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Yoplait Plenti – Plentiful Greek Yogurt

Anyone that knows me knows I love yogurt; Greek yogurt specifically. I live a very high protein lifestyle and am often on the go so it’s refreshing to know that I can reach into my fridge, grab a container of Yoplait Plenti Greek yogurt and be on my merry way.  I don’t have to fret over added fats or sugars, tons of carbs or unwanted calories.  It’s high protein, it’s healthy and most important, it tastes amazing!


When I was approached by Yoplait to review their new Yoplait Plenti – Plentiful Greek Yogurt I was thrilled as they did all the work for me by adding in whole grain oats, flax and pumpkin seeds.  One of my favorite post-workout meals is a greek yogurt, fruit, oats, flax and some seeds mixed in with a little protein powder. By the addition of carbs to my protein I’m able to replenish the muscle glycogen that I burned during my workout. You see as you train, your main fuel source is muscle glycogen. Glycogen is the storage form of glucose. It is composed of long strings of glucose molecules with numerous branches.

The glucose break from the glycogen chain as needed in order to generate ATP, which transports chemical energy and is crucial for muscle contractions. Research confirms that the best way to replenish muscle glycogen stores after workouts is to consume high-glycemic (fast-digesting) carbs as soon as possible.

You so need to try this yogurt!!!

Protein Packed Pumpkin Butter Bars and a Giveaway!

Pumpkin pumpkin everywhere.. and I LOVE IT!  Pumpkins are symbolic for Halloween.  I mean who doesn’t love carving a Jack-0-lantern? Pumpkins are loaded with vitamin A and fiber, and low in calories.  Thanks to  SI03 and their AMAZING Syntrax Protein Powders this recipe was so easy to come up with. Now I know the word ‘butter’ in the recipe make scare some people off as right away they think butter is from the devil.  Well this has NO butter in it (like not the kind you’re thinking of).  You make ‘butter’ out of pumpkin.  Just trust me on this.  It’s so yummy and way low in fat unlike the real stuff and JUST as amazing in taste!

Protein Packed Pumpkin Butter Bars2

These Pumpkin Butter Bars are just amazing!  They are soft and oaty with a creamy pumpkin filling that is lip-biting amazing!  I mean it’s THAT good! Now the true test was Mr. Fantabulous.  See he has never really been a hardcore pumpkin fan. I mean he’ll eat it but he would never ask for something pumpkin flavored.  As these were cooling I could hear him coming out of the office sniffing away (trust me, the aromas are intoxicating!).  Of course they were way too hot to cut to which I got the pouty face (he’s just so adorable!). Eventually they were cool enough to eat and let me tell you what, after his first bite, the entire thing went into his mouth for the 2nd bite.  There was no 3rd or 4th.  Just 2 bites (okay so they were small but it still takes me 4 bites to eat a square).  He LOVED these!

But wait… what about the giveaway?

Protein Packed Lemony Coconut Blueberry Cookies

It’s that time again folks for my weekly installment of my Protein Packed dishes featuring SI03 and their AMAZING Syntrax Protein Powders. Working with them and their products has been absolutely AMAZING!  I drink 2 shakes a day and always, always incorporate the protein powder in a treat or in one of my dishes.  The taste is hands down the absolute BEST I’ve ever had.

So last night I had a sweet tooth pretty bad but it was one of those where I didn’t want chocolate or something like that but rather I wanted something light and ‘summery’.  Now this could have been from the fact that the past 2 nights/mornings it’s been below 30F!  Yes.. it’s May and I’m STILL scraping frost off of my vehicle!

Side message… “Dear Mother Nature, whatever people did, forgive them here in Pittsburgh because I’M TIRED of freezing my booty off at night and in the mornings!  Have one of my cookies, k?  They make everything all better! 
K, thanks!  Bye!



Okay so now that I got that off my chest, my sweet tooth. So I was standing in my kitchen and literally just staring at some of the most gorgeous blueberries ever.  We’re talking huge, fat, purple and super juicy.  Now sure I could have eaten a handful of them but I wanted a cookie.  Since I wanted ‘summery’, nothing speaks that more than the combination of lemon and blueberry.  It’s bright and light.  So I got to putting some ingredients together and tasted the batter (shush… I love cookie dough batter).  It was super yummy but I wanted another level of flavor.  I wanted to elevate it.  Since I already had coconut oil it I decided to add some raw coconut flakes and coconut extract.  People, people, people!  I literally could have eaten that entire bowl of batter with a spoon.  It was so good that I was super geeked out because if the batter tasted that good then I knew the baked cookie was going to be off da hook! LOL

When these came out of the oven…

Protein Packed Lemony Coconut Blueberry Cookies2

I was in complete and utter love! ♥♥♥♥♥

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