Simple Skinny Banana Cookies

So if you’re like me you are always seeking new and creative ways to use up those ripe bananas that no one in your house eats – well unless you live in my 2nd brother’s house.  The man will ONLY eat black bananas.  Crazy, huh? In the past I’ve given you cakes, cookies, tarts, bars, parfaits, smoothies and so forth types of recipes but even still I do my best to give you even more choices. Let’s face it, we get tired of the same ol, same ol’. Well unless it’s pizza and bacon.  One can never tire of that.  And if you do well… you can’t live on my island.  lol

Skinny Banana Cookies6

Well okay you can… if you make these cookies! What I love about these is that they are super simple, can be gluten free and you can add whatever you want to the mix.  As you can see I made two types – some with raisins and some with mini chips.  See I love bananas with chocolate (and raisins too… oh wait.. OMG!  Chocolate covered raisins!!!) while Mr. Fantabulous hates banana and chocolate together.  He’s weird; sexy as hell but weird.

Name your mix-ins and have at it!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Smart Carb Substitutions

With all of us (hopefully you’re included) trying to live a healthier lifestyle by eating better and exercising there have been a lot of ‘fads’ out there as to what’s good and what’s not.  One minute eggs are bad, the next they are fine.  Sugars are terrible for you but not artificial sweeteners are worse. And then there’s the whole debacle of carbohydrates.  Carbs have been touted as the feared food in fad diets. And some carbs have also been promoted as a healthful nutrient associated with lower risk of chronic disease. So what really is the right answer? How can you tell a good carb from a bad carb?

We can reap the health benefits of good carbs by choosing carbohydrates full of fiber. You want these carbs as they get absorbed slowly into our systems, avoiding spikes in blood sugar levels. Examples: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans.     We can minimize the health risk of bad carbs by eating fewer refined and processed carbohydrates that strip away beneficial fiber. Examples: white bread and white rice.

Tuesday Tip

Good carbs:

Whole-grain products such as brown rice, whole-grain pasta, beans, whole wheat bread, whole oats, buckwheat, millet, whole rye, whole-grain barley and whole-grain corn are considered good carbohydrates. These foods are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are beneficial to your health. Also, they have a low glycemic index because they cause a slower change in blood sugar levels. Diets rich in high glycemic index foods cause a rapid rise in blood glucose levels, thereby increasing the risk for diabetes and heart disease. By contrast, foods with a low glycemic index help you achieve a more stable blood sugar and improve weight loss and control Type 2 diabetes.

Carbs aren’t all bad!

Weekly Menu

Happy Sunday TKW Family! I swear the weeks are just flying by.  It seems like just the other week it was freezing and snowing.  Oh wait, it was.  I forgot I still live in Pittsburgh.  It’s no wonder my butt is sick right now.  I had to go away last week for two days unexpectedly and in the midst of my packing I left my allergy medicine at home. Yeah, not the smartest thing I did.  Well I was sorta ok while I was away however the morning I woke up it hit me like a ton of bricks… those sickly eyes that were all glassy and watering, sniffles and sneezes and almost no voice.  Not a big deal… until I got home.  You see Mr. Fantabulous will FREAK OUT if he’s around anyone that has a cold.  The man swears he doesn’t get just a cold but rather he gets the Bubonic plague. We’re talking full-blown must lie in bed for a week and be waited on hand and foot “cold”. As soon as I got home and he walked outside to come hug me he stopped like 3′ from me and said “Wait, look at me.  Are you… are you… are you.. SICK???” and jumped back like 3’! I simply said “It’s allergies; come hold me.  I missed you.” in an almost inaudible voice.  Folks you would have though I just sprayed the Bird Flu on the man as he ran away from me!  LOL Nice homecoming, huh?


So I carried my stuff into the house and went to grab something to drink.  Now you all know me, at any given time there are at least 3 whole dinners prepared in my fridge for well, anyone.  We used to get a lot of unexpected company so I wanted stuff on hand.  And now, with my traveling more than normal I need to make sure that he’s taken care of food-wise in the event (like this one) I had to leave suddenly. As I opened the fridge I stood there honestly kind ticked off.  EVERYTHING I had made was still there.  So wait, why would I be mad then?  That’s good, right?  NO!  Why?

That means Mr. Fantabulous literally ate peanut butter sandwiches and cereal for 2 days. I mean we’re talking a plate of turkey meatballs and marinara sauce, brown rice with Asian chicken and veggies, western burgers and onion rings, and a big bowl of creamy tomato soup.  All that and the man eats friggen cereal!  So as he came into the house you could see that I was not happy.  I said “Exactly what did you eat for 2 days because NONE of this stuff was touched.”  His response was “you just put that all in there.  It wasn’t there while you were gone.” with a big gorgeous grin. However with my being sick, it didn’t work on me.  I said “Honey, all that stuff is going to go bad if you don’t eat it.  I’m going to quick making stuff if you’re not going to eat it.”  All he responded was “but but but.. it wasn’t on a plate.  I wasn’t sure how to assemble it.”

Now before some of you start to shake your heads hear me out first as honestly this is all my fault.  My Mom would prepare stuff for my Dad on plates if he was late for lunch or dinner that way all he’d have to do is heat it up and dig in.  I have done the same for Mr. Fantabulous for the past almost 19 years.  But with TKW and what not I don’t have the fridge space to do it any longer.  So now, well okay once I’m allowed to be in the same room with him without be Lysol’d to death, I have to teach him how to assemble and plate.  Honestly I’m really looking forward to it. I love being able to teach things like this.

So how was your week? What’s your week look like coming up?  With Memorial Day next Monday, are any of you taking this Friday off for a long 4-day weekend?  I’m on the fence about it.  I have a ton of work to do but a break would be nice – even if it’s porch view.  LOL Anyway, here’s to you having one amazing week!  Enjoy the weekly menu and hey, invite me over for dinner one night! I’ll bring the dessert!

Best Kitchen Wishes!

Monday –  Thick ‘n Creamy Loaded Potato Soup
Tuesday- Protein Packed Chicken Parmesan Florentine Meatballs
Wednesday – Mexican Shredded Beef Stuffed Avocado Egg Roll Cups
Thursday – Baked Egg Florentine Breakfast Birdnests
Friday – Pulled Pork Pizza Puffs
Saturday – Chicken Prosciutto Roulade
Sunday – Whiskey Pulled Pork Shepherd’s Pie with Cheddar Biscuit Crust
Dessert of the week – Ice Cream Sandwich Torte

Double Chicken with Power Greens Soup

So yes I know it’s almost summer. Yes I know this is soup.  And yes I know I should be posting stuff about cook outs and bbqs but seriously this soup is so flippin’ amazing that you won’t care if it’s a bajillion degrees (okay maybe then you would care if you had something hot to eat) or negative-freeze-my-butt-off cold out.  Think of this soup as a cross between my Tuscan Bean Soup and Pasta e Fagioli. Now this soup came out of a need.  A need to clean out my fridge that is. LOL I mean we’ve all been there – we buy a big package of chicken only to use part of it up.  We rush to get it cooked up while the remainder stays in the fridge to be eaten another day. 1 or 2 lone carrots lie at the bottom of my bin, sobbing because they feel unloved.  And kale… trendy green goes unnoticed next to the arugula.  Sorry kale but in my house arugula trumps you every single time. It’s not you; it’s me.

Souper Chicken with Power Greens4

See I had all of these ingredients in the fridge.  There wasn’t enough of any one item to make a full meal out of it itself so when it doubt, soup it out!  Hey.. that’s a pretty cool line. Maybe I could copyright that.  lol Yeah my luck someone already did and wants paid for using it.

Soup – it’s not just for winter

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – DIY BBQ Rubs and Sauces

With BBQ Season kicking off in a big way, I often get requests for really great sauces and rubs to use.  Now you know me I’m not one to ever, EVER buy a pre-made spice mix or bbq sauce so here are some killer bbq rubs and seasonings that you’ll definitely want on hand all summer long!  These will elevate your steaks, burgers, ribs, chicken and even fish to levels that will surely make you the Grill Master on your block! Plus if you make enough, the spice rubs can be put into jars and given away as gifts!  For the sauces you can use a pressure canner to seal them and then give away or store for later!

Tuesday Tip
Time to get your grillin’ on!

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