Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

So tomatillos are not something I grew up with.  We didn’t grow them, Mom never cooked with them and honestly I don’t even know if they knew what they were.  It just wasn’t a vegetable that was part of our intake.  I honestly didn’t “discover” these things until I was living on my own in my first house.  It had to honestly be one of the first ‘adult’ grocery store runs I went on where not only did I make the list of what I needed, I cut the coupons and most importantly I had to pay for it.  *gasp!*  Being an adult is scary – I mean responsibilities!  LOL

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde2

I can still remember my pushing my buggy through the produce aisles and there sat these funky little green things with these weird ‘shells’ on them.  At first I thought they were nuts or some kind of pod. When I asked the kid working there what a “Tow-mah-teel-low” was he said “Dunno, some type of green tomato”. Thanks kid.. really helpful.  NOT! Now growing up green tomatoes equaled not ripe. So needless to say I didn’t get any.

Stupid… had I known then what I know now I would have certainly bought them!  These things are AWESOME!

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde8 Do you know the difference between a tomato and tomatillo?

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – How to clean wooden cutting boards

If you’re like me you have a variety of cutting boards in your kitchen. Some specific for chicken usage, some for breads, others for meat and cheeses. But do you know how to properly AND safely clean your wooden boards?  Let me guess, you wipe it down with a kitchen towel?  Or better yet you use soap and water?  Oh wait my favorite is the ones that use a dish rag, you know the same damp thing you use to wash dishes sitting in your sink, to wipe it down?  *GAG*  I won’t even go into how much bacteria is festering on that thing.  No, today on Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer I’m going to share with you how to properly clean wooden cutting boards.

Please pitch the dish rag – it’s gross!

Weekly Menu

Happy Sunday TKW Family!  Or should I say “Happy Super Bowl Sunday” TKW Family? LOL  As you all know I’m a Pittsburgh girl through and through.  I bleed black ‘n gold and love my Steelers.  So sure it stings a bite that they aren’t playing today however I’ll still watch the game.  Hey it’s football after all!  And growing up with 4 brothers you learned to love it and appreciate it. Plus I absolutely love the commercials and half time performances.  Well okay not all of the half time performances.  There are some performers/groups that honestly they could spend a bajillion dollars on props, pyrotechnics and dancing bears and I still wouldn’t like them. For me it’s all about the music itself.  Sure I can appreciate a ‘show’ but the heart of a ‘show’ like that is the music; at least it is for me.

However this year I’m excited to see some of the acts.  Lady Gaga, while she’s totally out there is incredibly talented.  It’ll be interesting to hear her sing the National Anthem.  My only fear is she ‘wears’ the flag – yeah, that would not be cool.  Then CNN just announced that Bruno Mars will also star in the half time show with Coldplay and Beyonce.  I love Bruno so it should prove to be really entertaining.

And then the commercials – with this year being a huge year in politics I’m curious to see if any of the candidates take out an ad to bash another.  FYI – I am SO not into politics but the rhetoric is rather comedic. And of course there’s always the Budweiser’s  commercials with the horses and or the dog.  However I heard this year they were going another route with a PSA regarding drunk driving.  BRAVO!  It’s about time!


What else? OH… I was FINALLY released to go back to the gym though I was informed that I must start back slow with regards to lifting.  I can’t risk tearing my rotator cuff again.  No way man, I’m so not going through that surgery again!  2 surgeries on the same shoulder in 8 months.  Nope, nope, nope!  So instead I put on my spinning pants (which I’ll admit were a wee bit snug) and decided to just spin for 30 minutes.  Have to admit, after 10 minutes I was starting to feel it which I normally don’t even start breaking a sweat or breathing hard until around 25-30 minutes.  Goes to show you what 8 weeks of being a proverbial couch potato does to the body.  Thankfully I only gained a couple of pounds while I was recuperating however what I did gain became solid blubber!  LOL Ah but now that I can go back to working out I’m not too concerned.  That’ll come off fairly quickly and what once was muscle that turned to flubber will tighten back up again.  I hope!
What do you love about the super bowl – the game, the commercials, the acts or the food?

Apple Crumb Cake with Apple Cider Glaze

The weather here in Pittsburgh has been weird. It’s in the low teens one day and the next day it’ll be 60F.  My poor tulips outside don’t know whether to bloom or hibernate.  I actually saw bunnies running around my yard.  That is one thing that is NOT common in the winter here. I actually feel bad for this little buggers and almost want to bring them in the house to keep warm…almost. I’m not Sleeping Beauty and me and woodland creatures do not mix well together.

But what does mix well together is this apple crumb cake with a cup of coffee (or tea if you’re like me), some amazing friends around the kitchen table and just bs’ing about stuff.  It’s what I call “Company Cake”.  It’s simple and unpretentious, no frostings or fondant (yuck to that stuff btw!), no frilly adornments.  Nope – just streusel topped (and filled… SURPRISE!), plus lots of apples.

Apple Crumb Cake2

As you go to make this cake you’ll see it doesn’t call for a lot of butter or oil yet when you slice it, the cake it so moist and tender.  I have a trick to share with you that can allow you to add moisture and flavor but not much added fat.
Pull up a chair and join me for a slice!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – How to EASILY remove Tea and Coffee Stains from your favorite mug

I’m a tea drinker. No, not an iced tea fan but rather a cup of hot tea lover. Ever since I was little spending Friday night to Saturday at my Grandma’s tea has been a part of my life.  We’d get up super early, sit at her kitchen table while she put the kettle on and put some bread in the toaster for us.  We’d have hot tea with 2 cubes of sugar and milk.  Grandma never used regular sugar; only ever cubes for tea.  She used to say “we don’t have money honey but there’s something fancy about using sugar cubes in tea”. She’s right, it just was…fancy.

As time went by I acquired my favorite mug.  Now this mug is only EVER to be used for tea; nothing else.  Why?  Cause it’s my tea mug; geesh.  LOL  On the converse if you’re in my house and you grab MY mug um… yeah, don’t grab my mug. It’s nothing fancy.  It’s just plain white, holds 20 ounces though I only put in 12 ounces of water at a time; really nothing special. But it’s my mug.

However through the years the inner wells began to stain badly.  Tea and coffee does that. This drove me crazy as no matter how hard I scrubbed I couldn’t get the stains out.  Sure I could use bleach but um.. I drink out of that mug so no bleach for this girl.  There just had to be a better, SAFER, way to get rid of the stains.  Well there is and I’m sharing it with you today!

Do you have a favorite mug?

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