Awesome Buttermilk Recipes

If you’re like me buttermilk is something you rarely have in your fridge and when you do have it you end up having to pitch it because it spoiled too fast.  Sure you can make your own which I’ll show you how to later on but there are times when you may not be able to make it – out of an ingredient.  For whatever reason we tend to only ever need a cup or two in a recipe only to have the rest sit in our fridge taking up precious real estate (yes I consider the space in my fridge precious real estate because if there’s an opening, I’m gonna fill it with food!).

Buttermilk is traditionally a by-product of butter-making – the liquid that is left over after butter is churned from cream. It is now made commercially by adding a bacterial culture to skimmed milk. It has a slightly sour, acidic taste and is used for making scones and soda breads. It can also be used to replace milk for a healthier milkshake.

I’ve gathered together some of my favorite recipes to use up that leftover buttermilk. Quit wasting it and start making amazing stuff with it!

Buttermilk Recipes

So unless you’re adopted by Oprah or have that pot of gold, quit wasting ingredients!

Weekly Menu

I don’t know about you but this week could not have been over fast enough! It started off like any normal week – several workouts, lots of recipes and then BAM it hit me. Tuesday morning I woke up with some pretty intense cheek pain. I thought perhaps it was from my forgetting to wear my retainers at night since I have TMJ so bad and that I was grinding my teeth but since I’m not a doctor nor dentist I called up my dentist for an emergency appointment. After an xray he found that I had a small bit infection above one of my teeth.  Since there was a small bit of infection he opted to put me on antibiotics for a few days then have me in on Friday to do a root canal.

Well after 4 doses of antibiotics and several Vicodin (remember I don’t take pain pills ever), it was 5am and I was on the floor in tears. I mean crying hysterically from the pain.  One thing you have to realize about me is that I have a very high pain tolerance and given the number of major surgeries I’ve had in my life not once did I ever cry with those. This pain, OMG seriously I wanted to die it was so bad. After toughing it out til they opened I was sent to a periodontist to do an emergency root canal.  By that point, not even 24 hours later the left side of my face had swollen 5 times it’s size. My eye was almost swollen shut and my cheek was cherry red.  It was all I could do to not sit there and just cry.

so glad last week is over!

Crispy Baked Chicken Croquettes

I tend to make a whole roasted chicken about once a week either to eat as the actual meal or just to use the meat in another dish.   I had made my Ultimate Proposal Roasted Chicken for us however we didn’t finish it all. There wasn’t quite enough left for a meal for him (let alone a snack) and I wasn’t in the mood for just pieces of chicken.  At the same time I had some a few potatoes I had to use up as they were just on the verge of being too soft and you know me, I hate wasting food. As I was looking through my recipe I came across my recipe for my potato croquettes and thought I’d revamp them and turn them into a new recipe, Crispy Baked Chicken Croquettes.

Baked Chicken Croquettes

Croquettes are something my Dad always made using leftovers when we were growing up.
Want one? I’ll share!

Happy National Bacon Day!

For the past few years I’ve preached that bacon should be it’s own food group.  It’s one of those ingredients that while it so bad for us we kind of look the other way and pretend it’s not.  I do it. But if that’s my only vice so be it.  I don’t eat it every day though if I could I most certainly would.  I do eat it in moderation, moderately slow in my opinion but it at least keeps my doctor’s happy and my numbers in alignment. Bacon is one of those things that has been revolutionized the past few years.  We saw it jump from the frying pan and breakfast plate to into desserts, appetizers, dinners and my Man Candy Series.

lovebaconSo today raise up that crispy slice of awesomeness to the sky, celebrate with me then chomp down on that awesomeness in life called Bacon! Happy National Bacon Day!


Bacon should be it’s own food group

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