Cherry Chipotle Cola BBQ Sauce

Cherry Chipotle Cola BBQ Sauce. Yes, you read that right. I, The Kitchen Whisperer – hater of EVERYTHING cherry, made a recipe that has cherries in it; not just once, but two different ways.  ANNNNNNNNNNND liked it.  BUT but but wait, this does not mean I like cherries cause I don’t.  I hate those little demon seeds but in this recipe, the flavors really accent the chipotle heat and balance it out beautifully. This recipe just kind of happened…sorta. It honesty was by total accident on account I tripped over my own two feet and ended up with this…

Cherry Chipotle Cola BBQ Sauce5

…this glorious, magnificent, spicy, sweet, thick bbq sauce that literally you cannot get enough of!  No seriously, we both went nuts over this.  And it so happened the day I made this we had company so I had one of Mr. Fantabulous’ buddies try this on wings.  Yeah, there were no wings left and they both were fighting over the sauce leftover.

Yes, I really made something with demon seeds in it!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Fancy Cutting

Okay it’s time to put on our fancy schmancy pants and discuss prepping vegetables. Today on Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer we’re learning about fancy cutting or should I say classic formal cutting of vegetables.  If you’ve read a cook book or watched any tv show out there you’ve heard the terms: Julienne, Chiffonade or Brunoise.  While there are multiple other cutting techniques I think these ones are the foundation cuts you need to know.   While you may or may not know what they are, it’s not as easy as you think and it does take a bit of practice to one, get it right and then two (more importantly) making sure it’s consistent.  It’s all about repeatable quality here folks. (for those that work with me, love how I threw that last reference in there? LOL)

So today we’ll go through what each of these mean and more importantly how to get those types of cuts.  No more recipe confusion or hodge podge style cuts of vegetables.  Remember, we eat visually so it’s not so much that the food has to taste amazing but it also makes the food more appealing it if looks good too.

Tuesday Tip

Probably my earliest exposure to these phrases: Julienne, Chiffonade and Brunoise come from watching Julia Child and Jacques Pepin on channel 13 when I was little.  Yes, instead of watching The Munsters or Brady Bunch I was into Julia and Jacques.  Sure I loved the other shows but there was just something about Julia and Jacques that captured my attention.

Come get your Julia and Jacques on with me!

Weekly Menu

Happy Sunday TKW Family!  So wow, it’s like almost September.  I swear the older I get time just seems to go by in a blink of an eye. Like where did this summer even go? Did we even have one?  Well for us in Pittsburgh we pretty much didn’t have one.  In June it rained 20 out of 30 days.  Yes, 2o as in 2-0 days out of 30.  And I’m not talking that piddly little stuff either. We’re talking monsoon-type/forget having your hair look nice/yes the bottoms of your pants will get soaked/just move to Arizona rain.

It’s weird as a bunch of us were out to dinner the other day and we were talking how the weather has changed from when we were younger.  I mean I can remember it being cold from October to maybe February where we had feet of snow with weather in the low double digits. Now we get eh, maybe 2′ total in snow but the temps drop into the -15F not including the windchill and it starts in early October and goes until late March/early April. June now has become the rain month where if you wanted to have a graduation party now in June you had to plan on it being indoors.  Growing up, every weekend for an entire month was dedicated to outdoor grad parties, cook outs and bbqs.

The other thing we discussed… yeah the fact that we were discussing the weather like old people! LOL


When did we get old???

Lord Have Mercy Triple B Burgers

I have no words for this burger. Literally this burger left me speechless and if you’re anyone that knows me, you know that’s virtually impossible.  There is burgers and then there is THIS.  This burger is in a class all by itself.  It’s beyond elite; beyond epic.  It’s.. it’s… well it’s whatever that word is beyond epic. See!  Even know I am at a loss for words!

That just never happens.  I always have something to say but this… this glorious, absolutely incredible, amazingly delicious, #innerfatkid drooling burger paralyzed my ability to put thoughts into words.  Heck I don’t think I was even able to produce actual thoughts other than “Mmmm”. This burger will make you cuss and say words that your Mama would wash your mouth out with but you wouldn’t care because IT IS THAT GOOD!

Lord Have Mercy Burgers4

Originally when I was working on the concept of these burgers I knew I wanted to use bacon in the burgers.  I even thought of calling them the 50/50 burger but that all went to pot once I started to assemble this beast.  Okay so let me backtrack how this thing came to life.  It was a Sunday morning and I was at my butcher’s shop grabbing some fresh ground pork so I could make my own breakfast sausage.  When I spied their homemade applewood smoked thick cut bacon.  Now normally I’m not a huge fan of the thick cut as when most places make it, it’s charred on the outside but still chewy on the inside.  However there is a secret to cooking thick cut bacon at home and getting it perfect each and every time.

You will never want any other burger after eating this!

Peach Slab Pie with Streusel Crumble

Growing up summer wasn’t summer with out fresh peaches. Mom would make peach jelly, peach pie filling, peach cobbler and peach pies. Peach pies are traditionally round, topped with a crust and if you’re like me, always served warm with vanilla bean ice cream. Now the round type pies are what’s expected when you tell someone one you’ve made a pie however you know me I like to mix it up; give the unexpected.

Okay fine, I’ll fess up. Honestly I didn’t want to be bothered with rolling the crust out, then having to roll out a 2nd one to make it pretty. And the thought of having perfect fluted edges… oy! I just wasn’t feeling all that effort (not that it’s a lot but still). I wanted pie, but I also wanted lazy. Wha? Don’t judge me. lol

Peach Slab Pie

That’s when I decided to go with a slab pie. Now I haven’t had a slab pie for eons; probably not since I was little and it was one of our summer neighborhood picnics. Slab pies are one of the best types of desserts to make for a crowd. They are portable and easy to eat. You don’t need utensils and you don’t have to worry about this delicate flaky crust that could fall apart when you’re trying to manhandle/shove it in your face.

These slab pies are perfect for tailgating and football parties

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