Frozen White Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Bark

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Oh hello Pittsburgh Summer and its 893% humidity. So for those of you that aren’t familiar with Pittsburgh Summers let me give it to you straight – they pretty much happen overnight (i.e., we skip Spring), they are hot but 85-92F is bearable BUT, yes but they are laden with rain and or severe humidity.  In a nut shell, it’s pretty terrible HOWEVER that’s pretty much the only negative thing about this city.  I’m a ‘burgh girl and love it.  I love the food, the people, the hometown pride. Now if I could just take Scottsdale, Arizona’s weather and bring it here I’d be set.

When the great folks from Outshine reached out to me to create something delicious and innovative featuring their Outshine Strawberry Yogurt bars I was pumped.  Have you tried them yet?  Okay seriously you need to stop reading this, head to Walmart and pick up a box of them.  While you’re there grab another box of their other flavors! Did you know that for more than 20 years, they’ve been making delicious fruit bars out of ingredients like sweet strawberries, ripe mangoes and juicy peaches? I know, right!  That’s awesome!  Today, America’s favorite fruit bar also offers an array of refreshing products like Fruit & Veggie, Coconut Waters™ and Simply Yogurt Bars.

Frozen White Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Bark6

And check this out! Get ready for your chance to win a $5,000 backyard refresh from Outshine® plus hundreds of daily summertime prizes you could win instantly. Text “Snack Brighter” to 30364, or enter at! Seriously that’s awesome!!! Definitely enter today!  But wait, there’s more (in her oh-so-terrible infomercial voice)  Walmart will be having in-store demos during the weekends of 5/21 and 7/14! For more details check out more details here!
These frozen treats will definitely cool you down this summer and put a smile on your face!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Cupcake vs Muffin difference

Let’s talk about pet peeves; we all have ’em.  What are yours?  For me I have a laundry list of them:

  • People not saying thank you when you hold the door or elevator for them. Really?  I’m pretty sure your mother raised you better.
  • Public women’s restrooms and the lack of couth. Seriously I HIGHLY doubt you treat your own bathroom that way and if you do, you need help!
  • The Kardashians – seriously WHY are they famous?
  • …the list goes on and on.

One thing that irks me is when people say cupcakes and muffins are the same thing.  No, not they are not.  That’s like saying a hamburger and a filet mignon are the same thing because they come from a cow. While the ingredients are rather similar what sets each one apart is how they are made and finished.  On today’s Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer I’m giving you the real scoop on the  Cupcake vs Muffin difference.


No, a cupcake is not the same as a muffin!

Weekly Menu

Happy Sunday TKW Family! It’s time for another edition of the Weekly Menu. If you’re like me, you get tired of the same 5-10 recipes week after week.  You want a variety but you also want amazing flavors!  That’s what the weekly menus do.  They give you ideas that allow you to mix up your weekly meal plan game while expanding your recipe repertoire! Yes I said repertoire – I went all fancy on ya there, didn’t I? *wink*

WHAT A WEEK people!  No seriously, WHAT A WEEK!!!  So last Sunday after I got done all weekend outside in my woods – weeding (by the way Virginia Creeper vine SUCKS!  I am super allergic to it and still suffering), cutting grass and just being one with nature all through my yard.  Anyway about 5pm Mr. Fantabulous and I go out on to our screened in porch to spray a hornets nest. He was standing outside about 5′ feet from it spraying up to it and I’m on the inside spraying the other side of it.

When all of a sudden a 300lb BLACK BEAR wanders not even 25′ from Mr. Fantabulous! My heart immediately stopped and I very sternly but with “OMG HONEY” sounding said “Get in the house NOW!!!” only he doesn’t know there’s a bear. He thinks that this swarm of hornets are coming out. So he turns around and starts running TOWARDS THE BEAR! I then screamed “STOP!!! THERE’S a BEAR!!! GET IN THE HOUSE NOW!”. The man stopped on a dime, saw the bear, did the “OH SH*T!” face and ran into the house.

We saw it then wander down to our pond. We grabbed our cell phones (to call 911 and warn the neighbors) and jumped into the car to keep an eye out for it. Unfortunately it went up into our woods (where he was just at earlier that day!). Now here’s the thing, our entire property is fenced in – one way in, one way out. The whole 5 acres is fenced in so it’s like a sanctuary pretty much.

So we drove over to our neighbors to let them know and then came back home. I called 911 only to be told that there’s nothing the police can do and that I had to call the Game Commissioner (who by the way is closed now). About 30 min later an officer showed up (who was super nice) and pretty much said there wasn’t anything the police could do.

In the meantime Mr. Fantabulous tells me “You know I thought I saw something the other day when I was driving back up to the house. I saw these big eyes staring at me and thought to myself ‘Wow, that’s a really big cat'” REALLY BIG CAT??? WTH? It’s a BEAR! We aren’t in the Serengeti! We don’t have really big cats – we have BEARS! #ThisIsNotJellyStone #ImNotChristopherRobin #YoureNotWinnie


Nice, huh?  I then saw it again on Tuesday morning when I was leaving for work. The game commissioner and I played phone tag until Thursday evening when we finally were able to talk.  Since there were multiple sightings in my area he asked if he could come out, walk the property and if he saw more signs of it set these barrel traps that do not harm the bear but rather trap it so they can relocate it elsewhere. I politely asked if it worked on roosters (yeah I still hate our neighbors and their damn rooster).  He chuckled and said no. Later Friday afternoon he called me and said that he saw no more signs of the bear (no fresh droppings) and that he was confident the bear was gone.  We then got to talking and he mentioned how that rooster was so annoying. I said “You know it’s a shame bears don’t eat chicken.  I was half tempted to put garlic honey on the thing just so the bear would have something tasty.”  Folks if you would have heard this man belly laugh it was awesome!

So yeah apparently there’s no bears left but I’m still pretty leery especially I have to cut grass today.  I’m sorry but I am so not a country girl and I’m ready to trade in these 5 acres for concrete or sand! Anyway, how was YOUR week?  We finally got our counters installed – wow they look AMAZING but the installers “forgot” to bring the sinks. I mean seriously, how do you forget sinks for a KITCHEN when you’re installing KITCHEN counters?  I’m so over this whole construction thing. Mr. Fantabulous finished up the rest of the painting downstairs while I was at work.  I am so lucky to have married that man – he’s busting his butt so much just to get this done because he knows I’m so unhappy about the house situation.

Yesterday we spent the day with the Fantabulous in-laws. That is always a fun time.  I keep telling Mama Fantabulous that when we move they are coming with us – even if I have to kidnap them.  She has a few choice words for me but I just smile and tell her “Ma if you’re kidnapped you have no say.  That’s the whole concept of being kidnapped.'”  LOL

Anyway I have a million things to get done today (other than cutting that grass without a bazooka attached to the tractor) and I need to schoosh. You have yourself one fantabulously amazing week!

♥ Monday –  Beer ‘n BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
♥ Tuesday – Mom’s Ground Beef Stroganoff
♥ Wednesday – White Bean and Corn Veggie Burgers
♥ Thursday – Crunchy Asian Hoisin Chicken over Brown Rice
♥ Friday –  Cheesy Spaghetti Squash Pizza
♥ Saturday –  Dad’s Down Home Ham Salad Sandwich Spread on toast
♥ Sunday – Chicken Roulade Stuffed with Mushroom Wilted Arugula and Shallots
Dessert of the week – Strawberry Compote with Grilled Angel Food Cake Cubes

Strawberry Compote with Grilled Angel Food Cake Cubes

This post is being sponsored by Daisey Fresh featuring their incredible 100% Natural & Organic fridge filters.  All opinions of these ABSOLUTELY AMAZING filters are mine. When Dan from Daisey Fresh reached out to me to discuss a bit more about these filters I was immediately intrigued. You guys know me; I pretty particular about the products I use. I’m not about anything unnatural or full of chemicals. So knowing that they’ve created a 100% Natural & Organic filter that I can put in my fridge that will extend the lifespan of my fruits and vegetables definitely caught my attention. I mean who doesn’t love fresh crisp veggies or juicy, sweet fruits?!  AND to know that they are natural to boot!  Seriously it was a match made in heaven…or at least my fridge!  *wink*

I mean knowing I can buy fresh strawberries at the farmer’s market on Saturday and still have them be just as fresh and delicious a week later is awesome!  That means I can make this amazing Fresh Strawberry Compote with Grilled Angel Food Cake Cubes a whole week later and still have the berries taste just as fresh as day one!  BONUS! Just look at those luscious berries and compote.  Super juicy, super delicious and most importantly, still super fresh!
TKW Strawberry Compote GAFC3

We’ve all been there – we buy fresh fruits and veggies at the market and within a couple of days they start to turn; either in the fridge or on the counter.  You rush to try and turn them into something edible though often you find you end up having to just throw them out.  And unless you have Oprah money, it’s not cool.  You, just like I do, work hard for your money.  Well thanks to these folks at Daisey Fresh and these revolutionary filters, you can keep those fruits and veggies fresher longer, up to 2-3 times longer!
Your fridge NEEDS these AMAZING filters! Save your fruits and veggies!

Grilled Italian Salad and Pizza = Perfection!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RealTasteForRealLife #CollectiveBias

So anyone who knows me knows that pizza is the greatest thing in the world to me.  I mean it even trumps bacon and to me #baconislove but there is just something purely magical about pizza. It’s the perfect food for me.  It’s that one food that everyone asks “If you were trapped on a deserted island and could only have one food for the rest of your life what would it be?”  It’s always been the same answer for the past 25+ years… pizza.  Don’t care what’s on it, don’t care if it’s hot or room temp – heck I love it straight out of the fridge cold.  I just puffy heart pizza.

When the folks from Freschetta asked me to come up with great accompaniment to go with their pizza I went with something I’ve been making gosh, 15 years or so. Now their pizza by itself but I always feel that when you have pizza as a meal, you need something with it (other than a drink). You need a side dish.  Now sure I could have gone with wings but that’s pretty standard.  You’re probably going to say “but Lor, you’re making a salad, what’s so different with that?”  Well I’ll tell you guys – it’s not your typical salad.  First it’s grilled.  Yes, grilled.  Next I’m taking some of the same toppings that are on the pizza and using those also as an accompaniment to the pizza plus a few other items.
Grilled Italian Salad Collage


Your pizza deserves something equally as awesome on the side! This salad is PERFECT!

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