Cookie Butter Toffee Crunch Granola

Granola is one of those things that I never used to like as a kid.  It was dry, flavorless and boring.  It was oats, plain – no nothing on them, MAYBE some nuts and if you were lucky a few straggler pieces of chocolate.    I mean seriously dry oats aren’t exactly sexy or exciting.  I like them now, but when you’re a kid you need stuff in it!

So apparently I’m still a kid when it comes to granola as I need stuff in mine. Now normally it’s more healthy – oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and yes chocolate.  At least a smidge of it.  I’m a girl and girls needs chocolate. Well this recipe came out of a challenge.  See I was on this major Cookie Butter binge. I mean it was pretty sad and one that I shouldn’t admit but I was going through a jar every 2 weeks… myself!  I’m not going to lie.  This stuff is SUPER fattening and unhealthy but dear sweet baby Jesus this stuff is amazing!  It’s so wrong… in all the right ways!  But in moderation.. unless you’re me as I have no moderation when it comes to this stuff.  And my BEST advice to you is this:

Do not buy a jar and take it to work with a spoon.  I did this and THIS was my snack only my snack turned into my getting full on cookie butter.  Bad Lori *wink*


So to use up the last bit of cookie butter I had (at that point in time – we won’t discuss the 4 jars I have in my supply room, k?) I opted to make some granola with it in place of my traditional peanut butter.  And to keep it quasi healthy I went with coconut oil.  Hey, I have to cut corners as much as I can when using this stuff. Plus for me adding butter would have been *too much* richness.  The coconut oil adds a very light flavor to the granola letting the cookie butter shine through.

Now for me the best part of making granola is the what can I add to it to make it rock??? For me I opted to go with toffee baking bits.  Now there is a difference here.  I use only toffee baking bits, not the chocolate toffee bits.  Why?  Cause I’m like a child when it comes to granola.  I want stuff in it… a lot of stuff.  I feel like using chocolate toffee bits is cheating and depriving me of another thing to put in.  Make sense?  No… go with it *wink*

Have you tried cookie butter yet? NO?? Oh you so need to

Chocolate Crepes with Chocolate Cream and Raspberries

So SOMEONE (not mentioning any names… darling sister Dianna) said the ‘C’ word to Mr. Fantabulous.  The ‘C’ word in my house is Crepe.  See Mr. Fantabulous LOVES crepes beyond words. Now it wouldn’t be such a big deal if he ate a normal amount however there is nothing normal about his consumption of these.  At a minimum I have to make 12 at a time.  He literally inhales these and most often does what he can to stand next to me at the stove, 2 crepe pans going at once eating them as soon as they come out.  And God forbid someone does mention the ‘C’ word (darling sister dear) and I don’t make him them that day.  You’d think I done shot the dog, deprived him of Christmas and wrecked his Camaro. Yes folks I married a man-child. LOL  No seriously it’s our playful little ways with each other.  It makes life fun and cute.

Chocolate Crepes3

So as I made him my Classic French Crepes I decided *I* wanted to play with the recipe a bit for me. I mean I get tired of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Plus I wanted chocolate… for breakfast. Hey!  Don’t judge me!  Women are allowed to have chocolate for breakfast! It’s like the law or in wedding vows.. or something like that.
FYI… chocolate is acceptable ANYTIME of the day!

Weekly Menu

Happy Sunday TKW Family! Well another week has passed. How was yours? Mine was such an emotional one. See this week was my last week of work at my current (well okay it’s not current now but you get the gist) job. You know, the one that I LOVED. “So why leave Lor if you loved it so much?” Good question. It’s a two-fold answer I suppose. One, an incredible opportunity presented itself that simply I could not pass up. And second, I wanted to leave while I still loved it and the place. Have you ever got to the point where you loathed your job and or company? You just dreaded getting up and going in? Then being there for 8-12 hours was just pure hell on you. Yeah, me too. I had a job like that years ago that it got to the point that I had to quit. That the very thought of that company made me ill. It was vile and the worst place/job I ever had.

They say you should never burn bridges when leaving a company. Leave it open in case you want to come back. HA! Not with that place! Not only did I burn the bridge but I burnt down the entire village it led to! Yes I despised it that much!

But with this place (er my last place I left on Friday <insert tears>), I didn’t want it to get to that point. This place was different.  I LOVED my job and what I did. For being a huge corporation you didn’t feel ‘lost’ in the crowd of people.

Plus the people.. my friends. No, my other family…


Words cannot express how fortunate I was there to have so many incredible people come into my life.
Yes, I’m gonna get all girl like here for a few…

Harvest Spice Butternut Maple Soup

So remember my telling you the story how Mr. Fantabulous locked me in the car AND set the alarm while I was still under quarantine when he went into the grocery store on the way home from my dr’s appt?  Yeah, I’m so going to get him back for that one of these days! Anyway, remember my telling him how to buy a butternut squash and drawing a picture of one?  And remember my telling you how ginormous this thing was?  How I actually ended up making 2 dishes out of one? I made the Butternut squash gratin (which is amazing!) and this soup.

This soup was kind of a pot luck I-think-all-these-ingredients-go-together recipe.  I really had no clue what to do with the rest of the butternut squash.  And since pumpkin is a type of squash (isn’t it?) I figured I could turn it into a soup.  Fall is all about soup.  Just like it’s pumpkin season, it’s Soup Season in my house. I could eat soup every day.  There’s just something comforting about soup.

Maple Cream Butternut Soup1

I can remember growing up we only had 3, maybe 4 types of soup in our house.  Chicken Noodle (which was incredible!), beef soup, tomato soup and potato/ham/cabbage/bean soup.  Mom would make vegetable soup but I wasn’t having anything to do with that as well it was all veggies and that’s just icky. Wha?  I was a very picky child! But I grew up…sorta. I mean I’ll always be a big kid.  I giggle at the most inappropriate things.  I think the word ‘poop’ is the funniest thing ever (yeah I know, great word for a FOOD blog Lor!).  I still say ‘Nuh uh!’ in an argument from time to time.  I become 8 years old when Ruldoph comes on TV.  I still love to color.  Seriously there isn’t anything more awesome than lying on a big pillow on the floor, feet up the air (crossed) coloring in a big coloring book with a brand new box of crayons.
Let’s not grow up and get old, k?

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