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Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Hot Damn! Honey Butter Sriracha Roasted Chicken and the BBQ Meatloaf Stacks!

Happy Sunday TKW Family! WOW, March already or as Mr. Fatanbulous calls it his “birthday month”. Yes his birthday is at the end of the month however we tend to pretty much celebrate it the entire month. This means whatever he wants to eat, I make. Where ever he wants to go, we go (yes including the home improvement stores..ugh) and he gets full control of the remote. It’s not bad though as we tend to, now, like most of the same things. It’s funny as when we first met we could not have been more polar opposites. I’d say cat he’d say dog. I’d say snow and he’d say beach. For a while, truthfully, it worried me because we were so incredibly opposite. I mean we still have a lot of differences – I still want a cat and pig and he’s like “not gonna happen in my lifetime toots!”. But I’ll win when we move. He’s super into politics where I’m like “can’t we just watch Discovery or Food Network?”.  But yes it did concern me when we first started dating. I mean spending your life with someone who is so opposite from you can either be a positive experience or one that, honestly, will fail. It would fail as you would never see eye to eye, and you’d have pretty much nothing in common. Where’s the fun in that?

However one thing with us is that we communicate openly about everything. I told him that this worried me and he said something to me that I’ll never forget. He said “Baby it’s like this. I see us being opposite as a great thing. You force me to open my eyes and ears to listen to opposing views and opinions. You educate, you challenge me and you bring a whole different perspective to my life. You make me a more well-rounded, better person. Why wouldn’t I want that in my life?!”  Seriously I hit the jackpot with this guy! But he’s right. As long as you’re willing to listen and discuss it can make you a better person. And yes, this works on pretty much every scenario.

Now, after being together all these years I see those, once concerning differences, either no longer there or insignificant. He compliments me as I him. However this month will be rough as that will mean at least 10-15 trips to the Home Improvement stores, pasta pretty much every night (along with a real meal), crepes on the weekend and politics or the discovery channel on the tvs. Do you celebrate your birthday ‘month’ as well? What are some of your favorite things to do/eat?

This past week we were crazy busy at the house. We have new bedroom furniture arriving tomorrow that we had built for 2 of the bedrooms. Which mean this past week we spent 3 days painting one room. Yes, 3 freaking days! So the walls were this dark caramel color that I really liked however it made the room look really small. So he said “let’s paint it lighter to give it more appeal.” Now neither of us have a design eye AT ALL (hey local Pittsburgh peeps if you want to come help I’ll feed you!) so asking us to decorate a room or decide on a color is no easy task. We’re not the Gaines’ LOL But we opted on white ceilings (though isn’t that pretty much standard?) and a light gray for the walls. One thing about me is that I suck at painting. No seriously I am TERRIBLE at it! I wear more of it than what makes on the walls! He painted the ceiling and I pretty much just moved the ladders (paint wench as he called me lol). The next day my job was to cut the edges and paint around the doors (which were taped off because again, I suck). Literally all I had to do was cut the corners/edges of a 12×12′ room. It took me maybe 45 minutes to do this. When I was done my entire left area of my shirt was covered in paint, my yoga pants had gray paint streaks and a hole and…when I took off my shirt I literally had blobs of paint on my boob! LOL  Seriously… how does this happen? The man, yeah, not a single drop on him!

However one coat wasn’t enough to cover the dark walls which mean the next day we had to do it all over again. He said “Honey, how about you help me? I’ll stand on the ladder and do the top with the roller. You do the wall beneath me with the other roller. We’ll get it done faster.” Sureeeeeeeeeeee great idea… NOT! I’m now the proud owner of jet black hair with bajillion gray speckles in it and even more paint on my clothes (and other boob!). LOL Seriously I have no idea how this happens! I’m like a paint magnet! But the painting is DONE in that room, the blinds are cleaned (and waxed – worst cleaning job EVER) and the shelves are in place.

Friday night, after a long day of work, painting and cleaning we finally sat down to have pizza and watched Pitch Perfect 3. I so loved it but he not so much. Saturday I got up at the butt crack o’ dawn to go heavy-duty grocery shopping and then come home to work. After a week of crazy here he decided he wanted to go out and grab a few beers with friends. If you’re local to Pittsburgh we hit up Church Brew Works. It’s a really beautiful place. It’s a local church that was transformed into a brewery. That’s the cool thing about Pittsburgh. It’s such an eclectic city where you can find everything and anything. And the food scene is amazing! I so love this city to be honest. The people are just homey and real. There is so much to do. It’s a true melting-pot.

What else? So maybe 2 weeks ago on Facebook and Instagram I started a new hashtag “TKWShareASmile” and post. I’m going to post this every week and am asking folks to share a pic of what makes them smile for those that simply lost their smile. I was so overwhelmed by the response by the photos posted as well as those folks private messaging me thanking me for doing this that I had to make it a weekly thing. What I’ll do is for next week I’ll take your photos and include them in a collage for here. To get all legal like what this means is by you sharing pics of you/your pets, your kids or whatever makes you smile you’re allowing me to share it on here in a collage.

Anyway I need to get my butt in gear and get some TKW work done. My developer gave me a ton of work to get done by today and I’ve done none of it. LOL With that, have one fantabulous week!



♥ Monday – BBQ Meatloaf Stacks
♥ Tuesday – Pumpkin Beef Chili
♥ Wednesday – Pressure Cooker Boneless Thick-Cut Pork Chops with Oniony Mashed potatoes and Pork Gravy!
♥ Thursday – One Pot Pastabilities
♥ Friday – Tomato Caprese Focaccia Pizza
♥ Saturday – Crispy Crunchy Crusted Chicken Fingers
♥ Sunday – Hot Damn! Honey Butter Sriracha Roasted Chicken
♥ Dessert of the week – Chocolate Cream Pie Brownie Trifle

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