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Zucchini Ricotta Veggie Burgers

Veggies burger are part of the “norm” and rightly so.  They are delicious, hearty and can stack up to your traditional burgers.  These Zucchini Ricotta Veggie burgers are juicy, hearty and perfect for you meat-free meals!

Are you a burger purist?  Do you insist that a burger is comprised of beef and nothing else?  Do you scoff at the thought of a chicken or turkey burger?  Does the mention of a veggie burger make you shudder in pure disdain? Well this post isn’t for you. However I think you’re a fool to skip past this post and recipe.  I kid you not; you’re seriously missing out on something truly incredible and delicious.  Be a rebel here. Be like those folks that decided to try salted caramel or candied bacon.


It’s funny as growing up veggies were my nemesis.  I would turn my nose up at the thought of eating zucchini.  I was all about the beef (’bout that beef, ’bout that beef.. sorry was channeling Meghan Trainor there for a minute). I was one of those burger snobs.  Burgers had to beef and nothing else.
Be a Burger Rebel and make these delicious burgers!

Italian Veggie Stuffed Zucchini Boats Starring Ragu Homestyle Thick & Hearty Pasta Sauce

Ah summer… the sun is shining, days seem longer and gardens are producing tons of fresh fruits and veggies.   There is nothing better than garden fresh veggies. Crisp peppers, corn on the cob, zucchini for days and vine ripened tomatoes.  However living in Pittsburgh we have all but a brief window of time where we can grow our own veggies like that.  Nothing is better than homemade pasta sauce with garden fresh garlic, herbs and those juicy tomatoes.  Well thankfully RAGÚ came out with their new Homestyle pasta sauces!  You can get garden fresh taste with that rich homestyle way just like Nonna!  So when the great folks from RAGÚ reached out to me to check out their new RAGÚ Homestyle pasta sauces I was ecstatic.  You see RAGÚ Homestyle pasta sauce is about tradition, family and amazing flavors.  So today I’m sharing with you my Italian Veggie Stuffed Zucchini Boats Starring Ragu Homestyle Thick & Hearty Pasta Sauce.  Get on the boat to YUMVILLE with this dish!

Italian Veggie Stuffed Zucchini Boats4

This time around I decided to go with their Homestyle Thick & Hearty Roasted Garlic pasta sauce. Since this dish was meatless I really wanted to give the veggie filling tons of flavors.  This sauce was the perfect way to go! Rich, thick, bold and the roasted garlic flavor was amazing!

Don’t miss this boat ride to YUMVILLE!

Grilled Pollock Flatbread Pizza with Slaw and Mexican Crema

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #Swapyourburger #CollectiveBias

Whether you’ve been in the TKW Family for years or a day you’ve quickly learned that pizza is my absolute all time favorite food in the entire world.  A tie for second is anything bacon or anything seafood.  Well when the amazing folks from Trident Seafoods® were looking for ways to swap out your regular burger with their Wild Alaskan Pollock Burgers I jumped at the opportunity to work with them. As I get older I find myself, while still a huge beef lover, leaning more and more towards fish and chicken for my protein.  What I love specifically about pollock and these Wild Alaskan Pollock Burgers is they are mild in flavor like cod and provides all the benefits of seafood. They also are extremely low in fat, calories and cholesterol.  And most important they taste AMAZING!

Grilled Pollack Flatbread Pizza11 Fire up the grill and make these AMAZING Grilled Pollack Flatbread Pizzas! Pizza night just got REAL!

Grilled Fish Soft Tacos with Baja Cream Sauce

Did you ever get in one of those food craving moods where unless you get that one thing you’re craving, nothing will truly satisfy your taste buds? That was me a few weeks ago. I was craving fish tacos like it was my job. I mean I tried EVERYTHING I had in the house to satisfy that craving… except actual fish tacos but nothing worked.  So why not make the fish tacos when I craved them?  Well it was like -15F below and I didn’t want to be outside at all cause the air just hurt my face.  But when it got down to even bacon not even making me happy (I know, right!  Not even bacon!  *shocked!*) I knew I had to break down and go venture out into the arctic tundra to get some fish.

Normally I have fish in the freezer but I had none and honestly kept forgetting to buy it.  Plus truth be told I had so much crap in my freezers that I literally could not fit one more thing in it.  I mean seriously, not even a block of butter!  I’ve decided in my next house I will have a commercial stand up freezer and a commercial fridge.  I need them in my life.  Even though there is just the two of us, I need this.  Honestly I think this type of obsessive/hoarding (though not really), can’t cook for just 2 people cooking stems from my childhood for multiple reasons.  Due to how poor we were when we were able to stock up on a great sale at the store, we would… in bulk.  We were that family that could seriously give Sam’s club a run for their money on stuff.  Next factor in that Mom cooked for at least 8 people plus she always doubled the batch AND added in a few more servings into the recipe for drop-ins as that often happened as she was an awesome cook.

Grilled Fish Tacos with Baja Cream Sauce8

So while I’ve considerably curbed how much I cook and buy it’s actually hard at times to control myself when I see cans of veggies on sale for like .50 a can.  Doesn’t everyone need 14 cans of spring peas at all times???  No?  Well er um… you should. *wink*

I merely call it stocking up LOL

Spinach Stuffed Roasted Tomatoes

By now you know I have issues with some vegetables still even as an adult.  If you compare my childhood vegetable intake to my adult vegetable intake it’s drastically different.  Growing up the only vegetables I would even consider eating were corn, potatoes and canned peas – ONLY canned peas. Anything else you would have thought by the squinched up face I made that you were trying to give me poison.  I wanted no parts of anything else.  Now there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not nomming on a raw pepper – red, orange or yellow though never green.  To me green peppers are bitter.  I crave jicama, love raw carrots (still hate them cooked), onions… yes ONIONS (not raw) are my friend.  Like caramelized onions are incredible. And let’s not forget about Brussels Sprouts!  They actually don’t suck!  I’ve featured them in numerous dishes and salads.  My shaved Brussels Sprouts salad is one of my favorites to date!

But… I still have issues with tomatoes.  Like I love tomato sauces and stuff like that but tomatoes in a chunk form… *shudder*. They just bother me.  And oh dear God if one is raw and I bite into it by accident I honestly think I’m going to die.  LOL  Well okay maybe it’s not quite that dramatic but I have issues with raw tomatoes.  Now I have grown up to the point where if they are on a white pizza and roasted that I’ll eat them.  I think it’s because that liquidy crap inside has dried up and ceases to exist.  It’s the no-squish factor. Yeah I know, I’m weird but we all have our own idiosyncrasies.

Spinach Stuffed Roasted Tomatoes1

Well I was bound and determined to incorporate more tomatoes into my diet.

Are you down with the mater?

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