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Happy Sunday TKW Family! Man I tell you what, last week pretty much kicked my butt! It was literally non-stop from 5am til midnight.  I was away again for work however I did manage to be able to get together with some girlfriends and TKW Family members for dinner a couple of times which is awesome. And I’ve now become one of those travelers to where as soon as I walk into the car rental place or my hotel I’m immediately greeted with a “Hey Lori, back again?”  Actually when I went to pick up my rental car the manager said “Hey Lor you dyed your hair!  It looks awesome!”  It’s awesome customer service when they notice the little things however my traveling should die down for a few weeks.  Actually it has to as Mr. Fantabulous is scheduled for shoulder surgery this upcoming Friday.

He was supposed to have it a few weeks ago but the surgery center ended up having to have us reschedule to another location.  Now to know my husband he’s swearing up and down that he’ll be fine post-op; that it’ll be “no big deal as I’m not a wuss like you Lori cause I have a higher pain threshold.”  Yeah… we’ll see there buckaroo.  He’s even gone so far to tell me that 2 weeks post-op he’ll be out there weed whacking our 5 acres using his commercial weed whacker.  Really now baby?  Hmmm… I’m 3 months post op and cut the grass on our riding tractor today for 2 hours and was in tears afterwards as it killed my shoulder.  You go on with your bad Superman self then.

Anyone wanna place a bet that 2 weeks post op I’ll still be pampering that man and there will be no weed whacking?


Who’s coming for dinner?

Skinny Baked Frittatas

There’s just something awesome about a frittata.  They are rustic yet elegant.  They are comforting and one of my favorite anytime meals.  I’ve been on this major frittata kick as of late as I’m now finally able to start getting back to my old lifestyle (pre-injury) which means I get to live at the gym again (yes I’m still taking it easy… kinda) and I am back to my normal healthy diet.  Since December with not working out my energy level was pretty much crap which meant I slipped back into some old, bad, food habits. Yes I still ate good but it was no where near my normal diet.  And just like expected some clothes started to get snug and I developed this muffin top thing that seriously if Mr. Fantabulous comes up behind me on more time and squeezes it I’m going to punch his lights out.  He thinks it’s cute because I get so bent out shape over it.  But I have no one to blame but myself however I’m back in the saddle and bound and determined to get rid of that damn muffin.  I worked way too hard to slip back.  So yes, even I, the gym rat can slip up.  I’m human.

Now what prompted this whole frittata craze is I was at the store and saw the cutest little paper baking cups.  They were about 3-4″ round and about an inch high.  Immediately I knew I wanted to make frittatas in them.  For those of you that do not have those paper baking pans, no worries. You can easily use muffin tins or those individual cake pans that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Skinny Baked Frittata

Do you know the difference between a Frittata and Omelette?

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Kitchen Hacks to Save You Money

Face it, we all aren’t masters in the kitchen. And often the best lessons we learn are those that have been passed on by our parents and grandparents.  Today’s Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer we’re going to talk about kitchen hacks that can save you money. Some of these I’ve known about for eons, some I recently found out.  Like for example I’ve always cut open my used teabags and coffee grounds to sprinkle around my plants.  However not all plants (especially seedlings) like it so definitely look it up first. Freezing stock as cubes are a given for me.  Now when it came to wine, that’s one thing I never did as well, I don’t drink it and really don’t like cooking with it.  I just don’t care for the flavor. So freezing it as cubes is perfect for me to enrich a sauce.
Make strawberries last longer by packing them in sugar

Thoroughly wash the berries but don’t hull them until after they have been washed. It’s important to do this after washing so the strawberries don’t fill with water. Place a layer of strawberries in a rigid freezer-proof container with a lid. Sprinkle with a heaping Tbl of granulate sugar.. Top with another layer of strawberries and sprinkle with the same amount of sugar. Continue the layers to the top of the container. Don’t tip or shake the container as the sugar will fall to the bottom. Remove the lid and take as many strawberries as you need from the pack. They should separate easily when frozen as the sugar will help keep them apart. scatter over a plate and leave to thaw for about 30 minutes.

Tuesday Tip
Do you have a kitchen hack that saves you money?

Weekly Menu

Happy Sunday TKW Family!  It’s time for the weekly menu. So let me ask you, does this help you in planning out your dinners for the week or are you one of those ‘figure out what’s for dinner on your way home while sitting in traffic’ kind of cooks?  Just please, please tell me you don’t just grab take out every single night.  Please, my heart would just shatter…

How was your week?  So you know how last week I was commenting how Mother Nature finally decided to bless us with real Spring-like weather where we were having 80F days?  Well the witch must be hormonal as we went from 80F, to 27 with snow to the next day having it be 42 with frost and then rain and gray.  Seriously… enough lady!  Go see Magic Mike, have some drinks with your girlfriends and get your crap straightened out!  I’m tired of going from short sleeves to friggen coats and boots!


This upcoming week I’m away again for work which means I had to pre-make a bunch of stuff that way he’s good to go food-wise.  Well no, I didn’t have to make him any food.  He’s more than capable to do it himself but if I didn’t make anything I can tell you exactly what all he’d eat:

– cereal
– crunchy PB sandwiches (no, no jelly… ever)
– dippy eggs and toast
– Protein shakes
– Crackers with cheese spread

I could not in good conscious leave him without food.  The thing is it’s my fault it’s this way as I spoil him but when you’re in love you do that.  So what’s your week look like?  Once I get through this week I have a reprieve until the next wave of ITIL certifications start up again.  In that time frame I want to do some revamping on the site and work on some new ideas I have for here.  My bestie gave me a suggestion to do a week’s worth of leftovers.  Often we find that people will cook a meal and then the leftovers go into the fridge to die only to be thrown away.  So I’m going to work on some new ideas on how to revamp those leftovers into brand new recipes.  Do you have any suggestions on a starting dish?  Maybe roasted chicken?  Anyway, here’s to you having one AMAZING week!

Best Kitchen Wishes!

♥ Monday –  Mexican Baked Beef Short Ribs Quesadillas
Tuesday- Cowboy Meatballs with Cowboy BBQ Sauce
Wednesday – Pizza Hand Pies (pizza poptarts)
Thursday – BBQ Meatloaf Stacks
Friday – Grown Up Balsamic Pepper Fig Roast Beef Sandwich
Saturday – Tuscan White Bean & Sausage Spinach Soup
Sunday – Italian Sammich – Hot Sausage with Peppers and Onions
Dessert of the week – Flaky Nectarine Turnovers

Creole Shrimp Nachos

So okay, ever since I shared with you my Grilled Fish Soft Tacos with Baja Cream Sauce I have been on a roll with that sauce. Truth be told I had a full bottle made up and was looking for ways to use it up. I put it on grilled chicken, scallops, lobster and even po’boys.  It was a Saturday afternoon and I just returned home from my usual errands – spin class, Sam’s club, Homegoods, grocery store and butchers.  I wasn’t particularly hungry as my protein shake left me rather full but I wanted something to tide me over until dinner.  And since we were having an early dinner I didn’t want to stuff myself.

Creole Shrimp Nachos4

As I rummaged around the fridge, as I do this quite often as I tend to forget what’s all in there, I found a container of thawed shrimp that I needed to cook up. As I pulled them out of the fridge, past the container of fresh slaw I spied the baja cream sauce and immediately I knew I had to make something using all of those ingredients…  but what?

Oh yeah, this will be your summer FAVORITE recipe!

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