who needs it! Your pictures reach millions of people and trust me, THEY LOVE IT! You’re putting smiles on someone’s face that needs it. I had someone send me an email last week thanking me for doing this. That they had come into a bad way, their luck and run out and they felt hopeless. Reading their email I had tears pouring down my face as I, too, have felt like that in my life. I’m sure we all have. They had lost their job, they weren’t sure how they were going to pay their bills and they were just scared.

Then they got the email post with the weekly pictures. This person said they looked at all of the pictures and couldn’t help but smile, and laugh a little. They had a little ray of sunshine in their life and it was because of ALL OF YOU!  While they wished to stay anonymous, they asked that I extend a sincere thank you as you made them smile give them a bit of hope.

But this is what this is about – just sharing and being real. These pictures make so many people smile and warms their heart. I have a dear friend that is starting chemo in a few weeks and I know this will help him in some small way. It’s a way to show that even though we’ve never met and you live a bajillion miles away, I’m thinking about you.

So today, post a picture on this Facebook thread (you can’t add pictures here) about what makes you happy and tag it with hashtag #tkwshareasmile. Keep it family friendly, please.


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