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Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Yogurt, the next best marinade!

We all love dry rubs, bbq sauces but did you know that Yogurt makes an AMAZING meat marinade? Find out why today!

So I love yogurt. It can be plain (yes some people actually eat plain <as-in non vanilla>), flavored, Greek, homemade and pretty much must every other type. I love it with fruits, oats, chocolate, bacon (hello.. bacon goes with literally EVERYTHING!), granola. Mix it with other stuff (my go-to stuff for mayo-based stuff) or simply just when I want a great snack. BUT… did you know that marinating meats in yogurt it’s probably one of the BEST ways to tenderize meat?

Yeah, really!  Scouts honor! Well okay so I technically am not a scout nor but I still am telling you the truth. So not all marinades are made the same. Those that are acidic or citrus-based when used on poultry can actually do the opposite. If left in for an overnight type stint, they can actually toughen the meat and thus produce you with rubbery chicken that pretty much is the consistency of a tire.

I’m not saying don’t do this as trust me I LOVE me some citrus shrimp or pineapple chicken. You can marinate them in those types of items but you just have to watch how much and how long. Shrimp actually will cook in a citrus marinade if left in long enough. Sure we can get into the whole debate of ceviche and cooked shrimp. but that’s another battle.

Breakout the yogurt, season it up for a killer marinade!

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