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Another week has passed and this week will be a short week for me. How about you? Last week was a bear weather-wise.  It was BUTT cold here and if it’s any indication to what Pittsburgh’s winter is going to be, I’m moving tomorrow.  Though how about that horrific snowstorm Buffalo got?!  My God people, move!  LOL  No way in hell could I deal with FEET OF SNOW! Here in the ‘burgh we didn’t get any snow but some bitter cold temps and crazy winds.  It was utterly pointless to do your hair if you were planning on going outside.  This was one time that I didn’t care what my hair looked like when I walked into work.  Thankfully this girl is prepared with a curling iron in my office.

This week was pretty good though.  I was super crazy busy at work (which I actually love), I got to attend a pretty cool ITIL workshop that so let me geek out and shine in front of my boss.  It’s always good when you can make that impression of “man I’m so glad I hired you!” with them. We joined this new gym that I honestly think Mr. Fantabulous tried to kill me at with our new workouts.


See we both belong to other gyms and we have a fully gym at home. However Mr. Fantabulous can’t come to my gym (as it’s at work) and I won’t go to his for MANY reasons that I can’t go into.  So for several months we were unable to workout together.  For me I love working out with him. He trains me hard and pushes me; I think more so since I am his wife. So we decided to join this other gym so he could train me (and I could perv on his sexy body while he’s all pumped up).  Seriously, this man is just hot with a capital HOT!
Let me pump YOU up! LOL

Dad’s Red Beef Soup

At least once a month growing up Dad made his famous Red Beef Soup.  In the wintertime this was made every week.  It made a TON, it was inexpensive and it was just damn good. It took me years to figure out how to replicate this as like most in my generation our parents and grandparents wrote nothing down recipe-wise. And the stuff that was written down usually called for “a hint of this” or “a smidge of that”. Or my mom would write “carrots, onions, meat and can goods” and that was the ENTIRE recipe.  Wait, what?

So while I was home sick for those 6 weeks I wanted comfort food.  Even though my parents have been gone well over 20+ years I wanted them here. I had sent Mr. Fantabulous off to the store with a list of stuff to make this soup. The thing is I had to go from taste memory as like I said, nothing was written down.  Over the years I tried countless times to replicate his soup but was never quite there. It was always missing something.

Red Beef Soup3

As I stood there assembling it I tasted the cold broth (pre-cooking it) and it still was missing that one thing. It wasn’t until I added the Worcestershire (you know that word I can’t say and can’t spell without the help of Google or Word!) that it came together.  Now I made this in the crock pot but you could most certainly make it in a large covered soup pot on the stove top for a good 2-3 hours or until the meat was done. But I wasn’t feeling well and just wanted to rest so the crockpot won out.
Fess up, without spellcheck or help, can you spell Worcestershire?

Not your traditional Thanksgiving side dishes

Growing up our Thanksgiving side dishes were always the same…

– mashed potatoes
– buttered corn
– green bean casserole (yes with that canned cream of mushroom soup *gag*)
– boiled Brussels sprouts that were bathed in enough butter that made Paula Deen grin from ear to ear
– boiled broccoli and cauliflower, mixed and again more butter
– and Dad’s stuffing

every Christmas and Thanksgiving.. the same… for years…. and years.  And yes when yours truly started cooking dinner I kept it the same sides though no canned cream of mushroom stuff and no boiled veggies.   EVER!

Non Traditional Sides

However I’m kinda tired of the same ol’ same ol. What about you?  So this year if you’re looking to mix things up, try some of these side dish recipes!  What about you?  Yes I know there’s something to be said about tradition and you can still serve your usual but why not include a new one?

Be different, add a new recipe to your side dishes!

Weekly Menu

Holy crap is it really Sunday? Man this week FLEW by for me! See I had to go out of town for 3 days which always is seems to pass the time by for me.  I spent most of Tuesday in Bedford, PA at this all-day managers meeting at this really cool historic resort. It’s located in the Allegheny Mountains of south Pennsylvania. For more than 200 years, the eight mineral springs located on the resort’s property served as an important gathering place. Eventually, the resort would be the site of many significant moments in American history, hosting a long list of celebrities, wealthy clientele, corporate magnates and dignitaries from around the world. To date, the resort has hosted 10 U.S. presidents, seven of whom visited during their presidency. Sure we all think of resorts as plush and lavish; the  latest and greatest but there is something to be said about original hard wood flooring and decor.

That night I continued up towards Harrisburg where the fun stopped.  The city itself is so awesome and running along the Susquehanna River trail was truly breathtaking which I’ll get more into in a bit.  No, let’s talk about this hotel I checked in.  Now it was a nice hotel, was moderately priced and in a great location.  I didn’t pull in til about 8pm or so.  As I approached my room I “smelled” something off. As I opened the door I about threw up from the stench. It literally smelled like urine.  I mean BAD!  So I drug my stuff back down to the front desk of which I asked for another room.  Unfortunately there was a huge convention in town and there were no rooms available there or in any of the neighboring hotels. So she sent the cleaning folks back up.  While we waited on housekeeping I took her to the room and as we approached you could see her nose start to crinkle up from the smell.  While they cleaned it I went out to grab some dinner.  I was tired and hungry.  I found this adorable little diner and settled on ordering their homemade chicken pot pie.


Now when this dish came to me I gave it a look.  It did NOT look like the chicken pot pie I was used to.  To me this was chicken and dumplings however I come to find out what they served is Amish Chicken Pot Pie.  While it was not visually appetizing at all I know better than to judge food by its appearance.  Even the ugliest foods can taste awesome!  I mean oatmeal isn’t exactly sexy but I friggen love it!  So I took a bite and immediately my brain went “Whoa!  This isn’t right!  Something’s wrong here.”  All I got was SUCH an overpowering taste of thyme that I actually choked for a second.  It took my breath away.
I bet I can take your breath away with my amazing dinners this week!

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