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Crispy Skinny Seasoned Potatoes Dippers

When you’re craving potato chips but all you have is a bag of potatoes these Crispy Skinny Seasoned Potatoes Dippers will surely satisfy!  Crispy, salty, seasoned potato slices with a tender center that are truly addictive!

Crispy Skinny Seasoned Potatoes Dippers

So what’s your favorite vegetable? Like if you had to choose one and only one, what would it be?  I mean we’re talking stranded on an island and the ONLY vegetable you were allowed to bring with you type of favorite veggie. For me it’s the potato. It’s so versatile that you can make pretty much anything out of it. From the standard side dishes to even desserts. There’s pasta (hello potato gnocchi!) and sweet potato bread.

Growing up I ate 3 vegetables…and ONLY 3: corn, canned peas and potatoes. It’s funny to think about just how ridiculously picky of an eater I was a child yet I was so chubby. But now my love of veggies is limitless for the most part however when all else fails and I can’t think of what I want to eat, I’ll reach for a potato and go from there.
How do you like your potatoes?

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Pressure Cooker Mom’s Classic Pot Roast with Savory Onion Gravy and the Creamy Cheesecake Strawberry Parfaits!

Happy Sunday, Monday, um… Tuesday TKW Family. I’m so sorry for getting this out 2 days late but so much has happened in the past 2 weeks and more importantly, last 3 days that everything is a blur.   I’m beyond exhausted, my shoulder/bicep just needs fall off, I’m doing everything I can to not freak out and cry from both joy and fear (you’ll find out more in a bit). God, where do I even start?

So Mr. Fantabulous had to fly out to Arizona for work and since yours truly can’t drive, cook (hell I can’t even cut a piece of toast in half with a knife!) and pretty much can’t even dress herself without assistance I went too. Maybe it was a vacation but it didn’t feel like one though for the most part. He worked and I would stay at the resort either sitting by the pool (okay fine that was the vacation part) or sitting in the room with him to try to take care of him. When he wasn’t sick we’d go to a few local spots and I even got to meet up with Isabel and her friend, Vanessa, from Tasty AZ at one AMAZING restaurant for lunch. Seriously those 2 girls are like my West Coast twins as our food tastes are so similar that it was scary but exciting!

While we were there Mr. Fantabulous fell ill. We both thought it was just allergies but when he started having trouble catching his breath and lost his voice we went to an urgent type clinic. The doc said it sounded like just an upper respiratory infection so he put him on Prednisone, Tessalon Pearls (for coughing) and an inhaler. After about 3 days of taking it he started to feel better. At the same time little did I know that the man was conspiring behind my back with the resort staff. You see our 10 year wedding anniversary was approaching. That day, he woke up feeling much better however it was yours truly that felt like crap – headache, fever, just downright sick. Well the staff said “Oh Lori, there is some famous food critic here today and you’re going to meet him, have lunch and talk food.”  I just looked at Mr. Fantabulous and he knew I felt like death. Well before I could say no, they said “Okay they’ll be by the room at 2:45 to pick you up.”

I wasn’t too happy and Mr. Fantabulous didn’t help matters much as he said “Oh honey that’s cool!  Maybe it’s Chef Ramsey.” Well, okay, he first called him “Dave Ramsey” who is a talk show host that is a genius when it comes to managing your money and saving for your future. HIGHLY recommend listening to him. I just sighed and said “fine”. After breakfast we went over to the spa just to relax – well okay he goes to relax, I just sat by the pool to get some sun on this very, VERY pasty white body. About 45 minutes into I texted him and said I was heading back to the room as I just felt horrible.

I married the most amazing man ever!

Chunky Roasted Strawberry Sauce

Roasting brown sugared kissed strawberries draws out their natural sweetness, leaving you with the softest most delicious strawberry sauce you’ll ever have. 

Just 2 simple ingredients and 20 minutes are all you need to make one of the best sauces ever. What I love about roasting fruits is that the high heat pulls out the natural juices and sweetness. To help make that syrupy sauce a sprinkling of brown sugar makes it more of a sauce that will become thick upon cooling.

Chunky Roasted Strawberry Sauce

With fresh strawberries being in season here in Pittsburgh people flock to the stores to grab up pounds of them. They are fresh and super cheap. What I tend to do is buy close to 15 pounds of strawberries and flash freeze them for winter desserts. Oh sure I can buy “fresh” but I’m not sure how “fresh” they really are and I don’t want to have to sell a kidney to pay for them. So instead I’ll freeze a bunch and I’ll make tons of sauce like this (which freezes beautifully!).

Grab your ice cream or yogurt and get to spoonin!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – When Your Mouth is On Fire

Spicy foods range from mild to chemical warfare hot. When your mouth is on fire, reach for these items to help cool off that “OMG I’m gonna die!” sensation! Find out more on today’s Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer!

Growing up I was lucky I could handle the spice level of ketchup. Yeah I know, I was a wuss. You see Mom never made spicy foods; it just wasn’t in her wheelhouse. Mexican foods weren’t around. I think our first exposure to Mexican cuisine was when the first Chi-Chi’s opened in Pittsburgh. I honestly think that was the first time I ever had chips and salsa. OMG, where had this been my whole life? So imagine my surprise when I took the first bite of chip with salsa only to feel like my mouth was going to melt off of my face (yeah I was a wuss then). The waiter gave me milk which helped to calm the heat though it didn’t stop me from shoveling it in my face.

Throughout the years my love of spice definitely bloomed as well did my tolerance for heat. It wasn’t until my most recent trip to Mexico where I tried some of the hottest salsas and sauces I swear to known to man kind did I know about the tricks to help tame the heat quickly. And also why those tricks worked while plain ice water doesn’t.

Normally when we eat something super spicy, like that 47-alarm chili, we tend to reach for something ice cold to help put out that first. It could be beer, water, wine or soda but folks, you’re reaching for the wrong stuff. When it comes to taming the heat quickly you want to reach for 2 things – carbs and dairy or nut protein.
How hot do you like it?

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – TKW Family Tips and Tricks

This week on Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer I’m letting the TKW Family share their best kitchen wisdom to help us all become better cooks and bakers.

Kitchen wisdom. Those family secrets, tips, and tricks that have been passed down through generations is what we’re talking about today. Maybe grandma said “keep the bacon grease in a jar in your fridge for amazing fried potatoes” or maybe you found a killer trick on how to slice cherry tomatoes on Pinterest. Somehow, some way folks came to know of these great tips and today they are sharing their kitchen wisdom with the world.

I posted on Facebook about a week ago asking for folks to share their best kitchen wisdom. I love doing posts like these as it honestly helps me become a better chef. I’m humble enough to admit that I don’t know everything and take the approach that there is always, ALWAYS something to learn albeit in the kitchen or in life.

The response was overwhelming and I absolutely LOVED reading your responses. Some stuff I knew but there were somethings where I was like “Really? Oh cool!”. But what I loved more than anything was the interaction between the TKW Family members. It’s so awesome to see friendships bloom off of a single post. It warms my heart that the TKW Family is so loving and truly treats each other as a family member.
Have a tip to share? Comment in the post!

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