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Oh Sunday how I really am not ready for you to show your face. You mean laundry, a rush to get shoots and posts done, errands, all day in the kitchen (Okay so that I enjoy) and that I only have a few hours left of not wearing real pants. But I can’t prevent it from happening so I might as well embrace it.  Today’s a busy day here in the TKW Test Kitchen.  I’ve been craving my Mom’s stuffed cabbages in the worst way.  I think it’s a summer thing as growing up she always made them with a big bowl of her buttery mashed potatoes.  When I was at the store the other day they had huge heads of cabbage on sale and immediately I started craving these cabbages.  So right now, as I’m typing this, I have her stuffed cabbages in the oven. However idiot me forgot to put a catch tray underneath my pan and tomato sauce dripped on the bottom of my brand new oven.  It STINKS to high heaven but they should be done soon.

Now the trick, without turning on the self cleaning part, is how to remove the blobbed tomato sauce on the bottom. I’m thinking hot water and a baking soda paste should work.  What do you use?

Earlier this morning I made Italian hot sausage stuffed banana pepper meatballs which were KILLER!  Later I have to make buckeye brownies for my boss.  I haven’t baked him anything in a while and since he’s back to work after a hip surgery I thought it would be a nice treat.  Yeah I’m an awesome employee!  LOL

So how was your week?


Mine was LOOOOOOOOOOOONG!  I swear my week lasted for 10 days straight!  Last Sunday we worked, yes we, worked on my car until 2:50am (remember I get up at 5 now for work).  We had to replace the leaking radiator and condenser.  However nothing is ever easy for us.  He literally spent 4 hours driving around all day because he would find something else broke or the part he bought was missing pieces. It was NOT a fun day – I mean I had grease under my nails AND on my face/chin/chest/butt – how does that even happen?  Monday we went car shopping which eh, wasn’t bad.  We went to 3 different places last week and met 2 really nice salesmen.  They didn’t try to ‘sell’ us or even ask for our numbers to call and pester us.  The one said “If it’s okay with you I’d like to give you my card.  I won’t ask for your number as I respect your privacy.  If you want to look more then please call me at your leisure.”  Have to admit, was pretty impressed with that.

With all that I think we settled in the car I’ll get.  Now it’s not what I want.  What I want is a Mercedes SUV BUT I drive over 110 miles a day for work and that’s just plain stupid to invest in that vehicle.  I currently have a civic with 165k miles on it and it’s a champ.  It’s never had a problem – the radiator and condenser is my fault as I hit a trailer hitch.  So I’ll most likely go with another civic but the touring edition. I mean if I’m in the car that much I might as well be comfy, right?

What else?  So the shoulder it still hurting pretty bad so I’m going to see my shoulder surgeon on Thursday.  More than likely he’ll send me straight for an arthrogram as I can’t get cortisone shots due to my being allergic. I’m a hot mess to say the least.  So now I’m babying it.  Oh so get this.. we’re having our work picnic in 2 weeks and my name got signed up for kickball.  Now THAT should be interesting. They all know my shoulder is bad so all I have to do is kick the ball – someone will run the bases for me.  I hope!

Oh my timer is going off on the oven which means my cabbages are done.  With that, have an amazing day and enjoy this week’s Weekly Menu!

Monday –   Mom’s Classic Pot Roast
Tuesday – Caramelized Scallops in a Lemon Wine Sauce
Wednesday –  Grilled Pineapple Chunk Teriyaki Turkey Burger
Thursday – Pot Roast Breakfast Hash
♥ ♥ ♥ Friday –  Happy Anniversary to us!
Saturday –  Cajun Shrimp Po’Boy
Sunday – Coconut Panko Crusted
Dessert of the week Ultimate Mounds Brownies

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