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Super Easy Cherry Pie Bars

These cherry pie bars are filled with cherryrific pie filling layered in a no-roll, cookie pie crust. Perfect for parties as you can hold a drink in one hand and a cherry pie bar in the other!

Okay no, hell did not freeze over nor did yours truly hit her head. No I wasn’t abducted by aliens or is someone impersonating me. It’s me, Lori… for real. Yes I posted yet another cherry recipe. I know what you’re all thinking…’but you hate cherries Lori. Like to the point you call them Demon Seeds from the gates of hell!’. And you’re completely right. I hate those things BUT that doesn’t mean you guys do. I mean it’s okay if you’re a weirdo and like them. lol love you ♥ It’s just I realized that by not sharing cherry recipes that my family loves is well, unfair to the world. You all should be able to share in the deliciousness even though yours truly wont.

Am I harsh on cherries? Nope. LOL I hate ’em and that sucks as they look so good. I mean this dessert, honestly, looks freaking amazing!  And yes, for the record I did try it. I kinda have to. I can’t publish something without ever trying it; that is just well, rude and misleading. What I will tell you is that everyone that has tried this through out the years, LOVES IT! Like to the point it’s almost obsessive. But hey, in the world of chefdom, that’s a huge compliment!

Easy & Super Delicious Cherry Pie Bars!

These types of pie bars recipes have been in my family for generations (i.e., multi-generations peeps). They are faster to make than a traditional pie as there is no rolling involved. These area also portable which meant they were perfect for picnics, cookouts and lunches.  These bars were a huge hit with my dad at the mill.

Trust me, you’re going to want to make this!

Peach Slab Pie with Streusel Crumble

Growing up summer wasn’t summer with out fresh peaches. Mom would make peach jelly, peach pie filling, peach cobbler and peach pies. Peach pies are traditionally round, topped with a crust and if you’re like me, always served warm with vanilla bean ice cream. Now the round type pies are what’s expected when you tell someone one you’ve made a pie however you know me I like to mix it up; give the unexpected.

Okay fine, I’ll fess up. Honestly I didn’t want to be bothered with rolling the crust out, then having to roll out a 2nd one to make it pretty. And the thought of having perfect fluted edges… oy! I just wasn’t feeling all that effort (not that it’s a lot but still). I wanted pie, but I also wanted lazy. Wha? Don’t judge me. lol

Peach Slab Pie

That’s when I decided to go with a slab pie. Now I haven’t had a slab pie for eons; probably not since I was little and it was one of our summer neighborhood picnics. Slab pies are one of the best types of desserts to make for a crowd. They are portable and easy to eat. You don’t need utensils and you don’t have to worry about this delicate flaky crust that could fall apart when you’re trying to manhandle/shove it in your face.

These slab pies are perfect for tailgating and football parties

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