Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Waffle Sandwiches

I have a confession about food blogging and the recipes we create.  See we are human and not every single thing we make comes out picture perfect the first time. Stuff… happens The phone rings, cat gets under your feet, the baby is crying. Or we’ve taken something out of the oven only to trip over our own 2 feet and have the tray of cookies fall face down on the floor. My personal favorite is when you forget to set the timer, get distracted and come back like an hour later to your oven smoking and the food inside beyond recognition. Not that that has happened to me… more than 5 times. *wink* Well waffles are one of those things that I always mess up the first one.  That’s my test batch as I call it.

Ice Cream Wafflich

When I was creating my Chocolate Belgium Waffles, I messed up the first one meaning I didn’t put enough batter in the wafflemaker. So when it came out there were holes in the cavities (which I hate!). After that the rest came out perfect however a few of them I moved when they weren’t cooled enough and they came apart the sections (again, something I hate). It bothered me that the waffle was no longer whole (yes I’m anal).

There was nothing wrong with them taste-wise but visually they didn’t look like how a waffle was supposed to be. Again, I’m anal about things.  So after I finished the shoot for the Chocolate Belgium Waffles I sat there and stared at the ‘broken’ ones.  I didn’t want to throw them away as I don’t waste food but they were not true waffle-worthy.

Ice Cream Wafflich6

So as I was thinking about what to do with these I made us some lunch.  Mr. Fantabulous wanted tuna on wheat – gotta love simple dishes! Well in my tuna salad I put in fresh dill and green onions. Since I grow my onions on my kitchen window sill I snip them off when they get so high, and then freeze the pieces. I know you’re probably wondering “What in the hell does tuna fish and green onion have to do with waffles that are not waffle-worthy?” LOL Well when I opened up my freezer to grab the bag of green onions I spied my container of vanilla bean ice cream (that I kinda-sorta hid from Mr. Fantabulous cause he’ll eat it all in 30 seconds). That’s when it hit me.. ice cream sammiches!  Yes I said sammiches… let it go.

Ice Cream Wafflich5

I put the onions in the tuna, mixed that up and put it in the fridge.  Truth be told I forgot that I was making us lunch and focused on making ice cream sammiches.  So I took out the vanilla ice cream and let it soften slightly so I could form it and spread it out on top the waffle.  If I had left it as a giant scoop it would have smushed the waffle and possibly torn it. While the ice cream was softening I got to thinking about this recipe.  It needed something more.  With just ice cream it would be great but I wanted another layer of flavor.  For me I went with my hot fudge. I know, right!  Talk about insane but in a delicious way!

Ice Cream Wafflich4

For the fudge I warmed it slightly just so it was a spreadable consistency which meant it was warmed. Warmed anything against cold ice cream means ice cream melts FAST! Yeah, I learned this lesson after I attempted to make my first one! However I’m relentless when it comes to making a new recipe.  Okay I say relentless, Mr. Fantabulous says anal but hey it’s important to me that I do the very best I can.  As I discarded that sloppy mess in the trash (and by trash I mean my mouth – remember I hadn’t eaten lunch still!) I decided to flash freeze one half of the waffle.  By spreading out a layer of the warm hot fudge on the waffle and sticking it in the freezer for about 15 minutes I knew then I could put the ice cream on it without it melting!

I’m a GENIUS! More importantly I’m a non-wasting-food-cause-I-turned-a-screw-up-into-something-awesome genius!   LOL

Ice Cream Wafflich2

About the time I finished wrapping up my last ice cream waffle sammich Mr. Fantabulous came out to the kitchen looking for lunch.  Like I said I forgot about it/got side tracked onto something more awesome than tuna.  I mean c’mon – chocolate, waffles, hot fudge and ice cream!  The ONLY thing that trumps that is bacon as #baconislove people! So I stood there, batting my big baby blues at him all the while telling him “just 5 minutes baby and it’ll be done” as I grabbed the bread and tuna mixture from the fridge.

As we sat down to finally eat he asked what I was up to as he spied the chocolate waffles.  Of course he gave the the look which you all know by now.  I just gave a ‘What?’ Of course he went into how waffles aren’t supposed to be chocolate and that I losing it and that syrup can’t go on it so why did I make them in the first place.  Needless to say I ignored him and told him to get out of my face.  LOL

Ice Cream Wafflich1

About 2 hours later I walked back into the office where he was eating one of these ice cream waffle sammiches.  I swear to God the man has food radar as IMMEDIATELY he turned around and said “HEY!  What’s that, where’s mine and gimme a bite?”  I said “No, this is mine.  Remember waffles aren’t supposed to be chocolate and I ruined waffles now so no.”

… and that’s when the struggle begin.  We actually wrestled for this thing.  Do you remember when you were little and you played Keep Away?  Yeah, that’s what I was doing with him and this thing.  I tried with all of my might to just stuff it into my mouth but every time I did he’d pull it away from my face.  He’d tried to take a bite and I’d well, play dirty.  He’s he’s a lot stronger and bigger than me so I have to play dirty.  However what I forgot is when I play dirty, he plays dirty.  The man then grabbed my sides and proceeded to tickle me mercilessly. I had tears pouring down my cheeks from laughing, I was on the border of going into an asthma attack and while I tried to be mad at him for doing it I couldn’t stop belly laughing.

Needless to say he won and my sammich vanished. After he ate it I said “Well, did I ruin waffles for you? Did you like it?” He just stood there looking all innocently and said “Huh?  What are you talking about?  Like what?”  “Um hello.. the ice cream sammich you just inhaled!”

and his response.. “Wasn’t me” God love that man!  He never did say whether or not he liked them BUT I can tell you the 6 that I made that WERE in the freezer quickly disappeared. I had 1 of those 6.  Must have been that damn rooster that broke into the house again, huh?

Ice Cream Wafflich3

Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Waffle Sandwiches
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  1. On each of the 16 waffle section spread 1-2 Tbl of hot fudge sauce on top.
  2. Place the waffle sections on a baking tray and place in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  3. After 10 minutes, remove the waffle sections from the freezer and top 8 of the waffle sections with 1/2 cup of softened ice cream. You can add more if you like but you want at least 1/2” thick layer of ice cream.
  4. Gently spread the ice cream to the edges of the waffle.
  5. Top with the remaining 8 waffle sections, fudge side down.
  6. Wrap each sandwich in plastic wrap and place in a freezer bag.
  7. Store in the freezer.
  8. To eat let sit out for a minute or two.
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