Chocolate Cream Dream Pie

Creamy? Dreamy? Chocolatey? Fantabulous Delicious? You owe to yourself and everyone you love to make this pie!

This pie and I go back decades. Like we’re talking first broken heart, decades. This pie has seen me at my very worst where I’m a blubbering fool swearing off dating and boys forever to my first real kiss. This pie has seen the good, the bad and most definitely the ugly – hello stir-up pants, shoulder pads, mile-high hair and bright blue eye shadow ugly. Ah the 80’s… good times. TERRIBLE fashion but phenomenal music from pop, old school rap and dude— HAIR METAL!  LOL Sorry, going off topic here. Man I loved the 80’s though.

Anyway… back to this pie. Dare I call it my bestie? Can a food be a bestie? Yes I know “eating to soothe feelings is not right and can lead to blah blah blah”. I get it. But when you’re 14 years old and you have your heart-broken by that guy you had been crushing on all year only to hear he asked someone else to the dance instead of you… yeah, this pie was needed.

I can still remember getting off the bus that day, eyes all puffy and watery trying to fight back the tears on the bus. My oh-so-perfect-makeup <shakes her head no it wasn’t… I looked like a clown looking back on those pictures> pretty much wiped off and mascara smeared on my cheeks. As I walked into the house and Mom asked me if my crush had asked me, I ran to my room in tears. Slamming the door, blaring some sappy song, sprawling on my bed and having what seemed to be the worst day in my life.

To all the heartaches, thank you as you made this pie possible!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Awesome new kitchen finds!

I’m all about kitchen items that serve multiple purposes and are practical. Today I’m sharing with you some of my latest kitchen finds that I seriously am in LOVE with!!!

Hey TKW Family!  Today I’m sharing with you some of my latest (and favorite) kitchen finds. I’m not one that buys the latest and greatest, the flashiest or even what’s trending just because it’s trending. Being an engineer I look at items I suppose you would say differently. Like you I assess the quality, price, purpose. Some of you as well probably look at the re-usability of the item. Now where I’m a bit different (or super-analytical as my friends say) is, depending on the product, I’ll take it to that ‘in the weeds’ level. Case in point pots and pans. I reviewed numerous pans from a metal compound perspective, heat transfer/dispersion, composition all the way to the types of metal used. Full disclosure this is where Mr. Fantabulous actually helps out as he’s also an engineer but works very closely with metal fabrication.

However I will say I have been one of those folks where I see something “pretty/shiny/pig-oriented” and have to buy it. Though 99% of the time they tend to be just be pretty with zero practical value – unless it’s anything pig. Pigs always have practical value. lol

So let’s take a look at the things I’m currently infatuated with (fyi you can find these all in my Amazon Influencer Shop):
Seriously these glass milk bottles EVERYONE needs!

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Crunchy Asian Hoisin Chicken over Brown Rice and the Spinach & Artichoke Crispy Skillet Pan Pizza with optional Garlic Butter Herb Shrimp!

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” Seriously I feel like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz after these past 2 weeks. Folks when I say I now know what hell is truly like, believe me. I have never, in my life, been as sick as I was for 3 weeks with a severe upper respiratory infection and bronchitis. But what made it a bajillion times worse is that I had to travel for 2 of those weeks. The first week I had to stay in a hotel up at my office for the first week as we had a 5-day long summit which required us to be there a good 12 hours a day. And since I live about 1.5-2 hours away with traffic I was truly unable to drive the distance so I had to pay for a hotel. No, work didn’t pay for it. Let’s not go there as that’s a very, VERY touchy spot. I did it for my own safety. I then got home on a Friday night only to have to scramble, while on my 2nd round of meds and being forced by the doctor to have chest x-rays to see if I had pneumonia (good news I didn’t), to pack and try to make Mr. Fantabulous (who was still sick himself) food for the week as I had to fly out to San Diego butt-early (technical time) Sunday morning for the week.

I. AM. EXHAUSTED. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. I’m just done. These past 2 weeks honestly pushed me to my breaking point. It got so bad that literally a few nights while out in Cali I called Mr. Fantabulous in tears. Work just broke me. Like my spirit is broken.

Thing is, I’m not one to really get down or even depressed really. But right now I just feel disconnected if that makes sense. I think it’s at the point where everything is just getting to me. The house still isn’t done. It’s like one thing after the other after the other is preventing us from our goal of getting it on the market this April. Maybe it’s possessed? LOL

It’s one of those days where I just need a hug

Spinach & Artichoke Crispy Skillet Pan Pizza with optional Garlic Butter Herb Shrimp

If you want the BEST crispy pan crust skillet pizza then you’re going to want to make this recipe. The secret to this deliciousness is all from Red Star Platinum Superior Baking Yeast!

This post is being sponsored by Red Star Yeast featuring their Platinum Yeast. All opinions of their ABSOLUTELY AMAZING products are mine.

Pizza is more than just dough covered in sauce and cheese; it goes way deeper than that. I have just a passion and true adoration for it. It’s something that has been in my family for decades stemming from my brother having a pizza shop for 17 years to my branching out on my own and developing my own TKW Signature series for it. Pizza is actually what launched the commercial aspect of The Kitchen Whisperer. Pizza for me is my deserted island food. It’s my last-meal dish. It’s my every-Friday-night-for-the-past-2-decades dinner.


When you’re presented with a perfect pizza dough I turn into the Leonardo da Vinci of pizza. Pizza dough is my canvas and the unlimited toppings are my paints. I approach pizza, and dough, from a multitude of ways – as an engineer, as a mathematician, as an artist and lastly as someone who is truly infatuated with pizza.

Truly, Red Star Yeast is the ONLY yeast I trust in my award winning pizza dough recipes!

Honey Mustard Dressing and Dipping Sauce

Only 6 ingredients needed to make this sweet, tangy and perfectly balanced sauce. Hands down THE BEST Honey Mustard Dressing and Dipping sauce you’ll ever taste!

This recipe is one that I’ve had in my repertoire for decades. This recipe is 100% inspired by a local restaurant my sister and I would meet up at once a week for lunch with her co-workers. The restaurant itself wasn’t anything spectacular food-wise but it was the people and environment that made it special. It got to the point where we were there so much that they’d make my sister special items off of the  menu. I was in that phase where I was anti-onions and their version of a ‘bloomin’ onion while, looking absolutely amazing, I would neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever partake in. NO WAY.. it had onions!  But their batter was incredible and they always served it with their own honey mustard sauce.

For me they’d flash fry the fries then dip the fries in their onion batter then fry again. Oh yes it was 100% unhealthy and I loved every single heart-attack inducing fry. For my sister they’d take their mushrooms for steaks and batter dip them. They took care of us needless to say. For years I begged for the recipe of their sauce but they refused to share it until one day the owner said “Lori if you can name 2 ingredients that aren’t honey or mustard I’ll give you a clue.”  Challenge accepted. Trust me I did try the whole honey and mustard and yeah… that doesn’t make true honey mustard.

It took me a while to figure it out but eventually I cracked “the case” and realized mayo was a huge factor in it. And you know how I feel about mayo. I’m not having it but sadly this recipe needs it. You can try plain yogurt but honestly it’s not quite the same result. It’s good but it’s too thick.  So when I took my findings back to the owner showing all 6 ingredients he was in shock, said I “had a real talent” and said now all I need to do is adjust my measurements. But the truth is, I actually liked mine better.
Your chicken, fries, salads will thank you for this dressing!

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