Finlandia Premium Butter Garlic Bread Spread

Right before Valentine’s day Finlandia® made an amazing announcement.  They were expanding their products from their world-renown cheeses to premium imported butter.  Now I know what some of you might be thinking.. “butter is butter, no real difference”, right?  Oh folks you are so mistaken.  It’s kind of like not all cars are made the same way or how all chocolate is of the same quality. I mean there is a difference in quality and in this case,  taste.  Finlandia® Imported Butter is crafted from pure, fresh milk, produced on family owned farms in Finland.  Finlandia® Imported Butter provides authentic rich and luscious flavor that is still made the way butter should be; the old-fashioned way. It’s simple and pure; nothing artificial and no added hormones. And what I love about it is that it’s made with non-GMO ingredients according to EU standards, with no rBST hormones.

Finlandia Butter Garlic Bread Spread

This creamy, delicious butter starts with the purest milk in Europe from small Finnish family owned farms where the cows are treated humanely. The fresh milk is carefully churned and cooled to a perfect temperature that creates a delightfully creamy flavor and smooth texture. Whether you’re one of the most discriminating French chefs creating some of your famous baked goods and croissants or a home baker, Finlandia® Imported Butter is the ultimate butter for baking, cooking and especially, eating! This butter has truly set the bar when it comes to standards of butter!
Seriously this is AMAZING! One taste and you’ll be in LOVE!!!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Make your own brown sugar

Have you ever been in the middle of making a recipe only to realize you were out of a key ingredient? If you say no then you need to tell me what your trick is. Even the most organized cooks has this issue at least once or twice in their careers.  It happens.  Even the most organized are fallible.  We’re human.  We make mistakes, we learn and we grow.  Well like most of you I found myself in this predicament.  I was in the midst of making chocolate chip cookies and found that I was completely out of brown sugar – both light and dark.  How in the world does this happen.. to me?  See let me explain something about my ‘pantry’ and my kitchen shelving units.

See I have a huge kitchen with huge pantries – yes multiple.  And due to my running TKW I have 4 6′ long by 6′ high metal shelving units in a storage room downstairs that houses my kitchen porn props, my supplies and everything in between. I have three 22 quart lidded flour buckets that store 3 different types of flours, a 22 quart bucket of granulated sugar, a 22 quart one that of chocolates, 3 more buckets like that housing other perishable items and an empty 22 quart bucket of brown sugar. Normal homes don’t have this, at least not one that doesn’t have a company like mine.

Tuesday Tip
This is a keeper!

Weekly Menu

First off, Happy Happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Fantabulous! Today is Mr. Fantabulous’ actual birthday even though he has declared that he no longer has just a single birth-day but rather a birth-month that must be celebrated accordingly.  AND he went so far as to inform me that since I had my surgery and was unable to pamper/give him the full-blown birthday month attention that he is allowed to use the first 3 weeks in April as a do-over.  LOL  I swear I married a 6-year-old! haha  But I love that man and if he wants those additional 3 weeks he can have him. Whatever makes him happy.  To see him smile, to hear him laugh, to feel his love.. that to me is what it’s all about.  Life just doesn’t get any better than that, you know?

Now happy Sunday to you all! How was your week?  Mine wasn’t too bad.  I got a lot done work-wise.  It’s such a good feeling when you accomplish just one single goal, regardless of how small it is.  What else? PT is coming along pretty well even though I’m stubborn and push myself way too much.  I’m just not one to sit still and… hurt. 


However folks I’m making this a short one today as I want to go spend the whole day with my baby and pamper him as much as I can. Wishing you an amazing week and a deliciously awesome Easter!

Best Kitchen Wishes!


♥ Monday - Southwestern Tacos
♥ Tuesday- Baked Breakfast Egg Rolls with Pancetta, Avocado and Brie
♥ Wednesday - Classic French Beef Stew in the Crock Pot
♥ Thursday – Cheesy Meatball Stuffed Pizza Puffs
♥ Friday - Chunky Portabella Parmesan Veggie Burgers
♥ Saturday - Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken
♥ Sunday - Happy Easter!
♥ Dessert of the week - Boozy Peachy Pear Streusel Coffee Cake

Roast Turkey with Red Pepper Jelly & Melty Asiago Hoagie

So this sandwich/hoagie/creation-of-awesomeness has truly been an obsession with me for about the 2 months.  Ever since I made that Spicy Red Pepper jelly I have been hooked on this stuff. However just like most things, except bacon, you get tired of eating the same thing the same way over and over.  For me I was chowing down on crackers with cream cheese and that jelly however I wanted something else; something more.

Now it was a Saturday therefore I was out and about doing my normal morning errands – spin class, Sam’s Club, Home Goods, grocery store and butcher shop.  By the time I got the butcher’s I was seriously ready to chew my arm off.  You know that feeling.  You’re working and you look at the clock and it’s only 10:20am.  Your tummy is just barely rumbling but you take a swig or two of your drink to calm it as it’s not quite lunch time. You get back to work, which seems like a good hour or so had passed, but when you look at the clock you see it’s only 10:40am. You grumble, your tummy makes a soft growl but you dismiss it and do your very best to concentrate on work and ignore the hunger.  You really get into your job and then you think “it HAS to be lunch time now” annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you look at the clock only to see it’s only  10:49am.  OMG you’re gonna die right?  Like you’re at the point if someone put a whole pizza in front of you right now you’d inhale the whole thing in one bite you’re that hungry.  Yeah… I was THAT hungry.
Roasted Turkey Red Pepper Jelly Sandwich2

You are going to fall in love with this recipe!

Peppermint Crunch Brownie Batter Bark

So this recipe kinda just happened out of my having WAY too much stuff in my cupboards and more importantly, my not knowing I had the stuff in the first place. Since I’ve been home with surgery I’ve been going stir crazy and I am not one to sit still.  I swear the phrase “ants in the pants” is because of me.  I could never sit still.  Now I wasn’t hyper or the like I just was always into stuff, wanting to learn, understand how something worked.  And since I didn’t require a lot of sleep I learned at a very young age that others (I call you folks ‘sleepers’) need more than 3-4 hours of sleep a night, unlike me.  That being said waking my parents or siblings up in the middle of the night was a big no-no, no matter how flippin’ adorable I was as a child.

Now fast forward to now, being one-armed was an issue for me while my shoulder healed.  I was limited and it sucked but I was bound and determined to do something.  My real job graciously let me work from home while I healed and once my day with that was done I’d try to find stuff around the house to get into.  So the one day I decided to take a deep dive into my ‘snack’ cupboard.  Well wait, it’s not “my” snack pantry but more so 2 shelves are all his of his snacks (along with the entire baking rack of snacks and kitchen table of treats).  2 of the other shelves were some more baking items, sauces and oils for cooking.  As I started pulling stuff out I literally had 4 boxes of unopened candy canes from honestly… I have no clue when I bought them.  Maybe 2 years ago… maybe *blush*

Peppermint Crunch Brownie Batter Bark7

Wha? Don’t judge me. You have crap in your cupboards too… right? LOL

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