Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Grown Up Roast Beef Sandwiches and Herbed Prosciutto Tomato Onion White Pizza!

Ugh… Sunday night,  it’s after 8 pm and I’m just NOW posting the weekly menu. Please forgive me. This past week nearly pushed me to my breaking point physically and mentally. So the big project Go-Live happened yesterday. For the most part, it went well. There were some issues but no real showstoppers that the architects couldn’t resolve right away. It, however, was just a long, LONG day. Then on top of that, we drove a bajillion miles to get the doors we ordered plus all of the molding and casing. Since we live in countrybumpkinville there really isn’t a Lowes or Home Depot close so we had to drive about 35/40 minutes to get the doors and stuff. And to make matters worse, since we don’t have a truck we had to take 2 trips with the car and trailer. Needless to say we both were uber cranky.

Today I had every intention of writing this up this morning but when I got up I had to run to the grocery store to get some medicine. By the time I got home Mr. Fantabulous had a bug up his butt to get the molding painted. Now these molding strips we bought were contractor bundles where each bundle was 16′ long and contained 10-12 strips in each.  We painted 3 full bundles and then 2 bundles of the casings. The casings contained 10-12 strips in each where each strip was 7′ long.

UGH…. I hate construction and remodeling. Dear God I so respect those that do this for a living even more now having to live through this hell. NO WAY, NEVER AGAIN!

But enough about my complaining… your turn *wink*
I need a vacation, where do you suggest?

Butterscotch Pudding Cream Pie with Toffee Crunch!

Calling all Butterscotch lovers!!!  This is the pie of all pies!  A graham cracker crust with a layer of fudge is the perfect foundation for the most dreamiest, creamiest butterscotch pudding cream filling you’ll ever have!  And HELLO!!!  Toffee Crunch on top!  This is truly a butterscotch lovers dream come true!

Did you ever make something, not sure if others would like it but in your head, you kinda ‘knew’ it would make sense?  Well, that’s where this pie came from. I had been cleaning out my fridge and found a jar of my hot fudge sauce and some butterscotch topping in the way back. They were kinda sitting in the spot where sauces and mystery meats go to die…waaaaaaaaaaaay in the back. Now they were clearly in their wrong fridge spot (which is SUUUUUUUUUUUCH an issue for me).  Everything and I mean EVERYTHING, in my fridge has a designated spot. Milk and juice go in the door with the milk always being closest to the door opening. Ketchup and mustard going on the same shelf as the mayo. Jelly and sweet sauces go to the next shelf. butter goes in one area and the fruits/veggies go into their respective drawers.  God help you if you put a tomato in the meat drawer. OMG, it’s full on war. Well okay, not really but you’ll seriously bug me until I move it.

So that’s kinda where this pie evolved from. Now Mom made a ton of pudding pies growing up and honestly most of hers were from the instant mix. Making homemade pudding from scratch is awesome and the flavor can’t be beaten but I didn’t have a lot of time to make it plus I wanted to clean out my cupboards. You see when we were remodeling the kitchen I had to clean out ALL of my pantries and cupboards – you’d be surprised how much stuff you forget you have! Well at some point in time I bought a bunch of instant pudding mixes. Pudding mixes are a great flavor addition to cakes and cookies but honestly I never really use it for pies.

…til now!
I should call this The Disappearing Pie!

10 Minute Pressure Cooker Chicken Barbacoa

Just 10 minutes and a pressure cooker is all you need to make this SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS Barbacoa Chicken!  It’s the perfect meal for weekly meal prep and when you want a killer nacho topping! 

So remember my sharing with you a few weeks ago my experience with the mother of all nachos I had at this one restaurant? They were this ridiculously massive piling of beef barbacoa nachos that we ate for 4 days that resulted in a slight obsession in my house. Yeah so I had to do it, I had to make barbacoa. But I couldn’t just stop at beef (don’t worry, that recipe will be coming up soon!). Oh no, I had to also go with chicken because um, chicken rocks and it’s super high in protein. Plus when you do weekly meal prep, chicken is almost always a must-have.

Now this recipe is crazy easy. I’d say the hardest part was lugging out my blender from the one cabinet and then putting it away. I’m not one that keeps ‘stuff’ on her counters. Even my stand mixer that I use almost every day I put away. Yeah, I know… “but if you use it every day, save the effort and leave it out.” I hear ya and I used to be like that but Mr. Fantabulous hates ‘clutter’ and likes clean lines. Honestly, once I saw how my kitchen looked with those clean lines I was sold.

So as you read above this dish takes 10 minutes in the pressure cooker once it comes up to pressure. If you wanted you could most definitely make this in the crockpot – go with about 4 hours on high but you’ll need more liquid for sure. And if you wanted to make this in the oven you can do so as well. I would go with 300F for maybe 4-5 hours (though check it after 3).
This dish will be a weekly repeater in your house!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Check Your Ovens BEFORE Preheating!

One of the most important kitchen tips I can share is why it is extremely important to check your oven BEFORE preheating!

So there are certain rules we have to follow when it comes to cooking and baking:

  1. Make sure you have all of the ingredients before starting a recipe
  2. Make sure the heat/flame is on when you cook/bake
  3. Make sure you use safety guidelines
  4. Last, make sure when you check your oven BEFORE you turn it on!

Trust me that last one I learned the HARD WAY this past weekend. Yes, even yours truly “fubar’d” this one. My Kitchen Aid mixer bowl that is almost 21 years old got the short end of the stick on this one (I’m sorry!)

Last Sunday, Mr. Fantabulous wanted soft pretzels and I wanted to make an Italian Wedgie for lunch. I made the pretzel dough, put it in a bowl and cover it with the shower cap. Normally I’d use my bread proofer from Brod & Taylor but it’s in the backroom and I can’t get to it as Mr. Fantabulous is putting flooring down in front of the doorway.
Yes even food bloggers and chefs make rookie mistakes

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the BBQ Crack Chicken Casserole – Tots, Crispy Bacon, Cheeeeese and BBQ Ranch Sauce! and Lord Have Mercy Triple B Burgers!

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter TKW Family! So full confession, I didn’t realize it was Easter week until this past Thursday. That’s how crazy my work schedule has been. But this, God willing, is the last week I have to put in 16-17 hour work days as our project goes live over this upcoming weekend.  So let’s dish about last week (and today – all I’m going to say is I. AM. AN. IDIOT!  You’ll find out why later in the post). Since I transitioned to working from home I tend to take some things for granted – wearing real pants, makeup, a bra (TMI I know) and traffic. Well, I had to go into the office on Wednesday for a meeting and OMG you want to talk about torture!  The night prior was kind of like the night before the first day of school. Like you go to bed early but then you lay there watching the clock. It’s like you’re anxious or something. Weird, huh?

Thankfully I didn’t have to stay there all day and could finish the rest of my bajillion hours at home – in my comfy pants. Every night we worked on the flooring. Today we will be DONE. DONE. DONE with installing the hardwood!  This has been a long time coming!  However, we still have so much more work to do and what’s funny is we’re killing ourselves remodeling it just to sell the house. It wasn’t in bad shape whatsoever; it was just dated. We just, honestly, bit off more than we could chew. However, I thank God every day for being married to Mr. Fantabulous as he literally is that guy that can design, build and fix anything. There has yet to be one thing that he hasn’t been able to fix. When the house is all done I’ll post before/after pics. He should be on one of those HGTV shows for the work he has done on this house.

Now Friday I was supposed to be off, however, I had to work to get work done for the project. We had every plan on going to the movies but that fell to the wayside due to the flooring and work. However, we did go over later that night to our friend’s house to chill out by the fire. Was nice to just relax ya know?  Saturday was a busy day for us – I had 4 photo shoots I had to get done, feed him and apparently “WE” had to go to Lowes and Home Depot.  Yes “WE”…. just shoot me. ugh!

I’m still trying to hit the lottery. Oprah won’t adopt me and I need a vacation!

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