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Aunt Nettie’s Orange Nut Cake

Aunt Nettie’s Orange Nut Cake quickly became one of our most favorite cakes ever with such incredible flavors of orange, cranberries and nuts. It’s truly stunning and fantabulously delicious!

This post is being sponsored by Nordic Ware® featuring their Heritage Bundt Pan and the “Bundt Cake Bliss: Delicious Desserts from Midwest Kitchens” cookbook. All opinions of these ABSOLUTELY AMAZING products are mine.

This cake guys, oh my goodness guys, this cake!   In 2 weeks I made it twice because it’s THAT GOOD! It is the perfect winter cake and one that every holiday table needs! This cake is dense but so incredibly tender and moist. This is that cake, that when you walk past it, you have to stop and slice off just the teensiest of slivers because you can’t help yourself. And this is that cake you purposely walk past it 47 times just to get that teensiest of slivers before you have a real serving for dessert. I mean those slivers don’t count, right? I mean it’s not a real slice of cake. It’s a sliver after all. LOL

Aunt Nettie's Orange Nut Cake

This cake comes from an incredible cookbook by Susanna Short titled “Bundt Cake Bliss: Delicious Desserts from Midwest Kitchens“. They partnered up with the Minnesota Historical Society  published this wonderful cookbook.  Nordic Ware® partnered up with the Minnesota Historical Society to help share their state’s stories while connecting people with history in meaningful ways.

This pan and this cookbook needs to be on your wishlist!

Sunday Brunch Toffee Coconut Crunch Cookies

A crispy, chewy cookie packed with toffee chips, coconut flakes, oats and other deliciousness make this cookie the perfect treat to kickstart your week! You owe it to yourself to have a batch of these in your house today!

Okay so let’s be real here when it comes to Sundays…they are both awesome and sad at the same time. How so? Well awesome in the fact that most of us get to sleep in and not have to deal with that stupid alarm clock. You get to snuggle a bit longer, you don’t have to deal with Monday traffic, work or putting on real pants. You can chill out all day in front of the TV or head out on all day hike. So what’s the downside? Um hello, the next day is Monday. You have to get up at some ungodly hour to the most annoying sound (alarm), you sit in traffic, deal with a million emails and do that whole work thing. And there’s that whole wearing real pants thing.

Now for me, my Sundays are spent mixed between laundry, yard work, and creating new recipes. And I can’t forget to mention the photo shoots, TKW administration stuff and oh yeah, “me” time.

these cookies will rock your week a little sweeter!

Sweet Potato Maple Cheesecake Bundt Cake

Forget pumpkin everything season, maple sweet potato is the new flavor! This Sweet Potato Maple Cheesecake Bundt Cake is unbelievably moist and gloriously delicious!  WOW your guests with this soon-to-be iconic cake!

With the Fall in full swing right now and Thanksgiving next week I wanted to create a cake that not only was delicious but also representative of the season.  Now I know, I know, we all think once Fall hits it has to be every single thing under the sun flavored as pumpkin/pumpkin spice.  Yeah I get it, it’s delicious but it’s so 5 years ago.  It needs put to rest and a new flavor to become champion.  Enter the Sweet Potato.  Yes, sweet potato.  Coming from a girl who, only 3 years ago, hated these things, my eyes have been opened. I have fallen totally head over heals in love with sweet potatoes.  I would make them all the time for Mr. Fantabulous but for me, nope; I was a simple russet potato.  Or if I was feeling randy I’d go for the red or yukon. But a sweet potato just seemed… wrong.  Potatoes are meant to well, not taste like anything – that’s kinda the whole purpose of adding butter, sour cream, milk, bacon, salt, pepper or even chili.  But the thought of putting cinnamon and brown sugar on a potato seemed…I don’t know…wrong.  Yeah, I’m an idiot, I know that now.

It wasn’t until I decided to roast one, top it with honey and roasted grapes did I realize just how amazing they were.  AND OMG don’t even get me started on how incredible they are in baked goods.  Er um wait, that’s kinda the whole point of this recipe, huh?  LOL  Love you As you know I’ve been fortunate now to be a part of the Nordic Ware® family for about 2 years now – reviewing their PHENOMENAL bake and cookware plus creating mouth watering recipes.


Today I’m featuring their Fall Harvest Leaves Bundt Pan. It’s absolutely stunning made with the same stellar quality we’ve all come to love  and expect from Nordic ware.

Move over pumpkin, there’s a new Flavor Hero in town!

Chocolate Chunk Donuts with Fudgy Ganache Glaze

“Donuts – An excuse to eat cake for breakfast!”  For those days when you need something so sinful that you *almost* feel guilty about eating it…. ALMOST.  These Chocolate Chunk Donuts with Fudgy Ganache Glaze should be illegal they are so good!

So did you ever get this idea in your head about something you want that no matter what you make, if it’s not that vision of what you have in your head, you’re not satisfied?  Being a food blogger/chef, that happens to me often. I get this image in my head of “Hey this combination would ROCK” and I don’t stop until I make it and get it right. I’ve actually woken up from a sound sleep from a dream about food and either have grabbed my notepad that I keep next to my bed to write down the “recipe” from my dream or I’ll go out to the kitchen and make it.  Yes, in the middle of the night…in my pajamas…with witchypooh medusa hair.  LOL

I’ve actually had several recipes that I’ve posted that are results of dreams I had. It’s a curse and a blessing to be honest.  My mind never stops to be honest.  I dream every single night, in color and they are very vivid.  Most are good but deep – very intricate, some scary and some odd. Most of the time it’s about every-day stuff (I take my work to bed with me) and there is always food in my dreams. The food may be in the background of the dream but it always sticks in my brain when I wake up.  Well this donut was part of a dream.

The dream was around my doing some book tour for my cookbook (though in my dream I never actually saw the book or the contents but yet it was my book and I was doing food demos for it – wishful thinking!).  Well in my dream I was in some diner in Georgia that was in even a more rural town than then one I live in.  I was driving with my one girlfriend (Mr. Fantabulous was meeting us there) and some how we got lost.  And since we were in the country, we didn’t get GPS/cell signal.  It started to get late and we decided to find some place to stay.
Sweet dreams are made of these…donuts that is!

Weekly Menu

Hey hey hey TKW Family! What’s shakin’ peeps?  So did you ever get in one of those ‘cranky pants’ moods but yet you really don’t know why?  That’s been me all week.  I’m always happy go lucky but for some reason this past week I’ve been uber cranky.  Maybe it’s from coming off of the prednisone *shrugs* or old age *quit shaking your head yes to that.. LOL*.  Or maybe it’s because it was so damn miserably hot and humid here in Pittsburgh. Dear GOD I don’t know how you people that live in the south handle it!  I love the heat – like I LOVE July and August in Scottsdale, Arizona but there’s little to no humidity. Yes I know, it’s hot and hot is hot. I get that but when you have asthma, humidity is hell on you. Plus when you have naturally curly hair.. well let’s just say nature hates you when it’s humid.  The scrungie is your friend as that’s about as sexy you’ll ever get your hair when it’s humid.

Annnnnnnnnnnd to make matters worse the AC in my car is on the fritz.  Like it comes on… after I’ve been driving down the highway with the windows down in 90+ degree weather for 15-20 minutes. Thing is, Mr. Fantabulous said it’s an easy fix and that I should just go pick up a new car but honestly it’s just a car ya know?  I’m fine driving with the windows down…as long as it’s not raining then it sucks and I’m forced to drive with the windows just cracked and the wanna-be-ac on blowing warm/hot air.  Yeah, not cool man… HA!  Literally!

But yeah this past week wasn’t a good week for me. My emotions were all over the place.  I found out some pretty devastating news that is weighing so heavy on my heart and mind.  All I can do is pray and be strong for someone.  I can’t go into details as they’ve asked me to keep it private but all I can ask is if you can include someone who I love dearly in your prayers.Thank you!

What else? I’ve been busier than normal at work which, did you ever get to a point where it’s a bit overwhelming?  Kind of like you’re afraid you may be at max capacity?  That’s kind of how I feel but yet I love it, ya know?  I love being challenged. And I’ve been BEYOND furious with the granite people.  Trust me I CANNOT wait to go public with this sham of a company and call them out for their lack of quality work and flat out shoddy workmanship but for now, until this job is done done done and they are out of my house for good, I’ll keep silent. But trust me dear company, my millions of TKW Family member will be warned (as well as the BBB) about how horrible of a company you are. So no, I still don’t have a finished kitchen.


Let’s see, what else can I whine about.. *love you guys!*  So get this.. it’s been +90F all week with I swear 875% humidity. Like I think the trees and grass was sweating it was so humid.  Well my darling Mr. Fantabulous says “Honey we need to start trimming back the bushes and trees.  They are really bad and I’m getting whacked in the face when I cut the grass.”  So wait.. you now complain about getting whacked in the face when I, 2 months ago when it wasn’t 875% humidity, told you that we should cut them back then???  Yeah so we go outside…to melt…and curse…and get stung/bitten by every godforsaken bug out there. 2 nights in a row we worked outside for about 2-3 hours.  We filled up our 4×8′ trailer 5 times and I pretty much sweated off 47 pounds both times.  My GOD….enough with the humidity. Are we done?  Pshh! HA!  If only.  Now he says “We only have about another 3 hours of work left to do outside.” which, in realistic time means 8-10 hours.  Trust me, one thing my darling Mr. Fantabulous cannot do is estimate time to perform a job.  Oh no no no no! Sorry baby, but you suck at that.

Saturday he decided that we were having a ‘date’ day.  Yeah, I’m vetoing date days from now on. I know so many of you love date days with your better half but let me ask you this…does your date day involve both Lowes and Home Depot and going up and down each and every aisle???  Yeah, thought not.  But it’s quality time I suppose though I have to admit, I do get a kick out of being there with him in those stores as he’s seriously like a little kid.  His eyes light up when he sees screws, nuts, bolts and power tools.  It’s kinda like me when I go to HomeGoods.  LOL

So today I’m chillin’ out and actually taking a day off from TKW.  I need some ‘me’ time which translates into “it’s too damn hot to cook or think and all I want to do is chill out in my princess jammies”. Love you guys!

♥ Monday –   Breakfast Makeover Sandwiches
♥ Tuesday – Skinny Chicken Burrito Bowl
♥ Wednesday – Sriracha Honey Buttered Crispy Baked Oven Fried Wings
♥ Thursday – Avocado Bacon Egg Salad Crostinis
♥ Friday –  French Bread Garden Pizza with Herbed Oil
♥ Saturday –  Chorizo Burgers with Cool Ranch Pepper Sauce
♥ Sunday – Grandma’s Old Fashioned Meatloaf
Dessert of the week – Chocolate Dipped Brownie Cups with Chocolate Mousse Filling

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