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Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Sheet Pan Savory Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin with Hasselback Potatoes and Stuffed Mushrooms and the Swirled Orange Cheesecake Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake!

Happy Sunday TKW Family!  How was your Thanksgiving? Did you survive Black Friday shopping? Our Thanksgiving was really nice; just the two of us, in our pajamas eating like royalty. I did have a minor issue in the kitchen when a 20 pound butcher block board fell smack across the top of my foot rendering me with a hobble for a few days. But eh, the holidays must go on, right? My foot hurts but it’s odd as it hasn’t really turned black ‘n blue where, if you know me, I turn bruise if the wind blows too hard. But I’m a tough ol’ bird I suppose.

As for Black Friday shopping, there is not enough money to get my butt out at the butt crack o’ dawn to stand in line hundreds deep in hopes of getting one of the 4 ridiculously priced items in the store. No thank you. I was perfectly content shopping from the comfort of my bed sipping hot cocoa while the Hallmark channel was on and I was nice and cozy. I’m not one that likes huge crowds of people and let’s face it, people are just flat out rude and mean in those lines. I mean Black Friday is black not for the sales but for the hate and rage it brings out in people. Sorry but I don’t roll like that. I’m not a mean person and I certainly don’t have rage. But some y’all out there that get that way shopping, you need to chill out and apologize for being jerks to those that are genuine and kind that remain classy while shopping. No tv or toy is worth being a butthead.

As for us we did partake in some sales on Black Friday. I bought another Instant Pot but the 8qrt one. OMG did you see the judicious price Amazon had it for?  $81! People that’s INSANE! I bought that one and will give Mama Fantabulous my 6-quart one as she said “I know that one works as I see the foods you create in it!” lol We also picked up 3 office chairs, 3 new desks and 3 floor pads for under our chairs.

We’re FINALLY at that point where we can start furnishing some of the rooms downstairs. The office will be the first one. I’m not too sure how I feel having to share an office again with Mr. Fantabulous. While I love that man dearly I also do like ‘my space’. It’s funny as our house is ginormous but yet we cram ourselves into a single room for an office. Love I suppose…or glutton for punishment. LOL j/k

Friday night some friends came over for pizza, snacks and pool. God it was so nice to just have friends over and not be stuck sitting the kitchen because the rest of the house is under construction. I may regret this later when I see the bill, but I actually can’t wait until we can go shopping to furnish the rest of the house. Last night we did head out to get a new tv for the media room but on the way there, some jerk in a pickup truck in front of us, didn’t have his cargo tied down in the back and a huge metal cart fell out and landed right in front of us. Now we did hit it but it only nicked the front of the car BUT the &*&^%$ girls that were tailgating us slammed into the back of us.

Thankfully the airbags didn’t deploy but she did do quite a bit of damage to my new car. Her car is toast. I’m a little banged up and had a nasty, nasty headache last night and felt like I was going to throw up, my jaw hurt because when she hit us my teeth/jaw smacked together really hard and my lower back is just on fire. I’ve been taking Tylenol and Ibuprofin. I see my doctor on Tuesday so I’ll have him check me out. But ugh… to that jerk in the pickup truck, you suck. BUT it could have been worse I suppose but it just sucks.

Today is a day all about making freezer meals with the boatload of leftovers I have in my fridge. I’m making Turkey Shepherd (though I think they are technically called cottage) pies, turkey pot pie, stuffing waffles, freezing cheesecake slices, dipping cheesecake balls into chocolate for a quick bonbon treat and whatever else I can get my hands on. I need to start the holiday season off with a clean (and bare) fridge! What are some of your leftover dishes?

OMG so a few weeks ago I posted on Facebook that we were looking for wine corks for a project downstairs. We have an electronic dart board for the billiard room but I didn’t want to hang it up as-is as people throw darts like I do, they’ll miss the board and hit the wall. And I do not want my walls ruined. So we went to Pinterest and found these really cool designs where folks created a frame that went around the board and then filled in the gaps with wine corks. Anyway, someone found me a super cheap site to but unused corks.

Crafts at my house! Wanna help? #thatsalotofwine #diy #crafts #corks #wine

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Now what we needed to do was cut them in half lengthwise and if you’ve tried to cut a cork by hand it’s a PITA and you’re almost guaranteed to not get it done straight. BUT you HAVE to see the ingenious contraption Mr. Fantabulous designed. We cut 400 corks perfectly in half in about 20 minutes! I swear that man is a real-life MacGyver! He’s a genius (literally) and just never ceases to amaze me with how his mind works! Click on the image to play the video!

Ingenious, right?

And like tradition, I made my most favorite Thanksgiving leftover – Thanksgiving Gobbler Bowls! I look forward to these all year long. Yes I know I can make these anytime but there’s just something about only having them once a year that make them more special. I know, I’m weird. LOL

My other favorite thing I made last week was a Beef Barbacoa Bowl with Spaghetti Squash. It’s funny as I know folks that could NEVER eat a ‘bowl’ like this as they can’t stand their food to touch. Not me, I’m all about mixing it together.

Anyways guys, I need to hobble my butt out to the kitchen to start my freezer meals. Have one fantabulously amazing week!

♥ Monday – One Pot Cheesy Chili Beef Pasta
♥ Tuesday – Crantastic Healthy Craisins® Dried Cranberries and Turkey Wrap
♥ Wednesday – Honey Garlic Broiled Flank Steak tacos
♥ Thursday – Turkey Shepherd Pie (substitute turkey and turkey gravy for the beef!)
♥ Friday – Ultimate Pittsburgh Steak Wedgie
♥ Saturday – Sheet Pan Savory Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin with Hasselback Potatoes and Stuffed Mushrooms
♥ Sunday – Better than restaurant quality New York Strip Steaks…
♥ Dessert of the week – Swirled Orange Cheesecake Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake

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