BBQ Meatloaf Stacks

This recipe is one of those I WISH my parents were still alive not only to taste but to see me eat.  See growing up I REFUSED to eat or go near meatloaf.  It was chalked full of hunks of onions (that I swore would kill me if I ingested one), tomatoes and just flat-out yucky stuff.  The only meatloaf I would eat would be my grandma’s as while she used tomatoes, onions and peppers she minced them to the point you needed an eagle eye to find them in the dish.  I cut a piece off, give it a thorough look through and if I didn’t see an onion I’d eat it.  However the first one I spotted then the dinner was over for me and I was grabbing a pb&j. I just couldn’t do the chunks man.

However now I’ve grown to love onions (not raw) and peppers (not green as they still are yucky) and can tell when they are missing from the dish.  I also now love meatloaf…MY meatloaf TYVM!  I know I’m a snob, but I like what I like.  We all are food snobs or better yet, we should be.  Now let me clarify, we should only be food snobs when we are paying for a prepared meal.  I’m sorry but if I’m paying you for a dish the food and quality should be good.  The price of the dish is irrelevant.  Okay sure if it’s a 99cents burger then I wouldn’t exactly expect to have it made out of kobe beef however it still can be really good.
BBQ Meatloaf Stacks8

This recipe is one that honestly kinda just came to be.  See I was cleaning out my big freezer again – I have been doing this a lot lately only because truthfully I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to properly food shop.  And since I never EVER do take-out I have to go with what I have on hand.  Well okay I should clarify why I don’t do take out.  There is zilch stuff here in countrybumpkinville.  Yes we have a chain type pizza shop but you all know how I feel about those.  Nope, no way, no how. I do not do mass-frozen/re-heated foods.

Get your stack on with these BBQ Meatloaf stacks!

Weekly Menu

Happy Happy Sunday TKW Family! Tis a GORGEOUS day here in the ‘Burgh.  It’s time for your weekly menu to help ending that old ‘Ugh, what am I going to make for dinner???’ conundrum we all get.  So how was your week?  Mine wasn’t too shabby.  Twas super busy and we had really odd weather.  It was cold enough in the morning where you needed your heater on in the car and had to go out with a coat on however by the time you left the office it was hot and you were putting the ac on for the car ride home.  I’m thinking Mother Nature finally has given us a reprieve from snow…this week. lol  Yeah our weather here is pretty erratic!

So my life wouldn’t be my life if there wasn’t some type of health issue going on.  We found out on Thursday that Mr. Fantabulous has to have shoulder surgery this Friday.  See he, too, was hurt in the car accident but his injuries weren’t as severe as mine.  I had mine first and now that I’m about 75% recovered it’s time for him to go get his fix.  I swear if it’s not one thing or another. He’ll have a pretty similar surgery like the one I had however I am praying that he has no where near the amount of pain I did.  This surgery totally wussed me out pain-tolerance wise.  I can handle pain though this one, no way.  The pain demon one.  He’s not one that can take pain and a TERRIBLE patient (at home).  Plus it breaks my heart to see him hurting.

But I did hear some awesome news…  I’m going on a Press Tour the 2nd week of May for the American Whiskey Trail!  It’s a week-long trip that will explore the history of whiskey-making in America, visit historic sites from the George Washington Distillery outside Washington, DC to famous American whiskey brands including Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey and Woodford Reserve in Kentucky. In addition, I’ll have the opportunity to meet with a handful of America’s new small distillers, and taste their products. I’m SUPER excited to be asked to do this and I can’t wait to share with you all my experiences!


Yesterday I had a girl date day with my bff to get our “hair did” and grab some lunch.  See I’m so not a ‘typical girl’ when it comes to getting my hair done.  I think I *may* get my hair cut 2-3 times a year, if that, and for coloring (I dye it almost black) I go with a box mix.  Don’t judge or tsk.  I honestly have yet to find a stylist I like.  Well it got to the point that my hair was driving me nuts and I posted on facebook that if I didn’t find a good stylist soon I was taking a bowl, putting it on top of my head and cutting around the rim thus bringing back the “Dorothy Hamil’ bowl cut.  I could rock it and make it sexy.  The comments I got were hysterical and my bff said “friends don’t let friends get bowl cuts…ever!” so she booked us at her salon.  Now this salon was super cute and as soon as I got there I was offered water, coffee, tea or wine.  Wait, what?  Wine?  No wonder she liked this place!  After 2 1/2 hours we were done and my ‘do’ was revealed.  She went NUTS and immediately reached out to start petting my hair.  It’s super silky and shiny and seriously, totally pettable.  You’d go nuts over it!

After that we went to lunch only there was a huge line so she signed us in and then introduced me to an evil store.  No, it wasn’t a kitchen store but a purse and accessory store.  Seriously this store was the purse porn of stores!  And what I absolutely LOVED about this place (other than the seriously cheap prices) was that the stands were all colored segregated. You didn’t have red purses mixed with yellow checkerboard.  The store was just pretty to look at.  As we walked along I just said “You know you are evil for bringing me here.  My credit card hates you right now!”  I walked out there with a super cute bright pink purse and wallet and 2 sets of sparkly bracelets.  Yeah, that’s honestly the extent of my girliness.  I’m so not one to follow fashion trends, go ga-ga over shoes or hell, I don’t even know who the top designers are.  I can’t afford them anyway so why care, right?  No for me, as you all know, I go ga-ga over kitchen stuff.  That’s my happy place… well besides in Mr. Fantabulous’ arms. *wink*

So with that, here’s to you and I having an amazing week!  Get some sun on those pretty little cheeks of yours and fill your belly with something yummy!

Best Kitchen Wishes!

♥ Monday –  Beef Fajita Quesadillas
♥ Tuesday- Crunchy Asian Hoisin Chicken over Brown Rice
♥ Wednesday - Bourbon Honey Butter Pork Tenderloin
♥ Thursday - Crunchy Asian Hoisin Chicken Wraps
♥ Friday - Wings out the Wazoo
♥ Saturday - Grilled Zucchini Pizza
Sunday - Crock Pot Italian Style Pot Roast
♥ Dessert of the week - Gooey Brownie Chocolate Mug Cake For One

Maple Chipotle BBQ Pork Tenderloin

So a few days before I had to go away for a week-long work trip I was rummaging through my chest freezer looking for stuff I could make ahead of time so Mr. Fantabulous wouldn’t starve in my absence.  I know, I spoil him but I love the big lug. As I was pretty much chest deep in my freezer I spied a lovely pork tenderloin package.  Okay truth be told, I kinda-sorta-forgot-I-had-it cause I have so much stuff in that freezer.  Immediately I knew I had to use it because I LOVE pork tenderloins…when it is made correctly!

Often times I’ve had it in restaurants and it’s either cooked to where it’s like shoe leather OR they attempt to shred it like pulled pork.  First, any meat other than jerky should never be shoe-leather texture.  And Pork tenderloins are not meant to be used for pulled pork. They don’t have enough fat in the cut so it dries out and the meat gets rough. Stop trying to make it something it’s not.  Kinda like I am not trying to be a Victoria’s Secret angel cause it’s something I’m not.  Speaking of which… have you all seen the new commercial Lane Bryant has been running showcasing what society deems “plus size” women.  Their whole premise is to show that women, ALL women regardless of their size are beautiful.  That you don’t need be a VS Angel to be desirable in your gutchies.  That you can have rolls, jiggle, bellies and curves to be sexy.  You can have pudge, flubadub, chub or whatever you deem it and still be healthy. They are breaking the stereotype mold by telling people it’s okay to not be an “angel”.  #ImNoAngel is their hashtag and I love it!

Maple Chipotle Pork Tenderloin1

Sorry, I got side tracked huh?  But it’s important to me.  Growing up, being that fat kid that so badly wanted to fit in to what society deemed pretty was hard.  Life was hell at times and more often than none I’d end up in tears because I was “different”. Kids are cruel.  Period.  But I think it all starts at home and what they are exposed to by tv and the media.  Where people, society, the media/corporations fail is realizing that they do not have the right to tell us what we should like or what is beautiful.  What one person finds beautiful another may not.  My husband finds me to be the sexiest woman ever and that’s fine by me.

This Maple Chipotle BBQ Pork Tenderloin is Sexy too!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Folding ingredients

So you’ve got all of your ingredients out and you’re ready to tackle that recipe.  You almost done and then you read “fold gently into the batter” and you panic.  What?  “What’s this folding business?  I’m not folding sheets or clothes!  OMG what if it’s like folding a fitted sheet?!?!”  LOL relax, it’s not that tough. Well okay the whole folding a fitted sheet thing is something I have never mastered. However I am the queen of start with a fold and end up kinda rolling it into a ball.  What?  Don’t judge me… you do it too!  I’ve seen your linen closet *wink*

However don’t fret. Most recipes today take for granted that we all know certain terminology – chiffonade this herb, julienne these carrots, mise en place, fold in and so forth. For now we’ll talk about folding in egg whites, why we do it and more importantly, how to do it.  When you fold in egg whites, you’re incorporating beaten whites into other ingredients without compromising the airiness of the beaten whites. Folding egg whites properly ensures success with dishes like soufflé, mousse, angel food cake, and more. It allows them to be light and airy.  More importantly, folding egg whites isn’t the same as stirring, and it takes a gentle touch, so you take your time and fold in slowly and gently.

Tuesday Tip
There are just a few items you really need when folding in egg whites properly. You need a spatula with the widest and most flexible blade that you own, a big bowl and a gentle, patient touch. Trying to fold egg whites in a cramped little bowl makes it hard to really get under the batter and then fold it without deflating the egg whites. A wide spatula helps gently cut more of the mixture into the batter. A flexible blade helps you scrape along the curve of the bowl and scoop up every last bit of the liquid batter. Remember your goal here is to not deflate them.  You want to trap all of those air bubbles in the batter without popping them!
Tuesday's Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer - Folding ingredients
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  • Egg whites
  • A spatula with the widest and most flexible blade that you own
  • Large bowl
  1. In a bowl of a stand mixer with the whisk attachment, whip the egg whites until they reach stiff peaks.
  2. Have your batter that you need to fold the egg whites into in a large bowl.
  3. Using a spatula with a wide flexible blade, GENTLY incorporate the egg whites or whipped cream into the batter with a scooping-and-folding motion.
  4. Place a third of the egg whites into the batter.
  5. Starting at the back of the bowl cut down vertically through the egg whites and batter across the bottom of the bowl and up the nearest side.
  6. Rotate the bowl a quarter turn with each series of strokes. This down-across-up-and-over motion gently turns the mixtures over on top of each other, combining them in the process.
  7. Incorporate the rest of the egg whites trying hard not to deflate it. Essentially you want to trap the air bubbles in the batter without popping them. By doing that you will end up with a very light and airy result.

All-Clad Factory Sale June 5th and 6th 2015

So how do I know that it’s spring time in Pittsburgh?  No it’s not because the snow has finally stopped.  And it’s not because it’s baseball season.  Heck it’s not even because I’ve finally been able to pack away my winter coat.  Nope I know it’s spring time in the ‘burgh because it’s times for All-Clad’s spring Factory Sale!!!  You see twice a year All-Clad has what’s called their ‘Factory Sale’; once before Christmas and one at the end of May/early June.  This year All-Clad’s Factory Sale is June 5th and 6th 2015 so mark your calendars, schedule vacation time and start saving up!

You see the Factory Sale is where their stuff that they either have too much of, has been discontinued or deemed irregular is sold at huge discounted prices. They come fully back with All-Clad’s warranty. Now the whole ‘irregular’ may cause concern but trust me, there is NO CONCERN! There may be a blemish – small scratch, logo off-center, something that causes it for the big department stores to not want to sell it. In no way shape or form does it lack in quality or performance.

All-Clad 2015 Summer Factory Ssale

I’ve been posting about these sales for years plus sharing it all over Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest you all know I have a deep love for All-Clad. More importantly I have respect for them and their superior product.

When: Friday, June 5th and Saturday, June 6th, 2015
Time: Friday is from 9am-7pm | Saturday is from 9am – 4pm
Where: Washington County Fair and Expo Center | 2151 North Main Street | Washington, PA 15301 | Phone: 724-225-7718
Directions: if you’re close to Pittsburgh
Things to know:

ο They accept cash and credit card (at least they did the last 16 times I’ve gone).
ο Bring a friend and a bag to carry all of your stuff!
ο There is no better day to go though if there is something you really want, it’s best to go on Friday morning as items sell out fast.
οThe past few times people started lining up pretty early (like 6am) but I go later in the afternoon and there is always a boat load of product left.
ο What is so awesome about this sale is that throughout the entire 2-day sale, the wonderful folks of All-Clad keep replenishing the products.
ο If you buy more than your vehicle can fit (trust me, you will buy and buy and buy!) in the past they have offered UPS shipping.
ο The sale is in-person only; no online ordering. Take the trip and visit – Pittsburgh is GORGEOUS this time of year and it truly is a site to see!
ο The All-Clad employees that work at this event are SUPER nice and extremely helpful!
ο They have recently had a few shopping carts for people to use. If they are being used they do provide heavy boxes that you can either pull around or carry.
ο If this is your first time going, be prepared to be amazed!
ο There will easily be 150k-200k people who will flow through this event.
ο If you’re going and they have their 20 qrt stock pot.. leave it, it’s mine! I NEED it! *wink*

What else can I tell you?

→ I do not work for All-Clad nor do in any way represent the company. I am merely someone who truly loves and respects their products from both an engineering standpoint and cook/chef view.
→ Going by past sales, they have full sets as well as individual pieces, sauce pans, stock pots, non-stick, stainless, crock pots, grill pans, utensils, lids, bake ware, cookware, strainers, griddles and so forth.
→ If you need assistance carrying your items to the car they have amazing folks there that will help you.
→ They have introduced “Flash Sales” on low stock items through out the sale. Please be courteous and try not to run someone over getting that item.
→ Have fun. Really, just have fun. There is so much stuff and the people are so nice. If you’re not sure how to use or clean an item, ask someone.
→ If you see me, say hi and introduce yourself.
→ There are hotels close to this sale (within minimal driving distance) so come in for the weekend!
→ If you have questions ask here or contact All-Clad themselves.

And if they ask how you heard about it, tell them The Kitchen Whisperer sent you.

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