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Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Hot Damn! Honey Butter Sriracha Roasted Chicken and the Creole Cajun Shrimp Po’Boy!

Happy Sunday TKW Family! Before I get started I want to take a moment to say a prayer for those, these past few weeks, that have been struck with such devastating blasts from Mother Nature. From Hurricane Harvey to now Hurricane Irma it’s heartbreaking. Then that 8.1 earthquake in Mexico… I’m at a loss for words. Love and continued prayers to those impacted by this. May God keep you out of harms way. Please, whatever you can do to help out, do so. Even a silent prayer helps.

On a more personal note, THANK YOU ALL so much for your continued love and prayers for Mr. Fantabulous. He’s on the mend but it’s a slow process and unfortunately on top of the infectious disease he contracted, we both have a nasty virus (cold) that has hit us hard. But to be honest I kind of expected us to get a cold as it’s the change in seasons here in Pittsburgh plus it didn’t help us going from 110F weather to the 50’sF pretty much in one day. The bad part is we’ve pretty much done nothing but sleep or feel crappy. But at least we’re feeling crappy together, right?  That whole “in sickness and health” marriage clause is in effect now.

Today should be a fun day as I’m going to a dear friend’s bridal shower. She’s a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland therefore her shower is themed as such. We’re to wear our tea attire and maddest hat. I’m actually really excited as I get to see her plus some other friends and it gets me out of the house for a bit. The only down size is I am wearing a dress. I. HATE. Dresses! Even as a child I hated dresses and skirts. Perhaps it’s from my always being the fat kid and my chubby thighs rubbing together, dunno. BUT tis her day and I want to make her happy.

Since we’ve been sick, I’ve been making pots of soup for us as honestly that’s about the only thing we want to eat. Well that and pizza. I always want pizza. Plus with Fall in the air soup is like a requirement in my house. From now until April (because that’s when it’ll finally start to warm back up here), you will always find one batch of soup in my fridge. Do you have a favorite Fall soup that you always have on hand?

Tomorrow will be a kind of scary day for me. It’s my first day back to work since my surgery. I asked the doctor if I could try as I was going stir crazy. I’m nervous though to be honest. Not to do the job as I’m amazing at my job BUT the fact that I was gone for so long and there really was no one to do my job. Plus I’m not sure if my arm/shoulder can do it but I have to try, right? God… when did I become THAT person that has aches and pains? And on top of it all, tells people about it?  OMG is this what middle-aged means?

Anyway, I have lots on my plate this Fall recipe-wise as well as website revamping. Next month I’m going to start teaming up with a designer and developer to give my website (and brand) a new look and feel. I want it more modern, clean while still comforting. And yes I’ll still have a pig with the site. I cannot get rid of that. I want to implement a proper recipe section, my own storefront and a bunch of sections that will make the website easier to navigate and also more fun. If you have any suggestions on things you’d love to see please share!  This site is for you so I want to make sure you have a voice in the redesign.

So last week on Instagram I drove you guys crazy with my slow-mo video of a late night craving for mac ‘n cheese. I used my Simply the Best Mac ‘n Cheese recipe and then topped it with crispy fried onions. OMG EPIC! It’s a MUST make folks!

Then I gave you some teaser pics of upcoming recipes (click the arrows in the image!). I’ve recently posted the Sweet Honey Butter Buttermilk Cornbread (which you MUST MAKE people!). The others will be posted soon!

And then there was this…

The response on Instagram and Facebook was so overwhelming asking for the recipe that I made a whole other batch last night just so I could take proper photos. So yes I’ll be posting my recipe for Italian Wedding Soup soon.

And lastly we have the double yolk post. Am I the only one that gets so excited when they get a double yolk from one egg? It’s like putting in your money in a vending machine for a bag chips and down falls like 4 bags! It’s kinda of like winning the food lottery!

Breakfast Wins!!! Oh hello Double Yolk!!! #breakfast #eggs #doubleyolk #winning #itsthelittlethings

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Well peeps, I need to get my butt in gear. I can smell my bacon cooking (which means it’s almost done) and I need to get myself all beautified for this tea party. Make sure to check out Instagram today for some pics of it! Have one fantabulous week!

♥ Monday – Squash the Noodles Lasagna
♥ Tuesday – Creole Cajun Shrimp Po’Boy
♥ Wednesday – Crispy Crunchy Crusted Chicken Fingers
♥ Thursday – Baked Quinoa Savory Cups
♥ Friday – Grilled Pollock Flatbread Pizza with Slaw and Mexican Crema
♥ Saturday – Chunky Shrimp Burgers with Avocado Aioli sauce
♥ Sunday – Hot Damn! Honey Butter Sriracha Roasted Chicken
♥ Dessert of the week – Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

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