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Mom’s Classic Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

No summer cookout is complete without a tray of stuffed cabbages! Tender cabbage leaves stuffed with rice, seasoned ground meats and a rich tomato sauce make this the perfect summer comfort food. Plus these freeze beautifully!’

This dish, God this dish brings back so many childhood memories that I literally sat here for 30 minutes in a daze just remembering some of them. Like there was the time we were harvesting cabbages from our garden and we each got to pick a single plant that we were in charge of to take care of. Whoever grew the biggest cabbage won. The prize was Mom would cook our favorite dessert to go with her famous stuffed cabbages. That summer I ended up winning. This cabbage was so huge that I couldn’t lift it. I know I have a picture of me trying to hold it on my lap. I’ll dig it out to share the pic once my arm is better.

Then there are the countless memories where our kitchen was soooooooooooooo hot (we didn’t have AC growing up and we only had window fans) and Mom had 3 large canning pots on the stove with boiling water making hundreds of stuffed cabbages. I can still remember that hot cabbage smell and hot/wet air in the kitchen. Dad would use the tongs to pull out the leaves, put them in the colander and my Mom, sister and I would each trim the stems.

When Mom made stuffed cabbages it was never just a pan for dinner or just enough for a single meal. Oh no, not in my house. You made enough for dinner, leftovers, enough for company to take some home and enough for the freezer. Mom’s kitchen and cooking style are you cook in bulk and never, ever waste anything.

Summer means cookouts, gatherings and stuffed cabbages!

Unstuffed Cabbage Lasagna

Growing up making stuffed cabbages in the summer was a never ending thing in our house.  Since we had a big garden and grew mostly everything we ate, stuffed cabbages were abundant.  They are pretty simple to make and 1 large head can feed a bunch of people.  Well okay in my house maybe not as with 4 huge older brothers, a sister, parents and neighbors/friends dropping in we always had a ton.  No really… like a TON!  But it’s comfort food and just delicious.  It’s something you make with just a few ingredients.  It was inexpensive and filling.

Cabbage is one of those things that it’s a rather simplistic vegetable but the ways to incorporate it into a recipe is truly diverse. From basic cabbage and noodles to Asian dishes and the whole gamut in between! So when I was out I bought a head of cabbage with every intention of making stuffed cabbage rolls.  Well a few weeks (*hangs her head* yes weeks) passed and I kind of forgot about this head of cabbage in my fridge. So when I re-found it, I kinda panicked that it may have gone bad and one thing I hate HATE is wasting food. Fortunately it was still good. Whew! Since I was still a few weeks post-op, I didn’t have the energy to sit and roll a bajillion cabbage rolls.  Sure Mr. Fantabulous would have done it as he’s been absolutely amazing during my whole surgery recovery but I’m that solo artist in the kitchen. It’s often, honestly, tough for me to ask for help.  I’m stubborn and like things a certain way (clean as you go) and honestly it’s like my domain. It’s where I find solace and comfort.  I love having people in the kitchen with me but just sit and talk with me.  I’ll ask you to chop or what not if I need you to but seriously just talk with me instead.

Anyway since I wasn’t up for the task of rolling them I decided to go unstuffed and make it like a lasagna. I mean seriously why not? It’s just layers of cabbage, meat mixture and sauce.  We know the leaves hold up cause they do when you wrap ’em, so why not in a lasagna type fashion?

Unstuffed Cabbage Lasagna1

Mission accomplished! Now who’s hungry?

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