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Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the French Bread Garden Pizza with Herbed Oil and the Slow Cooker Honey Balsamic Chicken Thighs!

Happy Sunday TKW Family!  So was your St. Patrick’s Day weekend full of corned beef, green beer and lots of festivities? Ours was fun-filled though it wasn’t anything St. Patrick’s day related. We went to a local bash with family and friends. Many of us at our table came home a winner including the 2 of us. We won a 50/50 raffle as well as one of the bigger prizes. But the real prize was spending the day with those that I cherish so much. A few of my friends got to finally meet the Fantabulous In-Laws and by the time the bash was over, they kept saying how amazing they were and how they, too, wanted to take them home with them. I seriously lucked out on having such incredible in-laws!

This past week was crazy busy with the house. I swear it’s never going to end. Have any of you taken on a home construction job yourselves? How do you not give up hope? Granted ours is a bit extreme considering the size of the entire ‘job’ plus the fact that we’re doing it all ourselves but man, it’s hard to keep the faith. I mean I know the end is in sight but talk about a strength-tester.

Today I’ve been super busy in the kitchen as Mr. Fantabulous is out of meat sauce (it’s pretty much a law that we have it in the house at all times) which means I’m making a few quarts now. Plus I’m taking photos of stuff I want to post on the local fb groups to sell. With the huge remodel we are purging most stuff in the house that simply we don’t want to take with us when we move. For example, a million years ago, I was a Partylite candle person. I did really well with it thus I accumulated TONS of stuff! I mean I have boxes upon boxes upon boxes of brand new items that simply I just want out of the house. So we’re selling it all. I bet you have a few thousand dollars worth of stuff. If only you guys lived closer! lol

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Cold Tuna Noodle Casserole with Peas and Dill

My Mom’s cold tuna noodle casserole is creamy, packed with tuna chunks, green peas and the brightness of dill! It’s the perfect Friday meal during Lent!

This dish… gosh people this dish was literally served every Friday during Lent in my house growing up. And it didn’t matter if was for lunch or dinner. You see Mom had 4 go-to meals on Fridays during Lent – plain cheese pizza, grilled cheese, baked tuna noodle casserole (which is different than this one) and this dish. Some Fridays we’d have this for lunch and baked tuna casserole for dinner. So needless to say I got “tuna’d” out VERY FAST! When I moved out on my own I quit eating this. There were 3 reasons if you must know why:

  1. I absolutely can’t stand mayo or to touch it. It works in recipes, don’t get me wrong but the actual container of mayo makes me shudder.
  2. I get the heeby-jeebies when mayo is mixed with tube noodles. It’s a specific sound it makes and it makes me cringe. Trust me, I have to seriously be in love with you to make you her macaroni salad. Even now I’m making that “OMG no” face!
  3. I was beyond burnt out from eating it.

It wasn’t until, what, 5 years ago or so when a TKW family member asked if I had any Lent recipes. Immediately I thought of her dishes. And then something happened.. I actually craved this stuff. Since the ingredients are pretty much a pantry stable (fyi… you can use ziti, penne or good ol’ elbow macaroni in this recipe) I decided to make it. I was getting ready to assemble it when I got to the jar of mayo. I seriously had to put the jar down and walk away for a minute. No joke, there’s just something not quite right about it. Yet I have no issues with ranch, sour cream or even when I make homemade mayo. I’m weird, I know. But I sucked it up (not the mayo, God no) and put it in the bowl. Next came the mixing. I knew there was no way around that so I got smart. You’ll laugh (or roll your eyes and think I’m an even bigger dork) but I put my head phones on, turned up my tunes and got to mixing. No squishy noodley sound (as I sit here and shudder as I know that sound!

Now you can eat it right away but it’s best when it chills so into the fridge it went. About an hour or so later it was time for lunch. And just like clock work Mr. Fantabulous came into the kitchen, rubbing his tummy looking to see if I had read his mind and had something prepared. I just smiled, got out the casserole and plated it. Now what was funny was the look he gave me, his plate of food and then me. He said “Ahhhh what’s this??? Did you make macaroni salad??? For real? Wait! Did you gag???”. LOL he knows me so well. I said what it was and why I made it. As we sat down to eat, that first forkful all those wonderful Friday memories came back from my childhood. It literally tasted just like Mom’s. As he ate he said “Oh wow honey, this is really good! How come you never made it before? Oh wait, that’s right you have this issue with mayo and noodles. Yeah, get over it as I want this again… please my darling wife.” LOL

Call it a casserole, call it a salad just don’t call me late for dinner with this!

Chocolate Cream Dream Pie

Creamy? Dreamy? Chocolatey? Fantabulously Delicious? You owe to yourself and everyone you love to make this pie!

This pie and I go back decades. Like we’re talking first broken heart, decades. This pie has seen me at my very worst where I’m a blubbering fool swearing off dating and boys forever to my first real kiss. This pie has seen the good, the bad and most definitely the ugly – hello stir-up pants, shoulder pads, mile-high hair and bright blue eye shadow ugly. Ah the 80’s… good times. TERRIBLE fashion but phenomenal music from pop, old school rap and dude— HAIR METAL!  LOL Sorry, going off topic here. Man I loved the 80’s though.

Anyway… back to this pie. Dare I call it my bestie? Can a food be a bestie? Yes I know “eating to soothe feelings is not right and can lead to blah blah blah”. I get it. But when you’re 14 years old and you have your heart-broken by that guy you had been crushing on all year only to hear he asked someone else to the dance instead of you… yeah, this pie was needed.

I can still remember getting off the bus that day, eyes all puffy and watery trying to fight back the tears on the bus. My oh-so-perfect-makeup <shakes her head no it wasn’t… I looked like a clown looking back on those pictures> pretty much wiped off and mascara smeared on my cheeks. As I walked into the house and Mom asked me if my crush had asked me, I ran to my room in tears. Slamming the door, blaring some sappy song, sprawling on my bed and having what seemed to be the worst day in my life.

To all the heartaches, thank you as you made this pie possible!

Spinach & Artichoke Crispy Skillet Pan Pizza with optional Garlic Butter Herb Shrimp

If you want the BEST crispy pan crust skillet pizza then you’re going to want to make this recipe. The secret to this deliciousness is all from Red Star Platinum Superior Baking Yeast!

This post is being sponsored by Red Star Yeast featuring their Platinum Yeast. All opinions of their ABSOLUTELY AMAZING products are mine.

Pizza is more than just dough covered in sauce and cheese; it goes way deeper than that. I have just a passion and true adoration for it. It’s something that has been in my family for decades stemming from my brother having a pizza shop for 17 years to my branching out on my own and developing my own TKW Signature series for it. Pizza is actually what launched the commercial aspect of The Kitchen Whisperer. Pizza for me is my deserted island food. It’s my last-meal dish. It’s my every-Friday-night-for-the-past-2-decades dinner.


When you’re presented with a perfect pizza dough I turn into the Leonardo da Vinci of pizza. Pizza dough is my canvas and the unlimited toppings are my paints. I approach pizza, and dough, from a multitude of ways – as an engineer, as a mathematician, as an artist and lastly as someone who is truly infatuated with pizza.

Truly, Red Star Yeast is the ONLY yeast I trust in my award winning pizza dough recipes!

Honey Mustard Dressing and Dipping Sauce

Only 6 ingredients needed to make this sweet, tangy and perfectly balanced sauce. Hands down THE BEST Honey Mustard Dressing and Dipping sauce you’ll ever taste!

This recipe is one that I’ve had in my repertoire for decades. This recipe is 100% inspired by a local restaurant my sister and I would meet up at once a week for lunch with her co-workers. The restaurant itself wasn’t anything spectacular food-wise but it was the people and environment that made it special. It got to the point where we were there so much that they’d make my sister special items off of the  menu. I was in that phase where I was anti-onions and their version of a ‘bloomin’ onion while, looking absolutely amazing, I would neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever partake in. NO WAY.. it had onions!  But their batter was incredible and they always served it with their own honey mustard sauce.

For me they’d flash fry the fries then dip the fries in their onion batter then fry again. Oh yes it was 100% unhealthy and I loved every single heart-attack inducing fry. For my sister they’d take their mushrooms for steaks and batter dip them. They took care of us needless to say. For years I begged for the recipe of their sauce but they refused to share it until one day the owner said “Lori if you can name 2 ingredients that aren’t honey or mustard I’ll give you a clue.”  Challenge accepted. Trust me I did try the whole honey and mustard and yeah… that doesn’t make true honey mustard.

It took me a while to figure it out but eventually I cracked “the case” and realized mayo was a huge factor in it. And you know how I feel about mayo. I’m not having it but sadly this recipe needs it. You can try plain yogurt but honestly it’s not quite the same result. It’s good but it’s too thick.  So when I took my findings back to the owner showing all 6 ingredients he was in shock, said I “had a real talent” and said now all I need to do is adjust my measurements. But the truth is, I actually liked mine better.
Your chicken, fries, salads will thank you for this dressing!

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