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Thanksgiving Gobbler Rolls

These Thanksgiving Gobbler Rolls are seriously the most DELICIOUS way to transform those Thanksgiving leftovers into something truly mouth-watering! A tender sweet roll dough packed with mashed potatoes, corn, roasted turkey and stuffing topped with “gravy” icing and cranberry relish garnish!

Question – what’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal?  Is the eating it when it’s straight out of the oven with your loved ones all around?  Or is it that 2am fridge raid for those cold turkey sandwiches?  Or what about leftovers the next day – or as my Mom would call it “Thanksgiving #2”? For me it’s all of them but honestly I’d have to say my all time favorite is how I get to revamp those leftovers into something incredible. You’ve seen my Gobbler Wrap and Gobbler Pizza. However I have to be honest guys, this recipe today… it’s something special.  Like if I had to choose between this and my gobbler pizza, this will win out  And you all know how much I LOOOOOOOOVE pizza.  But this, dear God people it’s literally everything you would expect how a cinnamon roll would be BUT instead of sweet it’s full-on savory Thanksgiving-fied!


So did you survive Thanksgiving yesterday? Hopefully no family squabbles, dry birds or failed desserts.  Growing up Thanksgiving was a big deal in my house; hell any day where there was a huge feast was a big day. But for us Thanksgiving is where Mom would cook for days, pies upon pies, and people coming in and out of the house all day long. Our main meal was at 2pm, 3pm if Mom was making a backup meal.  Yes you read that right, back up meal.

Transform those Thanksgiving leftovers into something truly spectacular!

#ad Dirty Mummy Baconstein Dogs

This post is written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own. This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ClubBash #CollectiveBias

It’s funny as I think when we’re kids, Christmas or Hanukkah was the ‘best’ holiday while Halloween was second best. However as we get older for a good portion of us Halloween either became our favorite holiday or it becomes loves equally as the Christmas and Hanukkah. I have one girlfriend that literally plans all year long for how she is going to decorate for this holiday.  She goes ALL OUT and it’s truly impressive! For me Halloween became one of my, if not my top, favorite holidays while I was a senior in college.  I can remember us living in a huge house and having a ginormous party.  We even had life-size vampire coffin in our front yard.  We decorated I swear every square inch of that house and property.

Then when I bought my first house I went truly nuts on buying and handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  I was hooked!  So imagine my happiness when Mr. Fantabulous and I bought our house.  Since I was so used to getting about a 100 kids for Halloween I figured since we lived in a semi bigger area that I buy even more than normal.  Well Halloween came and went and we didn’t get one kid stop by.  I was so upset that my darling husband grabbed my tiara (it’s a joke gift), went outside and rang the doorbell just so I could hear someone say “Trick or treat!” and pass out candy.   Well the following year is when we introduced our first party – BooFest.  It was an adult costume party.  Now not knowing how it would go I did what my mother did – cooked enough food for 475 people who hadn’t eaten in a month and were staying for 3 weeks.  Yeah our party had maybe 35 people that went from 7-4am.  LOL That’s when I fell truly in love with Halloween. For the next 4-5 years I’d start planning our BooFest around August and by mid-September the invites were issued out and the menu was planned.  We went all out.  Unfortunately we then started the complete renovation on our house and because of that we haven’t been able to host it.  I’m bummed but I swear our past guests are even more bummed.


So when the amazing folks from Ball Park® Franks and State Fair® Mini Corn Dogs were looking for Spooktacular Halloween food recipes I jumped at the opportunity to partner with them. What an amazing and delicious partnership for me! Hot dogs and Corn Dogs are some of the best party foods out there.  They are easy to make, hold, eat and create with.  They are great as-is but when you’re given a challenge to revamp them, I’m in!

Make these ghoulishly Spooktacular treats for Halloween!

Fantabulous Game Day Dishes!

Growing up in Pittsburgh it’s in your blood to be a huge sports fan. We are the City of Champions for sure with our Pittsburgh Steelers, the Penguins and Pirates.  You can’t forget about the Panthers as well as our amazing high school teams.  I grew up in a house where either you played sports or you watched them on tv…well at least that was how my brothers were.  Since neither I nor my sister (sorry Di) have zero athletic ability, we were in the kitchen with Mom making food for the big game.  Every game was ‘the big game’ with each game being more important than the last.

Game day in our house meant two things – you had your assigned seat to sit in as superstition played a huge factor and secondly, you always, ALWAYS, had amazing foods to eat.  I mean you had to keep up your energy in order to cheer on your team. Here in Pittsburgh we bleed black ‘n gold and regardless of where you live in the world you’re a Steelers fan for life.

Game Day Dishes

I can remember when Mr. Fantabulous and I were in Vegas many years ago.  I was walking down the strip wearing a Steelers jersey. I lost count of how many folks would see my shirt and immediately high five me while chanting “here we go Steelers, here we go!”.  I wear my colors proud whether they win or lose.  So even though the Steelers aren’t in the running this year for the big game, I’ll still watch football…and hockey…and whatever other sport is on tv.
Grab your face paint, put on your favorite jersey and let’s get ready to game our game day grub on!

Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Will ROCK Your Turkey Day Feast!

So whoa… who fast forwarded the clock?!  I swear it was just Halloween and now it’s almost Thanksgiving!  It honestly didn’t dawn on me until today while I was sitting in the surgery waiting room for hours.  This morning Mr. Fantabulous had to have his shoulder operated on again – yes, the same one he had operated on in May.  This all stems from that car accident he and I were in last December when Bambi decided to use my car to end his life.  We ended up with really similar injuries however due to the severity of mine, I had to have surgery first.  Well sadly we both are still having issues with our shoulders thus we both need another surgery to correct it.  Today was actually supposed to be my surgery but I sorta-kinda-okay-yes-I-chickened-out so Mr. Fantabulous went in my place.  However the dr. isn’t letting me off easy – I have mine done in 4 weeks.  Lovely.

Anyway, as I was sitting in the waiting room, watching Elf for the 4,769th time I was trying to figure out my next post when I overheard this one lady talking about Thanksgiving and she had no clue what to serve on the side.  She was telling another lady she was tired of the same old same old and that she wanted to mix things up.

Thanksgiving Sides Next to the pie, the side dishes are what make Thanksgiving!

Not your traditional Thanksgiving side dishes

Growing up our Thanksgiving side dishes were always the same…

– mashed potatoes
– buttered corn
– green bean casserole (yes with that canned cream of mushroom soup *gag*)
– boiled Brussels sprouts that were bathed in enough butter that made Paula Deen grin from ear to ear
– boiled broccoli and cauliflower, mixed and again more butter
– and Dad’s stuffing

every Christmas and Thanksgiving.. the same… for years…. and years.  And yes when yours truly started cooking dinner I kept it the same sides though no canned cream of mushroom stuff and no boiled veggies.   EVER!

Non Traditional Sides

However I’m kinda tired of the same ol’ same ol. What about you?  So this year if you’re looking to mix things up, try some of these side dish recipes!  What about you?  Yes I know there’s something to be said about tradition and you can still serve your usual but why not include a new one?

Be different, add a new recipe to your side dishes!

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