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Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Guinness Crock Pot Corned Beef & Cabbage with a Guinness Reduction Sauce and the Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Waffle Sandwiches!

Happy Sunday funday TKW Family!  What a crazy/odd week it was last week. Like I know I was busy but I honestly can’t recall what I did. Is this the first sign of old age? Can’t remember stuff? I’m thinking it’s probably due to all the stress but who knows. Maybe it is old age with me. It’s a chilly day here in the ‘Burgh where we had a small snow squall on Friday which worried me a bit as we were having company that night AND I made enough food to feed an army.

Do you do that? When you host people do you serve more food than you think you need? I’m way better than how I used to be but I still do it however I can justify it by saying it’s part of my “weekly meal prep”. I mean let’s get real here people. Weekly Meal Prep cooking is nothing more than just putting leftovers in cutesy little containers and labeling them Monday – Friday meals. Hey I bought into the concept as it does work and it helps justify why I cook enough for the neighborhood. Oh speaking of cutesy weekly meal prep containers, I SWEAR by these glass 3-section ones and these 2 section ones!

Oh… wait, now I remember all that happened last week – WHEW!  I thought I was losing it!  So Monday we had the rest of the custom bedroom furniture delivered. We found this Amish company out in Ohio that does the absolute best wood work I’ve ever seen. We bought 2 full bedroom sets and 1 additional bed about 8 years ago from them. With the remodeling we’re doing we gained back a 4th bedroom so we had to buy all new furniture for that as well as finish the rest of the bedroom set (the room where we only bought a bed for). It’s all cherry and absolutely gorgeous.

The week itself we spent cleaning more, well Mr. Fantabulous did most of the work as I was tied up with my jobs. Yes, jobs – I have 2 full-time and another part-time consulting gig. I don’t sleep a lot plus the more money I can make now, the quicker we can retire. At least that how I look at it. Perhaps it would be different if we had kids but we don’t.

What are your Sunday Funday plans?

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Three Meat Stuffed Italian Banana Peppers and the Cowboy Meatball Sliders!

Hey TKW Family!  Wow is it Sunday already? So let met take a poll of you guys. How many of you have had or currently have that nasty, NASTY flu/death plague going around? I’m battling it (and I think winning as I’m not too, too bad) but Mr. Fantabulous has it. While he hasn’t gone to the doctor’s yet (he’s going tomorrow if he’s not better), I don’t think it’s the flu everyone else has. But instead I think he has a really bad upper respiratory infection. He’s been down for the count since Wednesday. Apparently the lead singer of his band got sick first and by Wednesday he texted everyone saying he was pretty sick. A few hours later it surfaced with Mr. Fantabulous as well as a few of the other guys.

Then at work I found out that an entire department all had the flu and have been out all week. Many of my friends have it. If you’re here in Pittsburgh I honestly blame the weather as to why folks are so sick. No I’m not a doctor but when you go from 65F one day, 27 the next, -12F the following and 38F the next it’s inevitable that people are going to get sick. I feel bad though as I hate seeing him sick. Coughing, wheezing and just flat-out crappy. I’d say the ONLY benefit, if you will of him getting sick, is that he’s actually resting and taking a break. He needs it, you know. We all do.

So on top of taking care of him most of last week/weekend, my week was just a nightmare. I swear it literally was just a week of Mondays. Every day was worse than the prior and by Friday I was so frustrated that I actually asked Mr. Fantabulous if he needed me to run to Home Depot or Lowes. I just needed a break. LOL Yes it has to be that bad for me to ask something like that. But again, I do love what I do so I deal.

Okay, enough complaining. So tell me about YOUR week! What’s going on in your lives?

Let’s talk about the house remodel, shall we? It’s coming along rather nicely. We were able to hang 3 of the largest bar mirrors in the billiards room. I still have to clean them. Once he’s better we can hang the neon signs and the rest of the mirrors/signs. At that point the billiards room will be done. I should be able later today to start moving my cookbooks down into the office supply room downstairs that we just finished. Did you see the pictures and video on Instagram? I’m in LOVE with them!
What’s your favorite room in your house?

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Meatball Stuffed Manicotti and the Beef ‘n Cheddar Stuffed Potatoes!

Happy Sunday TKW Family!  So for many of us, it was our first full week back to work. Kinda sucked didn’t it? lol Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but man it sure was nice having short weeks. And since we didn’t hit the lottery when it was like 500 million dollars it’s back to the ol’ grind for pretty much all of us. Though truthfully I can’t really complain because honestly, if I won, I’d still have to work. Oh sure the first few months I’d not work to take it all in, get my “new life” set up –  legal stuff. However after that I’d go back to being Simply Lori. I’d most definitely expand TKW. I’d open up a brick and mortar, offering classes and deliciousness. I don’t necessarily want a full-fledged restaurant. Lord know. I know how much work went into running a pizza shop. I want no part of a full-on restaurant. But my “day” job … honestly I think I’d miss it or at least that type of work. I’m such a nerd at heart, loving technology, code and compliance.

Hmmm… what about you? If you won, would your outlook on work change? What would you do?

So last week it was typical Pittsburgh weather – mid 40’s at the beginning of the week, mid 60’s on Thursday and -8 on Friday with 8″ of snow. Pittsburgh – the only city where you get all for seasons in 1 week. Heck, sometimes in one day even. Ah but I love this city. It’s absolutely beautiful and has such a home-town feel to it. You feel welcome here. I was ridiculously busy with TKW stuff though not so much on publishing posts. Sorry about that. I strive to post 4 -5 times a week but sadly I was only able to do 3. I had a ton of “office” work to get done so that took up almost all of my time. Then Mr. Fantabulous’ company issued out a new kit to Facebook only first and it was insane the number of orders they got. His company is the only one in the world that creates this kit for the 2016 Camaro and well as you can imagine, it was very, VERY well received. So with that I had to help out though today I’m stuck, after I get my work done, updating his website to add the new part and items. Ugh… If you know someone who builds out an e-commerce website, send them my way. His company is actually interviewing for a new web company/person to redesign his site.
I think we really need to move to 4-day work weeks.

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken and the Garden Sweet Potato Veggie Burger!

Well we made it one week into the new year. Be honest, for those of you that had to go back to work this week, how was it? For me it was ROUGH to say the least. I had so much time off from Thanksgiving throughout Christmas that working even a short week last week was rough. I have no idea what I’m going to do this week when I have to work 5 whole days… IN A ROW! AND one of those days I actually have to put on real pants (and a bra!) as I have to go into the office. LOL But let me tell you folks that think working from home is a breeze; it’s not. Oh sure it has its perks – no commute, your own bathroom, no need to wear dress/work clothes, heck you don’t even have to brush your hair if you don’t want to.

But there are major drawbacks; at least I think so. It’s really hard to ‘log off’ as you’ve essentially brought your work home with you. I can’t tell you how many times at night Mr. Fantabulous has found me on my work computer working because I figured out a way to fix something or realized I forgot to do something. And you don’t really have the personal interaction with office folks. I miss going to lunch with my friends and just getting out of the house in general.

However if I had to choose one and only one for the rest of my career, it would be working from home. This whole wearing real clothes is rough. Give me pajama pants and my pig slippers any day over a suit and pumps!

Is your office dress code casual or professional?

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Thanksgiving Gobbler Pizza and the Chunky Shrimp Burgers with Avocado Aioli sauce!

Happy Sunday and happy almost Thanksgiving TKW Family! So are you ready for turkey day? Have your menu planned?  Yeah, me neither! For those of you that are ready, want to come help me? So here’s the thing, even though Thanksgiving is only Mr. Fantabulous and I, I still go all out. Now granted I make things on a much smaller scale but regardless I still make a good bit of food. But I’m at least one up this time of year as I have my turkey already. Which reminds me I need to put it in the fridge to thaw and then brine it for 24 hours. Do you brine your turkey? OMG if not, you really should do it. The flavor is INCREDIBLE!

But that’s about all I have for Thanksgiving. I still haven’t made my cranberry relish. I haven’t made the rolls yet (seriously make THESE!). Heck, I don’t even have the bread for the stuffing or the potatoes!  I did, however, go to Walmart Saturday morning at 8am and OMG the place was a zoo! I mean you would have thought they were giving stuff away! I did get some stuff (like the cream cheese for his cheesecake and mushrooms for the green bean casserole stuffed mushrooms but that’s it. Please tell me I’m not the only one so far behind.

So today I have a TON of work to get done. Yesterday we had friends over which meant all of the TKW work I would get done on Saturday has to get done today leaving me only to worry about this post and the upcoming posts for the week, today. But today I have to try to cram and get everything done in one day. Oh yeah, and get to bed early as I have to head into the office tomorrow which means I’m up at 4am. Ugh… why can’t I be Oprah rich instead of so damn sexy? LOL

Which do you think is better, turkey on Thanksgiving or leftover turkey?

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