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Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Potato Gnocchi in a Bacon Cream Sauce and the White Chicken Chili!

Happy Sunday TKW Family! I hope this finds you well. We’re both chugging along. Mr. Fantabulous still isn’t back to his normal healthy self but this, whatever he has, is just going to take time. His doctors are on top of it so all we can do is pray and keep investigating what is making him so ill. But that man, I swear, he’s a machine. He doesn’t let it get him or his spirits down. I, on the other hand, have on the brave face. “Think positive, Lori Ann” is all I keep hearing in my mother’s voice. So that I shall.

Last week was pretty busy, but then isn’t life busy?  I guess for us, we tend to not lead a “normal” life. Like he has his own company, as do I, but then I also work a full time job on top of that. His “other” full time job is the complete renovation of this house. Plus our grounds aren’t your typical lawns. It’s like everything we have to do that is normal life for everyone else – cutting the grass, weeding, sweeping even is a project for us. It’s funny as our version of retirement is literally coming home from work, having dinner and the only thing we have to do that night is figure out what to watch on tv. On the weekends just a couple of hours in the morning to do the yard or housework and then we literally have the whole weekend to do anything we want or nothing at all. Like it’s literally been almost 9 years since we’ve sat on a couch in our media room and watched tv. God how I long for that day. Where most people’s version of retirement is no work, travel, freedom to do whatever.

What’s your vision of your retirement like?

Retirement…<deep sigh> someday.

So as a follow up on Mr. Fantabulous’ condition, we saw the Infectious Disease doctor and they still aren’t sure what he has. He goes to have another Chest CT scan in 2 weeks. Hopefully they’ll figure it out. All I know is he’s tired of getting all of the blood work done – his poor arm looks like it’s been through the war. God I would give my last breath to take his place and take on his illness.

But enough sad stuff, who’s ready for Halloween?  What are the big costume’s this year? I’m pretty sure it’s going to be those evil red-nosed <insert every curse word I know here> evil clowns from the movie “IT”. Yeah, NO THANKS!  This is the first year that, in the 11 years we’ve lived at this house, that I’m truly thankful we do not get trick or treaters. OMG I’d die!  Now I’m sorry if I unintentionally offend any of you that work as a clown for a profession but NOPE. It’s a hard pass for me. I have a HUGE deep-seeded fear of clowns, dolls (like the creepy Victorian porcelain face ones) or thinks like that. I was traumatized as a child and well.. HARD PASS. Love you to pieces without the makeup or even the props but with it on, stay away.

Last week I posted a ton of yummy previews of upcoming recipes on the website!  I had bought those Oreo Cookie Butter cookies to try. While they were ok I found they didn’t really have that cookie butter taste I wanted. So instead (since Oreo’s make the BEST pie crust base), I transformed it into a Cookie Butter Cream Pie!

Then, for some odd reason, I’m really into sandwiches right now. I think it’s because our lives are even more chaotic that making a sandwich is just easy and I don’t have to think. But this sandwich guys, OMG it’s seriously one of my favorites! The addition of the crispy zucchini slices are incredible! It’s definitely a must-try. And yes, you can skip the mustard and go with something else but I hate mayo so I’m all about the mustard!

So remember how last week I posted those Touchdown Nachos? Well I had some leftover meats, beans and cheeses. This salad was so incredible that I ate it 3 times last week!

Anyway today I’m going to lie low and stick close to Mr. Fantabulous. Today I have a few recipes to get done but those are pretty simple and I can do them while he sleeps. I “found” cornish hens in my freezer that I want to spatchcock and also a whole chicken that I want to spatchcock as well. So with that, have one fantabulously amazing week!

♥ Monday – Potato Gnocchi in a Bacon Cream Sauce
♥ Tuesday – Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps
♥ Wednesday – Italian Rocket – Ultimate Hoagie
♥ Thursday – Double Bean Spinach Feta Burgers
♥ Friday – Classic Sicilian Thick Crust Pepperoni Pizza
♥ Saturday – White Chicken Chili
♥ Sunday – Chicken Roulade Stuffed with Mushroom Wilted Arugula and Shallots
♥ Dessert of the week – Cinnamon Swirl Buttermilk Bread




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