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OMG! Bars

Rich triple chocolate chunk cookie crust layered with Snickers bits, a rich & fudgy brownie and even more Snickers! But wait,. there’s more! The whole thing is finished with a drizzle of chocolate ganache & caramel and a sprinkling of flake sea salt.  These are truly OMG! Bars

Oh people this recipe… Now I’ve been making these bars for decades and through out the years the name has changed.  At first they were known as the “Chocolate Chip Cookie Snickers Brownie Bars with Caramel and Ganache”.  Yeah, just totally rolls off the tongue, huh?  That’s how it was listed on my selection list however customers would call me with a “Hey Lor, can you make me a dozen of those Fudgy Chocolate Chip bar things?” to “I need those Sinfully Sexy bars” to some names that are so not appropriate for this blog.  We’re talking those names would make Fifty Shades of Grey blush.  Then finally, about 6 years ago I took a batch of these into work and one co-worker took a bite and said “OMG! These Bars!!!”  The name just hit me.. “OMG! Bars” – it made sense.  You get so many flavors and textures in every single bite that literally your taste buds are going to go berserk over this.

So last week we had our company Christmas party and of course yours truly forgot until the night before that she had to make something to take in.  Office Christmas parties are pretty awesome – people bring in foods, things are decorated and for once you get to take a break from the stress and just truly enjoy your co-workers.  I’m fortunate that the company I’m at now, everyone gets along.  There’s no drama or for me, no cows – remember that lady I worked with years ago that was the BIGGEST witch ever?  She hated me because well, I called her out numerous times for not doing her job.  She was vile and mean.  OMG I would not have it put it past her to be that person that would push a kid down in front of her to get to the front of the line.

Yeah, we don’t have any of those at my current place, thankfully.

Anyways back to these parties…  For me I love to see the food tables and what folks bring in.  Crockpots are abundant, trays of treats and sweets galore and tin trays of hot foods – chicken, pulled pork, mac ‘n cheese and so forth. Since some in my office know “who I am” (rolls her eyes as I hate saying that – I’m just me), they tend to look to me to help lead the set up and bring in deliciousness.  After our last party, I was instructed that whatever I make for our Christmas party, I need to make double.  Mine were gone in minutes and many missed out on what I brought in.

Seriously get ready to have your taste buds go nuts over this

Halloween Candy Bar Blondies


Your skinny jeans are going to hate you.  Your yoga pants will laugh in your face the moment you go to reach for them.  Stretchy pants will be your best friend and no pants well, that will be the best thing ever. However there are things in life that make stretchy pants worth it… like these leftover Halloween candy bar blondies.  Dear God they are so worth it! So okay as you know I do live a healthy lifestyle.  I firmly believe in eating healthy, working out and doing everything in moderation.  However the day I made these, well yeah… let’s just say moderation did not exist in my vocabulary. Am I sorry?  HELL NO!  LOL

Halloween Candy Bar Blondies4

I mean seriously, look at these bars.  LOOK AT THEM!  All that chocolate and gooey caramel on top, those chunks of candy bars and that tender chewy blondie.  This…THIS made everything single thing right in the world. THIS is what we need to gain world peace.  Just give everyone these and no more problems…well at least for the 3.5 seconds it takes them to inhale them.  Oh no trust me, you’ll do your very best to eat them slowly.  You take that first nibble and taste it.  You’ll take one more bite, bigger and as soon as all those flavors hit your tongue you’ll shove the entire thing into your mouth.  Okay fine, maybe just *I* did that but dear God… speechless

Your kids won’t complain when you steal some of their Halloween candy to make these!

Ultimate Mounds Brownies

Did you ever get tired of the same old type of dessert? Brownies are brownies are brownies. Flour, cocoa, eggs, sugar plus a few other ingredients and you end up with an awesome end result.  Sure you can frost them, add nuts or cookies to the batter.  Heck you can add load of chocolate. Or better yet, cut ’em, stick a wooden stick in them, freeze them then dip ’em in chocolate and sprinkles/nuts and you have one AMAZING treat! I have a KILLER treat like that which also includes fudge and ice cream on a stick that I HAVE to share with you later this summer!

Mounds Brownies

This recipe kind of just evolved.  You see I had to make 2 types of brownies for an order and the customer said “Just make ’em different” is all she said.  No rhyme or reason – just have at it as she would say. Now this honestly is some of the most difficult type of orders as I am not one to guess what the customer wants.  It’s a HUGE compliment when they tell me to make whatever as that means they love all the stuff I make but what if I make something and they aren’t say in the mood for peanuts or raspberries?  It’s tough.

These are just like the candy bar but in a brownie form!

Double Chocolate Flourless Brownies

These brownies just kinda happened.  I was in one of those experimental moods (plus Mr. Fantabulous wanted something sweet and when asked what he wanted he said “I don’t know”). I’m sure you’ve gone to your family and said “Hey what do you want to eat?” They all say they are hungry and when you ask what for you get the ever popular “I don’t know”.  We’ll I’m here to give you my “I don’t know” recipes for something sweet or in this case, brownies.

Coconut Flourless Brownies4

After my standing there, beating that dead horse until it was pretty much turned into Elmer’s glue, I got mad.  I literally stood there, one hand on my hip, mixing spoon in the other staring at Mr. Fantabulous waiting for a response to my 5-minute-long-talking-to-myself-conversation of “honey do you want cake, do you want cookies, what about a pie, fudge, tart, muffins… something?” So yeah, when I am met with a resounding “I don’t know” I get frustrated.  Now don’t get me wrong, I get in those moods where I want something but usually I’ll end up either nibbling on something that doesn’t satisfy me (yet feels the need to test the max capacity of my yoga pants) or just go without (which I so wish I did more often… so do my yoga pants!). Well this time I was irked.  I was bound and determined to make that man something to shush him.

I got jipped on the fat-fighting DNA!

Peppermint Crunch Brownie Batter Bark

So this recipe kinda just happened out of my having WAY too much stuff in my cupboards and more importantly, my not knowing I had the stuff in the first place. Since I’ve been home with surgery I’ve been going stir crazy and I am not one to sit still.  I swear the phrase “ants in the pants” is because of me.  I could never sit still.  Now I wasn’t hyper or the like I just was always into stuff, wanting to learn, understand how something worked.  And since I didn’t require a lot of sleep I learned at a very young age that others (I call you folks ‘sleepers’) need more than 3-4 hours of sleep a night, unlike me.  That being said waking my parents or siblings up in the middle of the night was a big no-no, no matter how flippin’ adorable I was as a child.

Now fast forward to now, being one-armed was an issue for me while my shoulder healed.  I was limited and it sucked but I was bound and determined to do something.  My real job graciously let me work from home while I healed and once my day with that was done I’d try to find stuff around the house to get into.  So the one day I decided to take a deep dive into my ‘snack’ cupboard.  Well wait, it’s not “my” snack pantry but more so 2 shelves are all his of his snacks (along with the entire baking rack of snacks and kitchen table of treats).  2 of the other shelves were some more baking items, sauces and oils for cooking.  As I started pulling stuff out I literally had 4 boxes of unopened candy canes from honestly… I have no clue when I bought them.  Maybe 2 years ago… maybe *blush*

Peppermint Crunch Brownie Batter Bark7

Wha? Don’t judge me. You have crap in your cupboards too… right? LOL

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