Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Crystal Clear Ice Cubes

When’s the last time you looked at an ice cube? No I mean really just looked at it and admired it? Strange question I know but think back to the last fancy schmancy dinner you had at some hoity toity restaurant. Your dinner was pristine with 47 forks. There were more plates than you knew what to do with and at least 4-5 different glasses on the table in front of you.  You aren’t sure what to use first so you often make eye contact to the maître d’ with hopes of grabbing the right fork.  Kinda like how Julia Roberts is in Pretty Woman when she tries to eat snails.

Yeah… that’s pretty much me.  I have some semblance of an idea on what to use when but for me, what always caught my eye was the glasses of ice water.  They were crystal clear – even the ice!  And since we ‘eat’ with our eyes, it seems like that water tastes better than the water we have at home?  But why?  It’s all about perception.

When we get ice out of own freezer it’s cloudy.  But do you know why? Our water isn’t filtered and I hate to break it to you but it most likely contains dust and extra minerals. Our water isn’t the same as well, bottled water. And that my friends is where we start – bottled water in making crystal clear ice cubes.

Ice, Ice baby… and you’re welcome for that being stuck in your head now!

Weekly Menu

Oh 3-day weekend how I used to love you.  That is until we started this god forsaken remodel. While others are out celebrating, cooking out and relaxing I’m spending my time going to both Home Depot and Loews at least 4 times, wiping down grout, building a kitchen island, staining wood and grumbling under my breath.  But I can’t complain too much as I have the freedom to do all of this work thanks to our men and women in the military or have served.  It’s because of them I can do this granted I’d rather be lying on a hammock sipping a cold one eating a burnt hog dog though.

So let’s dish – last week was HELL here.  Work was actually really good as I got so much done however physically my body is beat.  I feel so much more out of shape than ever.  With this house and all the work we’re doing something had to give and unfortunately it was the gym.  I’m maintaining but I can feel muscle and strength loss. Plus damn it – I’m a year older now and feel it. Well we FINALLY got the kitchen tile floor finished and OMG even though it pushed me to my breaking point (literally – I had probably the worst fight ever with Mr. Fantabulous) we came out on top, still madly in love with an absolutely gorgeous floor. I cannot wait until it’s all done to show you guys pictures of what it did look like to what it will look like.

But yeah, I am making a vow to you all and to Mr. Fantabulous – I will never NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER do tile and grout work again!  I don’t care if it’s a 12″x12″ square… NO!  8 hours we spent doing about 700 sqft of grout.  I honestly wanted to die.  Why in the hell people choose to do this for a living in beyond me but whatever they are paid – still not enough!  It was the most physically demanding thing I have ever done.  Why?  When it goes to set, it sets fast and with my being the one that was wiping it down for all of that space – I couldn’t go any faster.  Well it started to set which mean it was like trying to smooth out a rock. We each went through a sponge on that floor smoothing it out.


What else… So we got the new appliances delivered yesterday – stove, fridge and dishwasher but sadly I had them take the stove back.  FYI… it’s important on a stove that the door be able to shut on BOTH sides of the oven.  UGH!  Why couldn’t it have been the dishwasher ya know?  I mean taking away my stove is like taking away the breath from my very body. SMH! But Loews called us later in the afternoon to say they would send out a new one first thing this week.  I’m praying it ‘s here by Wednesday as I have a big job due next week and need my stove.

Hopefully soon I can start posting some new recipes for you guys.  And from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for sticking with me through this hell of a ride with this house.  You guys are the best!

♥ Monday –  Thank you Veterans!  Happy Memorial Day!
♥ Tuesday – Italian Cheesy Stuffed Shells
♥ Wednesday – Whiskey Pulled Pork Shepherd’s Pie with Cheddar Biscuit Crust
♥ Thursday – Spinach Albacore Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
♥ Friday –  Pulled Pork Pizza Puffs
♥ Saturday –  Hot Sausage, Peppers and Onions
♥ Sunday – Maple Chipotle BBQ Pork Tenderloin
♥ Dessert of the week – Peach Slab Pie with Streusel Crumble

Memorial Day 2016 Dishes

With the majority of us having a long 3-day weekend, 4 if you’re like me and actually took a vacation day, parties and cookouts will be abundant. While I love me a traditional cookout with burgers and dogs (though my dog has to be burnt) I like to mix things up and have different foods.  You just get tired of the same ol’ same ol’. This year when you’re planning your menu break out a few of these killer cookout recipes below!  Some can be prepared ahead of time, some can be made right on the grill.  Heck some can be made in the pressure cooker and then just heated up the day of the party!  SCORE!  More time to actually enjoy your own party versus standing over a stove or bbq all day.  Even I who LOVES being in the kitchen and cooking does enjoy a party where I don’t have to stand there cooking all day.

Let’s dish first about my latest Man Candy recipes – S’mores!  Yeah I know, dude!  SMORE’S!  It’s crispy bacon that’s coated in chocolate, broiled marshmallows and then graham cracker crumbs.  This is a total game changer when it comes to your campfire smore’s!  Next those addictive Butterfinger cookies.  These cookies are chewy, chocolately (is that even a real word?) and loaded with Butterfinger bits.  You will not be able to stop at just one! And next we have those Asian Sticky Ginger Thighs.  OMG they are INSANE!  And all done in the pressure cooker!  So yeah you could totally make them ahead of time and instead of broiling them to get that nice char just pop them on the grill to get that real bbq char look and taste!
Memorial Day 2016

The most important thing is to remember Memorial day isn’t about the food but rather the men and women serving our country!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Perfectly Crimped Pie Crusts Every Single Time

I have a confession, I cannot crimp a pretty pie to save my soul.  I have great intentions but I seriously suck at it.  So either I end up rolling my crust, using the tines of a fork or cheating and cutting out strips of pie dough, braiding it and then laying that on top of the crust.  But those old-fashioned pies Mom would make or that you’d find in a diner – yeah I can’t make those crusts.  Now my pie crusts ROCK, but I can’t make ’em pretty.  Until now… On this week’s edition of Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer I’m sharing with you how to make  Perfectly Crimped Pie Crusts Every Single Time!

So how do you do it?
Rock out your pies with this awesome tip!

Weekly Menu

Happy Sunday TKW Family! So this past week was pretty eventful. Last Sunday night we worked on laying tile until 2:00am and I had to be up and out of the house by 4am since I was flying to Vegas for a work conference. Yeah, let’s just say even *I* need more than 2 hours of sleep.  Unfortunately I didn’t nap on the flight – I just can’t sleep on planes.  Instead I watched The Food Network (TYVM Southwest for offering free streaming live TV) and then Pitch Perfect.  God how I love those movies! Our flight down was pretty easy though with the 3 hour time change my body was all kinds of out of whack from sleep deprivation.  We stayed at the Mandalay Bay.  Really beautiful hotel with great rooms.  I had an awesome view of the strip.  After I unpacked my coworkers and I hit up a few shops (they had to buy for their kids) and grabbed some lunch.  Now I had every intention of THEN napping since I had like 2 hours before the pre-conference kicked off buuuuuuuuuuuut my body thought otherwise.  Even though my room was pitch black and I had my white noise app playing on my phone I could not fall asleep for the life of me.  So off to the pre-conference we went.  Now I get a kick out of pre-conference events as that’s where vendors give up some great trinkets and techie gizmos.

A couple of hours of chit chat, entering a few drawings for some really awesome prizes we had to make a decision as to which drawing we wanted to hit up first.  See the two bigger ones were both being drawn at 8pm – one for an Apple watch and another for an iPad Pro.  Both drawings required you to be in person AND of course they are both on opposite sites of the massive convention. My one co-worker and I opted for the iPad drawing. So we stood there and after 3 names were called to which those individuals weren’t present they drew another name.  Well before they drew the name I figured “eh, it won’t be me” so I took out my lip gloss.  One swipe of the bottom lip and low and behold I hear my name called!  Folks I squealed like a 14 year old seeing her favorite band in person!  Like we’re talking hands flailing however I didn’t drop the lip gloss.  Sorry Apple but lip gloss trumps your systems every time.  LOL


After that we hit up a late dinner and my butt was in bed by 10:30 pm.  Tuesday was a long day starting at 7am for breakfast followed by keynote speakers, labs, classes and short breaks for lunch. A few rounds at the vendor expo and then we were hitting up another late dinner at a Japanese restaurant. What I realized is that Japanese steak is awesome, the rest – yeah, not a me type of food. I don’t do sushi, am not a big fan of ceviche and wasabi is just pure fire. Now please note this is based on of the foods we were provided. I’m definitely up for other foods in that realm. After that we hit up one of the vendor parties at the SkyBar.  OMG the VIEW!  If you follow me on Instagram you saw what I saw.  OMG AMAZING!

Wednesday was another long day of sessions however this time we hit up one of my favorite restaurants in Vegas, Border Grill.  It was there I had one seriously awesome burger that I am totally making at home! It was a Chile Relleno Burger -ground black angus brisket and short rib | romaine | chipotle aioli | roasted poblano stuffed with mexican cheeses | brioche bun. Seriously amazing but OMG HUGE!  I ate a quarter of it and was stuffed! After lunch I had another lab but I ended up finishing up an hour early.

Vegas baby!

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