Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Making Heavy Cream at Home

Never run out of heavy cream again with this make your own kitchen tip!  It’s seriously one of my top fav tips ever!

OMG people have I got a killer Tuesday’s Tip for you today! So unless you’re well me, most folks never have a quart or so of heavy cream in their fridge at all times. However the other day the unthinkable happened… I ran out AND I needed some. Now there are certain things in my house I should never run out of:

♥ bacon
♥ flour
♥ sugar
♥ salt
♥ milk
♥ heavy cream

Now I’m sure your first thought is ‘what about butter?’ Well have you ever over-whipped cream?  You end up with butter. So the back-end story… as you all know Friday nights are pizza night in my house.  Well I made the “mistake” the one night making one of my creamy strawberry milk shakes. One of the key ingredients in this thing is just a few Tbl of heavy cream.  Oh no, these are not healthy in any way but dear Jesus they are epic. So with his pizza he asked for another shake (healthy, not!). As I was prepping it and went to put some cream in with the milk I saw I was out.  Like my stash fridge was missing some.  You can make it with out buuuuuuuuuut it’s not as creamy.

I made him his without and as he was drinking it he said “this is good it doesn’t taste like your usual ones. It’s not as creamy.” So the next morning I went out shopping and wouldn’t you know it, even though I had heavy cream on my list I forgot to pick it up. Annnnnnnnnd that night for his snack he wanted another shake (why this man does not get fat is beyond me but I seriously am uber jealous over his metabolism!). So I had to think fast.

So I had to think fast and put on my engineering cap. I sat down and thought about what differentiates milk and cream and it comes to the butterfat content. Cream has a high butterfat content – this is why it’s so thick and um, creamy. And it also has more fat and calories so if you’re watching your figure you may want to limit your intake.  From that it seemed as simple as adding butter to milk and well, blending.


If you just try adding some cubes of butter to milk and mixing it you don’t quite get the same result and it’s nearly impossible for it to meld into a creamy liquid.  So we melt it buuuuuut you can’t add hot melted butter to cold milk. You’ll get little butterfat solids floating in it. Thus you melt and then let it cool. The butter is more malleable and, when added to milk will blend it rather easily thus giving you that creamy ….heavy cream.


1/3 cup unsalted butter
2/3 cup whole milk

  1. Melt the butter and set aside allowing to cool. You want the butter cooled but still liquefied.
  2. Place the cooled, melted butter into the milk and stir/stir/stir to combine.  It will become thick and creamy.  You can use a mixer to mix it fast but make sure you don’t overmix it and aerate it. You don’t want it fluffy.
  3. Use right away or store in the fridge in a covered container for a couple of days.
  4. Now the only caveat, this stuff will NOT whip like whipped cream. You need the real stuff for that.

Yes, that’s it!


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