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Most Awesomest No Knead Orange Cranberry Raisin Bread

If you can measure, mix and be patient, you can make one of the most delicious no knead bread around!  With hints of orange zest, cranberries, raisins and almonds, it’s practically a dessert!  So sweet no butter is needed!

Seriously is there anything more perfect than a slice of warm, crusty bread straight from the oven? Well okay, bacon and chocolate but those are foods from the Gods and pretty much sent from heaven above and don’t count (at least not in this post). Bread was the first thing I ever learned how to make actually. I was 3 years old, yes 3 – I have a weirdly odd memory. Like I can remember every single detail about my first birthday from sitting in my high chair to who sat where. Am I like a one-off case or are there some of you like that? I definitely don’t possess an Eidetic (photographic) memory though Mr. Fantabulous begs to differ as I remember EVERYTHING – the good, the bad and the ugly. lol

But yeah back to what I was saying, I was 3 years old and Mom would make homemade bread for the week every Sunday morning. I’d wake up super early and paddle barefoot out to the kitchen in my white and blue flowered nightie dragging my favorite paper-eyed teddy bear. See folks, a MILLION years ago stuffed animals didn’t have “real” eyes on them but rather they were this glued on heavy-duty paper cardboard crap. I’d put my bear in the chair while I crawled up onto the end of the table. She’d have her dough board out (god what I wouldn’t give to have hers), flour would be all over the table (and her) and she would be rolling, kneading, folding and forming like a machine. One day Mom gave me my own rolling pin and had me stand on a chair while she stood behind me showing me how to measure and mix then eventually knead. As she was showing me how to make this she was explaining things to me – why we put ingredients in a certain way, what to do when something isn’t right, how to fix it and most of all to just have fun doing it. I’ll never forget that experience.

Most Awesomest No Knead Orange Cranberry Raisin Almond Bread

Nowadays when I make homemade bread I rarely knead it by hand. The convenience of our stand mixers with dough hooks save us the effort. However, when I’m having a super bad day and need to take my frustrations out or I’m simply just missing Mom, I’ll make dough from scratch all by hand just like she did.
You’re seriously going to want to make 2 of these loaves! AMAZING!

Caramel Pumpkin Dinner Rolls featuring Goetze’s Vanilla Caramel Creams®

Hands down the BEST dinner roll I have ever eaten in my entire life! Super light and fluffy, caramel pumpkin dinner rolls made with Vanilla Caramel Creams® candies!

This post is being sponsored by Goetze’s Candy Company featuring their Vanilla Caramel Creams® candies (which are seriously one of the best candies on the face of the planet!).  All opinions of these ABSOLUTELY AMAZING candies are mine.

Oh people when I tell you that these rolls are the absolute best dinner rolls I have ever made or eaten in my life, trust me on this!  I mean these blow away the ones my Mom made for decades (sorry Mom!). They are so soft and fluffy that they almost melt in your mouth when you eat them!  And the flavor!  You best sit down when you eat one as they are going to knock you for a loop!  We’re talking ‘Lord have mercy’ rolls! Now I know you may be thinking “can’t I just buy those pre-made/frozen ones?” and the answer is no. Seriously while those are good in a pinch, nothing, NOTHING beats the flavor of a homemade roll. ESPECIALLY when they are made with pumpkin and these vanilla caramel cream candies. It seriously is a game changer in the world of breads/rolls/carbs in general.

Caramel Pumpkin Dinner Rolls featuring Goetze's Vanilla Caramel Creams® width=

As you know I’ve been fortunate to have partnered up with such an incredible company as Goetze’s Candy on a few other recipes. They’ve been making candy for almost 120 years people – you know they’ve been doing this candy business thing right!  It’s made right here in the USA and for those of you that have nut allergies you don’t have to worry about these candies as they are made in a nut-free facility.

Seriously, you’re going to fall in love with these rolls!

Thanksgiving Gobbler Rolls

These Thanksgiving Gobbler Rolls are seriously the most DELICIOUS way to transform those Thanksgiving leftovers into something truly mouth-watering! A tender sweet roll dough packed with mashed potatoes, corn, roasted turkey and stuffing topped with “gravy” icing and cranberry relish garnish!

Question – what’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal?  Is the eating it when it’s straight out of the oven with your loved ones all around?  Or is it that 2am fridge raid for those cold turkey sandwiches?  Or what about leftovers the next day – or as my Mom would call it “Thanksgiving #2”? For me it’s all of them but honestly I’d have to say my all time favorite is how I get to revamp those leftovers into something incredible. You’ve seen my Gobbler Wrap and Gobbler Pizza. However I have to be honest guys, this recipe today… it’s something special.  Like if I had to choose between this and my gobbler pizza, this will win out  And you all know how much I LOOOOOOOOVE pizza.  But this, dear God people it’s literally everything you would expect how a cinnamon roll would be BUT instead of sweet it’s full-on savory Thanksgiving-fied!


So did you survive Thanksgiving yesterday? Hopefully no family squabbles, dry birds or failed desserts.  Growing up Thanksgiving was a big deal in my house; hell any day where there was a huge feast was a big day. But for us Thanksgiving is where Mom would cook for days, pies upon pies, and people coming in and out of the house all day long. Our main meal was at 2pm, 3pm if Mom was making a backup meal.  Yes you read that right, back up meal.

Transform those Thanksgiving leftovers into something truly spectacular!

Most Awesomest No Knead Pumpkin Cinnamon Bread

Okay yes I know I said I refused to jump on the pumpkin spice bandwagon this year but this just happened.  It’s not that I don’t like pumpkin or pumpkin spice as I actually love the stuff but EVERYTHING went pumpkin spice. I mean when my cereal goes pumpkin spice then there is a problem. Too much of a good thing can ruin it folks. So for a while I was anti-pumpkin and went more towards the butterscotch route.  Which seriously is so underrated.  That stuff is awesome! But then again, so is pumpkin… *sigh* oh the dilema here folks.

So how did this then just happen?  Okay, as you know we’ve been doing this huge remodel on our downstairs for about 8 years now.  And since we’re doing it ourselves I’m often left with moving stuff from one place to another.  Well in one of my moves to get stuff out of the way I came across a can of pumpkin that honestly, I forgot about.  Checking the date on the can I realized that I needed to use it up soon.  You know me, I refuse to waste food so up to the kitchen it went for me to use.

No Knead Pumpkin Cinnamon Bread1

That night after dinner I spied the can sitting on my counter while I was cleaning up.  I seriously had no clue what to make with it.  Since time is something of a rarity for me these days I decided to go with simplicity and something that I didn’t really have to think about – no knead bread! This is honestly the EASIEST things to make when you’re unsure how to work with bread dough or even shaping dough.  You don’t have to worry about “slack”, gluten, loaf shaping or even breaking out a stand mixer.

This will be your favorite Fall bread!

8 Rockin’ Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

Do you have your day planned for St. Patrick’s Day?  Maybe some kegs & eggs with green beer for breakfast, start the pub crawl at 9am, some scotch eggs around 10:30, more green beer along the way as you merrily chase for that little Leprechaun?  It’s funny having lived in Pittsburgh my whole life I’ve never partaken in this. I’m not Irish (though you don’t need to be Irish to celebrate… or be kissed *wink*) and I hate beer.  No seriously I hate the stuff.  I love cooking with it but to me, this chick who has such a discernible palate, all beer tastes the same. Well okay there are varying degrees of blech for me. Mr. Fantabulous and countless others have tried over the years to find a single beer that I would like but there has yet to be one.  It’s funny for the longest time they thought of this as a challenge.  “Hey, let’s pour 17 different flavors of beer down Lori’s throat to see if she likes it yet but let’s forget the fact that we’re mixing stuff AND Lori may hurl…”  Yeah, not fun. Way to really make me like the stuff there guys… force me to try this flavor, then that flavor and oh you have to try this one and before I knew it I was sick as a dog and hating the stuff even more.

Don’t feel bad beer makers like I said I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking with you but to drink, you’re not my cup o’ tea.  But don’t feel bad, I don’t like wine either.  LOL  Trust me I wish I did but sadly I’ll keep you guys to the kitchen.  Now Mr. Fanatabulous on the other hand.. TOTAL BEER SNOB!  Dear Lord that man has pristine tastes when it comes to beer. But anyway I digress, let’s get back to St. Patrick’s Day.

What I didn’t know about Pittsburgh is that we are ranked the best place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day per Niche. This Black ‘n Gold city turns green for the day with festivities all around the city. There is always a huge parade downtown where several hundred thousand people will attend followed by tons of music, acts, crafts and events.  That’s one thing about us Pittsburghers, we love to party! For more details about the activities surrounding the event check out the details here!


To help you celebrate I put together 8 Rockin’ Recipes for St. Patrick’s day!  Have a blast, drink responsibly (and try to keep your pants on this year.. yes you, I’m pointing at you *wink*) and enjoy!

Guinness Crock Pot Corned Beef & Cabbage with a Guinness Reduction Sauce
Irish Coffee – Coffee with an Attitude
Shamrockin’ Cheesecake Dip
Drunken Cheesy Irish Soda Bread
Guinness Corned Beef Sliders with Irish Cheese
The Quintessential Perfect Reuben
Savory Reuben Jarlsberg Tart
Irish Cream Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

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