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S’mores Bacon Man Candy V

So I have a confession. <deep breath>

I’ve been holding out on you guys; waiting for… something.  A sign perhaps?  The stars and moon to align? Maybe a vision or the Bacon Fairy to visit me.  Whatever it was, it’s now time.  It’s time folks for…

S’mores Bacon Man Candy V. Yes another recipe in my Man Candy series.

Smores Man Candy V6

Yeah take a moment to gawk that a while.  Go on, drool a little. Heck drool a lot.  And while you’ll be tempted to lick your screen, please don’t because it’s not going to taste like bacony s’mores awesomeness but more like dusty dirtiness.

Please refrain from licking your screen

Day 21 – Countdown to Christmas 2014 Tomato Bacon Marmalade Beefy Bacon Appetizers

So do you remember my sharing with you the most FANTABULOUS marmalade recipe EVER that was totally unexpected flavor-wise? I’m talking about my Smoky Tomato Bacon Marmalade. Well even though fresh tomatoes aren’t in season I still make this.  I am seriously addicted to this stuff!  I’ve used it as a pizza sauce, in pasta, as a condiment, with eggs — seriously this over hashbrowns and scrambled eggs are pure heaven!

Well I wanted to see what I could do with it appetizer-wise.  Since I went the appetizer route it was only befitting that I go with some type of slider only I didn’t want that many carbs thus I went with the crackers however you could most certainly go with slider buns.

Tomato Bacon Burger Appetizers

What I loved about these is that they cooked up in no time and were seriously SUPER delicious!  Plus dude, seriously.. bacon infused IN THE BURGER!  #baconislove! If you’re having a Christmas party these are a MUST-MAKE!  You can whip up a whole batch of the burgers themselves and then minutes before you’re ready to serve, pop ’em in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese and you’re set!  I bet Santa would love ’em cause you know, Santa loves bacon… he told me so!

Have a party just to make these!

Happy National Bacon Day!

For the past few years I’ve preached that bacon should be it’s own food group.  It’s one of those ingredients that while it so bad for us we kind of look the other way and pretend it’s not.  I do it. But if that’s my only vice so be it.  I don’t eat it every day though if I could I most certainly would.  I do eat it in moderation, moderately slow in my opinion but it at least keeps my doctor’s happy and my numbers in alignment. Bacon is one of those things that has been revolutionized the past few years.  We saw it jump from the frying pan and breakfast plate to into desserts, appetizers, dinners and my Man Candy Series.

lovebaconSo today raise up that crispy slice of awesomeness to the sky, celebrate with me then chomp down on that awesomeness in life called Bacon! Happy National Bacon Day!


Bacon should be it’s own food group

Crispy Bacon Wrapped Green Beans Fries

Yes… I went there


I can’t help myself. I mean just LOOK how pretty they are!

Crispy Bacon Wrapped GB Fries5

I couldn’t help myself.  Really! I mean these green beans were just TRULY stunning but after steaming them, sauteing them, making them into almondine, eating them raw I needed something else to do with them.  Plus truth be told I wanted finger foods.  Something I could munch on while I worked on editing photos for the site.  This dish just kinda…happened.

Admit it, you’re so loving these bad boys right now!

Potato Gnocchi in a Bacon Cream Sauce

I’m just going to give you a minute to stare at the picture while repeating “Bacon Cream Sauce… bacon cream sauce… bacon cream sauce”. Yes you can do it out loud or in your head.

Gnocchi Bacon Cream Sauce

Yeah, I went there…


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