Sriracha Honey Buttered Crispy Baked Oven Fried Wings

With this week being National Sriracha week it was only befitting that I share this baby with you.  This honestly is my FAVORITE wing recipe ever.  I absolutely love Sriracha sauce which is funny as I’m a wuss when it comes to really spicy stuff.  Heck there are times when even ketchup is too hot for me. Yep, told you I was a wuss *wink* but there is just something magical about Sriracha.  To me it is the new ketchup!  Don’t get me wrong though.  Being from the ‘Burgh Heinz Ketchup still rocks my world but Sriracha and I have a very special bond that no other condiment and I have.  Twisted I know, right!

Sriracha Honey Buttered Crispy Baked Wings4

But as you have seen, Sriracha has been used pretty heavily in my recipes ranging from my Tropical Sriracha Aioli to my Sriracha Black Bean Sliders with Spicy Avocado Creme Sauce. Let’s not forget about my Thai Peanut Shrimp Summer Rolls that have a hefty dose of Sriracha in the sauce or my Thai Noodles with Chicken in a Spicy Peanut Sauce. But the Ultimate.. the ULTIMATE Sriracha recipe that put me on the map is my Sriracha Spiced Bacon – Man Candy II that has literally gone global. It’s been featured on countless websites as well as being given mad props by Nadia G of Bitchin’ Kitchin on The Cooking Channel!

Pretty freaking awesome I know!  Know what else is freaking awesome?  These wings!  Dude… seriously DUDE!

Yes I “dude’d” you.  THAT’s how FANFRIGGENTASTIC they are!
Sriracha Honey Buttered Crispy Baked Wings2

Ever since I introduced you to how to make Crispy Baked Oven Fried Wings, those wing recipes have been one of my top requested recipes ever!  It’s funny how many people emailed, tweeted, facebooked and contacted me asking if I left anything out of the recipe when I first posted it.  No one could believe that 3 simple ingredients could lead to the BEST wings you have ever had!  AND that they were healthified because they were baked!  Every bit as crispy as deep fried without all of the extra fat. We started with the Crispy Baked Oven Fried Wings original recipe.  That lead to the Crispy Baked Oven-Fried Honey BBQ Wings which in turn led into my Asian obsession and my Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce Crispy Baked Oven Fried Wings You guy kept asking for more, More, MORE wings and I aim to deliver!

Sriracha Honey Buttered Crispy Baked Wings5

Now let me tell you the story of these wings.  I have been making them now for eh 5 months or so.  I never kept the recipe from you on purpose really.  See every single time I made them Mr. Fantabulous would literally eat the entire batch.  OR if I made the wings but left them nekkid I figured I could then just sauce them and reheat them the next day when the lighting was better to do the photo shoot (trust me on these, when you reheat them they are super crispy and still so juicy inside!).  These wings are unlike any you’ve ever had.. well that is, unless you’ve already been making my crispy baked oven fried wings then you know.  And I know you know I know.  How you may ask?  By the thousands upon thousands of emails, posts, tweets and messages you’ve sent me about them.

Sriracha Honey Buttered Crispy Baked Wings6

So 2 times ago when I made these I purposely made an extra dozen for the photo shoot.  I had the lighting, the wings were sauced and everything was ready to go.  However…

yes… however (can you see where this is heading???)  I got a call that I had to take.  7 minutes… 7 minutes was all I was on the phone and in those 7 minutes his AND mine were gone.  Heck I’m surprised the bones were left on the plate!  As I stood there, mouth agape that was quickly turning into ticked-off-ness (cause this was like the 37th time I had to make these wings and STILL had no pictures) I looked at Mr. Fantabulous to yell (yes, yell cause I was mad) only he opened his sauce covered mouth first and said “Oh, were you saving those <insert batting of his most gorgeous eyes> my most beautiful wife???”  Yeah needless to say I didn’t stay mad too long but I did give “the look” and I may have had a few choice words but I can’t stay mad at my baby for long.

Sriracha Honey Buttered Crispy Baked Wings

So then how did I manage to get these gorgeous shots without them being half eaten or worse, just showing you the gnawed bones?  Well see Mr. Fantabulous HAS to go to the gym AND he has band practice so easily I have a good 2 hours a day to whip these out.  I planned accordingly by prepping a dozen of wings hidden in the ‘little fridge’ and then as soon as he left the house I cooked these babies up, made the sauce and had an hour to do the photo shoot.

Click Click Click and the shots were done and in went the wings to a container in the fridge like they had been there the entire time *bats her baby blues*  LOL  When he walked in the door, starving like it was his job, I hurried up and ‘found these’ and gave ’em to him none the wiser.  Well er um, until he reads this part now… Love you baby ♥ LOL

Sriracha Honey Buttered Crispy Baked Wings3

So if you’ve never had Sriracha, what are you waiting for?  Seriously, there is a new flavor that is taking over the globe!  The mighty Buffalo wing has been replaced and well, laid to rest.  Sriracha wings are king and this recipe is your leader!  OBEY YOUR LEADER!  LOL

Sriracha Honey Buttered Crispy Baked Wings1

Sriracha Honey Buttered Crispy Baked Oven Fried Wings


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  • 4 lbs chicken wings, halved at joints, wingtips discarded (save for stock)
  • 1 Tbl baking powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1 stick unsalted butter
  • 1/3-1/2 cup Sriracha (depends on how hot you like it)
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 Tbl lime juice
  • Chopped cilantro
  • Sesame seeds
  1. Line rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil, and set rack inside.
  2. Carefully dry chicken wings with paper towels.
  3. Place wings in a bag, add the baking powder and smoked paprika.
  4. Shake evenly.
  5. Place on rack, leaving slight space between each wing.
  6. Place baking sheet with wings in refrigerator and allow to rest, uncovered, at least 8 hours. This draws out the moisture.
  7. Adjust oven rack to upper-middle position and preheat oven to 450°F.
  8. Add chicken wings and cook for 20 minutes.
  9. Flip wings and continue to cook until crisp and golden brown, 15 minutes. The wings will not be done yet.
  10. While the wings are cooking, make your Sriracha honey butter sauce.
  11. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, add the butter gently stirring until melted.
  12. Once the butter melts, add in the Sriracha, honey, salt and lime juice whisking to incorporate.
  13. Cook for 5-10 minutes until heated through.
  14. Remove from heat and set aside.
  15. When the wings are done, place them in a large bowl (can do in batches) and pour half of the sauce over top.
  16. Gently toss and place the wings back on the rack/pan and place back in the oven for 10-15 minutes, flipping them over halfway through the cooking time.
  17. Cook until the internal temp is 165F.
  18. Remove from the oven and dip each one in the rest of the sauce letting it drip off.
  19. Top with chopped cilantro and sesame seeds.


8 Responses to “Sriracha Honey Buttered Crispy Baked Oven Fried Wings”

  • ajax says:

    Amazing recipe. You are so great at this. Thanks for the posts. Your husband though sounds like a very selfish and thoughtless man.

    • TKWAdmin says:

      Hmmm… so I’m going to chalk up your response to you being new here. Mr. Fantabulous is anything but selfish and thoughtless. He and I have an amazing marriage and are very playful. He’s one of the most kind-hearted people you will ever meet. One of the best compliments you can get as a chef is when someone can’t wait to eat to eat what you’ve made that they can’t help themselves.

      Now, thank you so much for your kind words about the recipe and my writing. I truly appreciate it.

      Best Kitchen Wishes!

  • Jennifer says:

    Hello! This sounds AMAZING! I want to make it tonight, but I only have chicken breasts.. is there ANY way to do it with cut up chicken breasts? Like boneless maybe? I don’t know how I would accomplish the crispy part since it has no skin, though.

    • TKWAdmin says:

      Hi Jennifer!

      Okay so the chicken is boneless/skinless, right? The skin is what will give it that crispy texture. You could soak the chicken breasts in buttermilk with the above seasonings (minus the lime juice – don’t put that in when you soak it) for a few hours. Then remove it from the bath, place on a pan and allow to ‘air dry’ in the fridge like the wings. When you’re ready to bake, bake it above but for about 10-20 minutes (depending on the size of your chicken) and then make the sauce. Do not reuse the buttermilk stuff. You’ll need 2 batches of the ‘sauce’ – one with and one without the buttermilk.

      That’s about the only way I can think of.

      Best Kitchen Wishes!

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